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No Uta (Chapter 8) - Sun 31 May 2015

This chapter gave me chills, down my spine and up again and again. This was haunting, heart wrenching, gruesome, detailed and I fancied every word of it. Brilliant! 

No Uta (Chapter 5) - Sun 31 May 2015

WHAT WHAT WHAT Omg omg someone else from her past has survived and in her world!!!!!! I wonder who it could be? Shippo, Koga hmmmmm....Oh the suspense!

No Uta (Chapter 4) - Sun 31 May 2015

Ooooh yesss yes I will be patient. This is so worth the wait.

No Uta (Chapter 3) - Sun 31 May 2015

My goodness such an intense chapter. Wow you have got me hooked. Definitely following this through to it's conclusion. What promise I wonder has Sesshomaru broken hmmm? Hurting Kagome in the first place or allowing her to find him or is it that book he gave her? Who is the other male that approached him? So many questions! Ok. Ok I'm off to the next chapter. 

No Uta (Chapter 2) - Sun 31 May 2015

Omg a lovely alluring chapter. I'm enjoying the air of mystery so far. 

No Uta (Chapter 1) - Sun 31 May 2015

Pardon me but ... Holy sh*t! What a powerful first chapter!  I am already captured by the plot line and it is simply the beginning. There's so much promise in this. Holy hell this is good so far. I am looking forward to reading more. I absolutely love your portrayal of Sesshomaru. Excellent work.

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