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Saiya (Chapter 31) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

So Stubbern.

Saiya (Chapter 30) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

Now woman. he's so forceful but the body he is in isnt intimadating

Saiya (Chapter 29) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

Hehehe hes so funny

Saiya (Chapter 28) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

Hahahahahaha I wonder Where he Left Jaken?!!!

Saiya (Chapter 27) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

Hehehehehehehehe getting closer so Jaken.

Saiya (Chapter 26) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

Hahahahaha of coarse he doesn't want inu to know.

Saiya (Chapter 25) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

so Impatient

Saiya (Chapter 24) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

Wow he is so funny

Saiya (Chapter 23) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

You can do it.

No Uta (Chapter 28) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

Can you imagine if Inuyasha found out? lololololol He would surely throw himself on the floor, and literally roll and howl with laughter at Sesshomaru's predicament. No... he'd frickin' cry his eyes out he'd laugh so bloody hard. I'm cracking up imagining such a scene. I can see it all now; Kagome fills Inuyasha in on the situation. Inuyasha reacts with a, "The bastard's turned into...WHAT?" Hahahahahaaaaa 

No Uta (Chapter 22) - Sun 16 Aug 2015

I like where this is headed and that you will be taking your time in developing the romantic feelings between them. Character development is a favourite of mine as well as build up.

No Uta (Chapter 19) - Sun 16 Aug 2015

Osh... Kags is alpha b*tch!!!!

Saiya (Chapter 22) - Sat 15 Aug 2015

Getter Sesshy Getter. Loved ALL the UpDates i was So EXCITED O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy i was all like she updated on fanfiction maybe that means she updated on Dokuga and I got it Right i was like HELL YAAA and then precieded to Read like a crazy chickita! Thank you this fanfic is so awsome and fun and funny to read. It is an Udder Delight.

Saiya (Chapter 21) - Sat 15 Aug 2015

Aaawww poor kags/Fluffy

Saiya (Chapter 20) - Sat 15 Aug 2015


Saiya (Chapter 19) - Sat 15 Aug 2015


Saiya (Chapter 18) - Sat 15 Aug 2015

Ya Tell her like a Sage Sesshomaru!!! Bark it UP!!!!!!

Saiya (Chapter 17) - Sat 15 Aug 2015

Oooooo Inu's in Trouble.

No Uta (Chapter 16) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

Nooooooo Jaken killed the dark miko!!!! Oh this is outrageously hilarious, but believable. I can totally envision Jaken having no control of such power and allowing his emotions to get the better of him. Uh oh lololololol I can't wait until you have Jalkn in Sesshomaru's body play his role in this tale Omg omg Omg sooo excited at how this is turning out. This is absolutely brilliant! 

No Uta (Chapter 15) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

Oh my goooooooooooosh lololololol Sesshomaru you nut! He has a misunderstanding with a dark miko and she curses his arse; making him Jaken-sama. To top that the priest manages to 'accidentally die' waaahahahahahaha bloody hell.

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