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blommie8 (Chapter 12) - Sat 25 Mar 2017

Master_sword1 (Chapter 12) - Sat 25 Mar 2017

Lol her demon stingy on the info. I think two updates in one week was a great idea.

Toni (Chapter 12) - Sat 25 Mar 2017

looking forward to more chapters  

KeikoTakataxx12 (Chapter 11) - Fri 24 Mar 2017

I need an update ;-; 

Loveyaa (Chapter 11) - Fri 24 Mar 2017

What an interesting relationship they have. No talks about how it would now work, it just works now. I can't wait to see what happens next and when they'll realize what happened the night of the party :)


Lauren (Chapter 11) - Thu 23 Mar 2017

Well, this is interesting. So they don't remember anything? It's kind of weird that Kagome could up in the middle of the night, get dressed and leave, and not remember any of it. I wonder where Kikyo is? And why Inuyasha disappeared so randomly (or maybe not so randomly)? What will England do once they find out about Kagome? 


So many questions and side plots. I hope you update soon. 

Zinhle (Chapter 11) - Thu 23 Mar 2017

Can't wait for the next update. Oh! The suspense.thank you

Master_sword1 (Chapter 11) - Thu 23 Mar 2017

What would he do with that ass lol. Love the family moments.

Alashia (Chapter 11) - Thu 23 Mar 2017

Awesome! Daddy to the rescue! LoL so I'm wondering how this going to workout with Sesshoumaru since he wants to make claim on Kagome but to prevent war from happening he will have to marry that princess. Man, I feel sorry for him. That gives me a headache even thinking about. 

Alashia (Chapter 10) - Sun 19 Mar 2017

Absolutely, love this story! Can't wait for the next updates!

Master_sword1 (Chapter 10) - Fri 17 Mar 2017

shr tried to hide but she can't. Lol

Toni (Chapter 10) - Fri 17 Mar 2017

love this  can't wait for more chapters 

natalia (Chapter 9) - Sat 11 Mar 2017

Excuse me but they both just forgot?  It's plausible when one does but not both. At least the female feels she has been intimate. It's just not very believable. For me at least. But it's only my opinion. So they both knew they were with each other the whole time but then wow who was with me? Blink blink. So maybe that dragon blood wine has some properties?  Otherwise it's not logical. And please make them find out before the mating with the Princess otherwise it's cliché again. Please? Other than that I greatly enjoyed the fic.aside from slight grammar mistakes that we all do the reading was a pleasure! Good luck and keep writing! 

Nicole (Chapter 9) - Fri 10 Mar 2017

Great story so far.

LaDonna (Chapter 9) - Fri 10 Mar 2017

I am so happy that you are writing again for this story. I look forward to the updated.

Keo (Chapter 9) - Fri 10 Mar 2017

Can't wait for the next update!

Master_sword1 (Chapter 9) - Fri 10 Mar 2017

Been waiting for the update I loved reading this story can't wait for more!

Margarida (Chapter 8) - Wed 26 Mar 2014

This is the first time I'm reading this story and I like it! Good plot. :D 

Thanks for charing! <3 

Anonymous (Chapter 8) - Mon 24 Mar 2014

Good job :) keep it up

T (Chapter 8) - Mon 24 Mar 2014

I think king harold is being very cheeky, he knows the country just got out of war and wants to exploit them at their time of recovery. However no one backs sesshomaru into a corner. Ever. When he requests the audience with king harold he should kind of play along, then have his high generals kind of appear from the shadows and surround him. Sesshomaru would make explicitly clear not to give him threats and show he still has a strong army that would easily defeat harold and all of his attempts. Or ruin him from the inside out. Also, this could be how sesshomaru sees kagome again and recalls being with her. Meanwhile during the two week gap, he's constantly thinking about the raven hair beauty. 

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