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A Dreadful Development by Niglia


A/N. How many stories are there out there of Sesshoumaru and Kagome switching bodies? The answer is: too many. And though I love them and I think I have read them all and I want more of them – because feelings, that’s why! – I also think that it could be interesting if Sesshoumaru ends up in the body of, say, Jaken, since his retainer goes anywhere he goes, and that makes in my opinion the switching more likely to happen between them. Of course, I’m not trying to write a serious or angsty fanfiction, be assured!

I really hope that the insanity of this story won’t make you run away screaming – I’m personally quite glad for this idea to have popped in my mind. :D (That is, hoping that no one has already written something along these lines, in which case I apologize beforehand and I'd like to point out that it was not my intention to copy or take any inspiration.) Going on.

This is also my first attempt at writing a story with a severe words limit (100 for chapter) and I hope to get by. However, for the sake of everybody’s patience, I will try and update the story with more than one drabble at a time, just so we don’t lose track of the plot. (Also, for those of you who follow “Tale of a Youkai”, a few words: don’t despair! I will update that soon, promise.)

So, enough chit-chat for now. Enjoy the reading! Yours,



 {Disclaimers. I do not own Inuyasha nor its characters – Rumiko Takahashi is the rightful owner.}


A Dreadful Development 



Laying peacefully on a flowery field, Kagome was enjoying the sun’s warmth without a thought in the world. Cicadas lowly chirped, birds sang, and she sighed pleasingly.

The morning was free from obligations. Inuyasha and Miroku had left at the first light of dawn to go to a three days away village, Sango was occupied with her children and Kaede-sama had let her take the morrow to spend as she saw fit – which, for Kagome, translated in relax.

They were the early days of summer, and there was nothing that could ruin her peace –


– at least so she thought.


(100 words.)


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