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Saiya (Chapter 20) - Sat 15 Aug 2015


Saiya (Chapter 19) - Sat 15 Aug 2015


Saiya (Chapter 18) - Sat 15 Aug 2015

Ya Tell her like a Sage Sesshomaru!!! Bark it UP!!!!!!

Saiya (Chapter 17) - Sat 15 Aug 2015

Oooooo Inu's in Trouble.

No Uta (Chapter 16) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

Nooooooo Jaken killed the dark miko!!!! Oh this is outrageously hilarious, but believable. I can totally envision Jaken having no control of such power and allowing his emotions to get the better of him. Uh oh lololololol I can't wait until you have Jalkn in Sesshomaru's body play his role in this tale Omg omg Omg sooo excited at how this is turning out. This is absolutely brilliant! 

No Uta (Chapter 15) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

Oh my goooooooooooosh lololololol Sesshomaru you nut! He has a misunderstanding with a dark miko and she curses his arse; making him Jaken-sama. To top that the priest manages to 'accidentally die' waaahahahahahaha bloody hell.

No Uta (Chapter 9) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

"Uhm, Jaken-sama, I don’t think your lord would appreciate your impersonation…” HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAAAAAAA my goodness gracious such hilarity! Sorry I'm just catching up on this one. What a hoot!

Saiya (Chapter 16) - Wed 12 Aug 2015


Saiya (Chapter 15) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

Uhhu accident my tush.

Saiya (Chapter 14) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

(FacePalms) Ya Kinda Do Sesshomaru.

Saiya (Chapter 13) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

She wasn't trained to be a priestes

Saiya (Chapter 12) - Wed 12 Aug 2015


Saiya (Chapter 11) - Wed 12 Aug 2015

Welllz Duh!!

Saiya (Chapter 10) - Sun 09 Aug 2015

Hahaha I can't wait to find out how that happend so Funny Jakin actin all holyerthen thow

Saiya (Chapter 9) - Sun 09 Aug 2015

Hahahahaha i just thought of A Jaken turned sesshy grovaling to jaken turn sesshy so funny.

Saiya (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Aug 2015

Hahahahaha Understatement of the year.

Saiya (Chapter 7) - Sun 09 Aug 2015

Poor Jaken i shudder to know what hes doing in Sesshy's Body.

Saiya (Chapter 6) - Sun 09 Aug 2015

Awww so Polite he is.

Mona (Chapter 10) - Sat 08 Aug 2015

Great!!!  This was a different read and I quite enjoyed it.  Im waiting to see what Kagome does, is she going to laugh in the great well little Lords face? Lol.  Please update soon.

p.s. I'm secretly hoping for longer chapters.

Saiya (Chapter 5) - Fri 07 Aug 2015

I wonder were Jakin in Fluffy's Body Is.And for Kags to laugh her heart out.

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