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Blommie8 (Chapter 23) - Sat 03 Sep 2016

hana sora (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

keep it coming!

Redleopord (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

The puppy has fangs! Ha ha ha!! Love the flashbacks!  I always seem to find your updates while I'm at work! Drives me insane! Good to hear from ya!

Miss Killington (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

Thanks for the update! The flashback of Inuyasha's childhood depicted his fears really well. 

Violla (Chapter 23) - Mon 29 Aug 2016

Una bellissima  storia  mi piace tantissimo,non vedo l'ora per vedere  come la storia prosegue. 

hana sora (Chapter 22) - Wed 01 Jun 2016

Keep it coming!!!

Leaora (Chapter 22) - Mon 30 May 2016

B...b...b...b...b...uh...ut.... This chapter was waayyy too amazing for you to take a break! I loved reading from both Sesshomaru's and Kagome's perspectives. I think it is the mode of progression that the story needs. I will send you my mogwai muse to help if I must. You can keep her as long as you don't: feed her after midnight, get her wet, nor expose her to sunlight.

P.S. I cannot be held responsible for the violence and mayhem which her mutant amphibian progeny will release should you ignore these guidelines... or if you don't post another chapter.

Redleopord (Chapter 22) - Mon 30 May 2016

Ahhhhhh!! Got my fix, an feel so much better now! OMG!!!! Review, review ..yeah ...yeah !!!! Okay! Sooo I really love when you delve into Sess' s memory's. He is a demon and by far more than just a powerful being. And I think alot of hardcore emotion under his cool facade. In his own words..." I'm complicated"....yeahhh no shittt!!!! Lol!! He is definately not nice but I don't think he is completly bad either. His sense of humor may be a bit twisted, but under the circumstances, in his defense, he is sorrounded by ignorant, greedy humans bent on their own self and world destruction. He is forced to blend in with what he considers lesser beings  for his own self preservation and it really pisses him off.Can't help it, I don't blame him in the least for his low tolarance for stupidity. But, Kagome is human, therefore falllible in his eyes. An yet he is intrigued by her. And that along with Kagome's perverse need for danger is what makes this such a good story. Your groundwork is good. Strong storyline and the sex, from Kagome's point of view is mind blowing!! Where are you taking this, word weaver?! You've left hints an maybe got a little sidetracked by pressure for more sex scenes. Don't feel you have to give in to it. It's your story! You are a good enough writer your story stands on its own. Sex scenes are awesome don't get me wrong, but there's much more angst and drama to come in this story I can feel it. And I can't wait. What about the shrine?? Who bought it?? Sesshomaru?? Shippo? Where is that foxy fox?? Hhhmnnn ...the possibilitys!!! Kiss kiss love. Can't wait to hear from you again!!




roberta. (Chapter 22) - Mon 30 May 2016

Thanks for the update looking forward to seeing more. Great chap

Didie (Chapter 22) - Mon 30 May 2016

Wow, it so hot in here... fiuuuuuh... *fanning myself*

Very well done chapter! And.... snake head? *chunkling*

I hope she forgot her birth control, whatever the type, got pregnant, then here comes the drama, because Sesshoumaru won't have that.. He won't make a hanyou kid..ever.. Well, the 'ever' is in his dictionary..not reality...

Good luck to continue this story! I love the difference you made for potraying Sesshoumaru.. And somewhat shocked you've got so little review! Please don't be just some people couldn't realise the diamond in the mud yet..

Redleopord (Chapter 21) - Tue 01 Mar 2016

Sex with a demon is kinky enough!! Lmao! Yeeeaaah! I think she may be right 'bout that one! Arrrgh!!!;^D Can't wait to see where you will take these two from this point.I almost wish she would stay with Koga.......almost.I really love him in this story.Have never found any good Koga/Kag fanfic, but I really love him here. Found you had updated while I was at work. Couldn't read it till I got home. Bout killed me! LOL!! As usual.....can't wait for more! Don't be a stranger!!

hana sora (Chapter 21) - Mon 29 Feb 2016

Hmm friends with benefit. . I love it would blooming to be love

ame_to_ai (Chapter 21) - Sun 28 Feb 2016

This chapter is like turning page for them, the start of their unique relationship. Demon and human. I wonder what will happen in the next chapter.

Yeah, the finger binding scene in the first movie is really cute and sweet.

By the way, i laugh out loud when read this; 'Her small apartment could be the victim of a demon's sexual frustration tantrum' XD

And i remember his laugh, you're right, his laugh is creepy.

hana sora (Chapter 20) - Mon 28 Dec 2015

i just want more sesskag interaction in the next chapter!!! ;)

Redleopord (Chapter 20) - Sat 26 Dec 2015

Lol.  Glad you adressed that tension between Koga  and  Kogome.  I don't think he's the type to hold back if he wants or cares for something. He obviously still wants her though and in spite of being talked out of making contact with her on numerous occasions, he shows it by being there for her now as a friend. Love that!!                       Shippo is quite the trickster is 't he?!! LOL!! NICE! Sesshomaru deserved it for bein' such a dick!! Pardon my four letter word! I love him but he really is!!!                             Thanx for the double chap.  Twas a lovely christmas present! Merry christmas! Have a safe new year!!

roberta. (Chapter 19) - Fri 25 Dec 2015

Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas. Although I disagree that love is hard. Real love with the right person is easy smooth. If you find  it hard work your with the wrong one.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 20) - Fri 25 Dec 2015

Great, keep it coming. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Redleopord (Chapter 18) - Mon 07 Dec 2015

I am really in love with how you 're developing your storyline. Sesshomaru is dark in character, even more so than in the anime. Perhaps because you have  brought him to life so well that he seems real.I'm glad you didn't make it romantic in this chap. Way to soon for that.You keep it up! Absolutely love what you're doin!!

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 18) - Mon 07 Dec 2015

Yay! More! 

roberta. (Chapter 17) - Tue 24 Nov 2015

Oh this should be good looking forward to next chapter.

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