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MythMagykFae (Chapter 64) - Sat 07 May 2016

Uh oh, sounds like his beast is gonna come out? Hojo should probably run lol.

Great chapter!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

Awe poor sesshomaru 

Eva (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

It's about time Hojo needs his butt kicked for taking advantage of her.

Kimmy (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

why do you keep leaving me in suspense with this amazing couple! Please let them get back together. ????????????

Kerstain baker (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 May 2016

I just wanted to stop through and say I love this story, like a lot. I love the slow progression and the character developement. I hate that they have to go through so much to be together but I understand and i am eager to read more so please hurry up and update haha. now that I have gotten my praise out of the way I have one small request..... Don't let her sleep with or marry hojo I couldn't stand it nor could I see sesshomaru forgiving her for that, and hojo would never let go. lets not make her that stupid to ignore her own feelings of wrongness inside pretty please. 


- your loyal reader


p.s. I love your other stories too angst and all

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

Un dia mia,  you're KILLING ME with these updates!!!!!! GAH!!!!!  Such...a...cliffhanger!!!!!!

Why must you torment us so???


GIVE US MORE, oh merciful, brilliant writer!!!!!!



T (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

Wow! What an amazing ending. Love the tension build up with the glimmer of hope since Kagome is deciding to ask questions. 

mani16koinu (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

Oh man she's getting closer! I love Ryura lol he is ready to do some damage.

Ankita (Chapter 64) - Fri 06 May 2016

:)  i m glad kagome is determined to recover her memory ^_^ ryura n kagura will fill in the blank for her..  :( i just wish sessho will make some effort I know he is sad super sad but atleast try please like ryura said make her fall in love with you again :/ .......  Game overrrrr hobooooooooo 

Loveyaa (Chapter 63) - Sun 01 May 2016

Maybe Rin can move things along, help Kagome remember. And hopefully stupid Hojo doesn't get in the way. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 63) - Wed 27 Apr 2016

Good chapters, keep it coming.

Ankita (Chapter 63) - Tue 26 Apr 2016

Ohhh thankkkk goddddd sango is the.. Ughhhhhh please take that stupid idiotic human hobo hojo jojo awaaay from kagooooooooooooo -_-

Kimmy (Chapter 63) - Mon 25 Apr 2016

Damn!!! I hope sesshomaru shows up and beats the crap out of hojo and gets kagome to remember him! This is gonna be a epic next chapter hopefully with some action!! ????????????????

MythMagykFae (Chapter 63) - Mon 25 Apr 2016

Way to good! I can NOT wait for more!

Pamela (Chapter 63) - Mon 25 Apr 2016

Please let Kagome get her memory back quickly, Hojo is a horrible match. I love this story. Let Sango remind her....

Loveyaa (Chapter 62) - Thu 21 Apr 2016

Uh oh...I can see Hojo becoming a problem. Maybe Inuyasha will report back to everybody that Kagome does remember them, sorta. Hope at least. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

xDori (Chapter 62) - Mon 18 Apr 2016

Uh Ohhh. Thanks for the update :)

MythMagykFae (Chapter 62) - Mon 18 Apr 2016

Good Job Inu!

mani16koinu (Chapter 62) - Mon 18 Apr 2016

Of course. Here's Hojo. Freaking Hojo lol 

Ankita (Chapter 62) - Mon 18 Apr 2016

:/ please update soooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn please please please 

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