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Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 25) - Tue 14 Mar 2017

To be honest  at first i am very much hesitant to read this story because i know you're not a shipper of this pairing, until i finally decided to give it a try because this fic really does intrigued my curiosity when i first saw this story on tumblr. i am afraid that this story would turn out bad because i have been read few Sesskag fic that have been written by some non sesskag shippers and  I'm kinda disappointed but the moment i started to read the first chapter of this fic it caught my interest then the more i read and go on with chapters til' to the last one it instantly captured my heart and enthusiasm and find my self wanting for more... i know i have judge you and I'm so apologized for that sorry.. i concluded that i really enjoyed this story so much! You did a good job on portraying sesshomaru's character in this story which is the first thing i like when it comes to every SK fic, i like your kagome too tho i hope someday she would let go of inuyasha and here also i would never thought that kogkag would be also hot and sexy this thus make me wish to see more scene from them in this story and the badass dog will be pissed off. The lemon scene was just right and hot! I love it ! This is probably your first Sesskag Fic neh? But i must say this fic was well written and so damn good! you're such a good writer  i admire how you turn the story out wonderfully and very interesting to read! Thank you for sharing this AMAZING story with us! I will definitely stay tuned! 

Godbless lovely person! xoxo

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Mon 13 Mar 2017

Kagome is having a tough time dealing with all these changes in her life. Now, I'm guessing it is even harder because she knows demons still exist. Can't wait to find out who the guys are. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Sun 12 Mar 2017

I wonder if that is Shippou? Nice chapter. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Sun 12 Mar 2017

I thought I had read this but I guess that I haven't. Very powerful beginning. Yep, Sessh is still an arrogant jerk. I wonder what that says about all of who adore him? LOL!

Jessi (Chapter 1) - Fri 03 Mar 2017

You have heard a lot of fangirling from me over the last 24 hours, but I still felt I should leave an official review. As I noted elsewhere, I just binge watched Inuyasha after a 14 year hiatus. I reached out to the long ignored friend, Fan Fiction, to fill the emptiness left by the series' end.

Yours was the first story that drew me past the title and abstract. It was exactly what I had hoped for--not a radically changed universe, not an overly cozy and familiar universe. A story that continued from where I had just left off, with a little twist of your own. 

Sesshomaru's true character so fresh on my mind, it was a relief to find your dedication to upholding that in his every movement and every word. Your writing elicits the same feelings as did the all too few Sesshomaru scenes in the anime/manga. Each word is so careful and brimming with meaning, each movement so controlled and fluid. I fear venturing out into other Sesshomaru fanfiction, where authors either did not do the research that you did, or they intentionally abandon all that makes Sesshomaru such a remarkable character. 

Obviously he is what drew me here, but I have to compliment your handling of the other characters as well. Shippou's reunion with Kagome made me shed tears. The wolf pack scenes made me smile until my face hurt. I imagine it is all too easy to make the modern world demon character updates so cheesy. You avoided that expertly. 

Kagome is true to the series while capturing the changes in her caused by grief and time so well. I suspect you have dealt with loss yourself, but if not, I double my compliment for how well you capture the experience. How life is happening and then again the feelings and memories slap you in the face, washing away all that was there before and replacing it with sadness, guilt, or anger.

It surprises me that the first fic I read was Sess/Kag, since I (and probably millions of others) so love Sess/Rin. You made it so perfect, so believable, and did so in a heartwrenching way that reveals your true skills as a writer. I wept for Kagome's loss, I wept for Inuyasha. You did what the anime refused to do for fear of angering their audience. You gave the story a painful, "realistic" end, but then born of that pain is something new, dark, and beautiful.

The maturity and expertise with which you handle the sexually charged scenes is such a relief, I can hardly express it. Personally, I have never found adult novels that didn't make me snort at some of the descriptions and be jolted out of my immersion by its absurdity. That never happens in this story. I'm swept away, embarrassingly so.

There is so much more I could say, but I will leave it for future reviews. You mentioned that this story already grew far beyond what you intended it to be. As attached as I am, I selfishly hope it continues on for much longer. I trust in your abilities and know you will take this tale where it needs to go. I have zero expectations, just as I did when I started poking around the world of FanFiction after so long. This story is yours, and where you take it will undoubtedly be perfect. 

Geisha Tactics (Chapter 24) - Wed 15 Feb 2017

leave those fuckboys alone, Kagome!!!!

hana sora (Chapter 24) - Thu 05 Jan 2017

Yes but they will catch in love soon. . thanks for still update this!

beachvilla (Chapter 24) - Tue 03 Jan 2017

Yay for updates. Enjoying the story, even if Ses is an asshole, because as you said, he is a demon. 

aijoinu (Chapter 24) - Sun 01 Jan 2017

Sesshomaru is an a**hole - but then, I think he's always been that way even in canon.  He's just older and jaded - bored out of his mind.  Here come the priestess from the past - InuYasha's wench - but she's here and now and in the future!  Oh, joy!  Now he has a toy to keep his boredom at bay.  However, I think they are learning from one another and I think that they will be good for one another in the end.

You've done a magnificent job portraying Sesshomaru here and honestly, he's not going to hold back for the sake of Kagome's humanity.  A prude?  I wouldn't say she's a prude.  I think she just hasn't quite opened up to all of the wonders of sex and needs to open her mind.

Leaving her like he did, though... though a jerk reaction was very much in character in my opinion.

Great job with this chapter!

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 24) - Sun 01 Jan 2017

Cant wait for the next chapter!

Lazurite (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Sep 2016

I really like this. I like that your Sesshoumary is more in character.

Lazurite (Chapter 20) - Sun 18 Sep 2016

He knew it was Shippou right?

Lazurite (Chapter 14) - Sun 18 Sep 2016

I like your adult Shippou.

Lazurite (Chapter 13) - Sun 18 Sep 2016

I suppose that's what has kept him from killing her already...

Lazurite (Chapter 9) - Sat 17 Sep 2016

Wonder why he did that...?

Lazurite (Chapter 7) - Sat 17 Sep 2016

That was oddly intimate.

Blommie8 (Chapter 23) - Sat 03 Sep 2016

hana sora (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

keep it coming!

Redleopord (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

The puppy has fangs! Ha ha ha!! Love the flashbacks!  I always seem to find your updates while I'm at work! Drives me insane! Good to hear from ya!

Miss Killington (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

Thanks for the update! The flashback of Inuyasha's childhood depicted his fears really well. 

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