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beachvilla (Chapter 16) - Sun 18 Oct 2015

Glad to see some of Kagome' fire back. Fun chapter, I liked it. 

hana sora (Chapter 16) - Sun 18 Oct 2015


Maybe making love session in the bathroom sounds good XD

roberta. (Chapter 16) - Sun 18 Oct 2015

It's not just that it's sad I just wasn't to know why is she aslwasys looking for a fight wasn't yelling and to get a raise all while covered in vomit? Wasn't nice he gave her something to stop achol poisoning?

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Sat 17 Oct 2015

All six chapters are nice, keep it coming.

Mona (Chapter 16) - Sat 17 Oct 2015

Is it wrong of me to want Kagome to hurt Sesshoumaru or hae him submit to her.  She is the strong Shikon Miko after all, so her strength should be shown instead of her bending or being forced to bend to others, i.e. Sesshoumaru.

looking forward to what comes next and hopefully it's the spit fire (more) Kagome I'm used to in the anime/manga.

ame_to_ai (Chapter 15) - Sat 26 Sep 2015

Shippou disguised as Inuyasha to get a kiss! Will Shippou disguised as Sesshoumaru to get more than a kiss? :D Can not wait for the next chapter, the next chapter, and chapter 18!

hana sora (Chapter 15) - Fri 18 Sep 2015

It's so wonderful! But please i love the moment between sessh and kags. . More please!!!

Redleopord (Chapter 15) - Tue 15 Sep 2015

Just another quicky! The part where Shippo took on the illusion of InuYasha! Ohhh wooow! Was holdin' my breath while reading that part! At least he got to kiss her once, right? Very interesting take on that situation. You handled it beautifully!  Post soon!

Redleopord (Chapter 15) - Tue 15 Sep 2015

Wolves!!!!! That is so awesome!! Sesshomaru is gonna be livid! Can't wait to meet Koga again! Really miss you when you stay away. I know how hard it can be gettin the words out of your head and actually written down.and then being satisfied and confident enough in it to post.I have my own Sess/Kag story whirling round in my brain. I can sometimes  i hav trouble keepin sesshomaru in character but you got a great hold on that!  Im really interested in how you develope his (should i dare say emotions ) as your tale continues.But anyways. Really love your story.You're fantastic! Keep it up! 

roberta. (Chapter 15) - Mon 14 Sep 2015

Yeah the wolf's are alive this just keeps getting better.

beachvilla (Chapter 15) - Mon 14 Sep 2015

Yay for updates. Can't wait to see what happens next with her brothers. :)

I assume Koga going to make a scene. 

ame_to_ai (Chapter 14) - Sat 22 Aug 2015

wait, Shippou fall in love with Kagome? Now you've made me curious, what is Reno look like :)

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 14) - Wed 19 Aug 2015

Shippo wants kagome! Omg ..dun dun dun...what will happen next time!??..what is Sesshomaru thinking!???....

Akoq (Chapter 14) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

I hope kagome move on. I hope sesshoumaru just a stepping stone for her. I hope she did not fall in love with him. I hope her heart hardened. I hope shippo remains as her kits. I hope she find happiness in others. I hope sesshoumaru have to watch it all and feel a twinge of regret. 

Alashia (Chapter 14) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

Wow! The conversation between Shippou and Sesshoumaru got a little heated there. I can't believe Shippou is in love with Kagome! I can't wait to see how Sesshoumaru and Kagome's relationship will turn out to be. You're awesome!

hana sora (Chapter 14) - Mon 17 Aug 2015


Thanks for the update, you made my day ;)

beachvilla (Chapter 14) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

Really enjoyed the chapter. I liked the interaction with Shippou and Sesshomaru. He likes to tease, but knows the limits now that he is older. Really interested to see what happens next. And I agree with Sesshomar, in that Kagome would see Shippou still as a son. 

ame_to_ai (Chapter 13) - Fri 24 Jul 2015

Wood burn! hahaha what kind of other 'burn' Kagome have next chapter? :p great chapter as always

hana sora (Chapter 13) - Mon 20 Jul 2015


Imagine when shippo knew that kagome and sesshomaru had a sex together. Lol maybe priceless!! Update as soon as you can, please :)

No Uta (Chapter 13) - Mon 20 Jul 2015

Yay!!!! Fantastic update! I was a little saddened that Rin will not be following Sesshomaru. In a huge Rin/Sessh fan not so much pairing as I used to be , however I do enjoy them traveling together. I am happy for her and Kohaku though. It was very sweet - how he asked Sesshomaru to court her. He's a proud Inu papa. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. 

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