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Mona (Chapter 70) - Sat 30 Jul 2016

This is not like Kagome, to accept the fact he has concubines.  I hope you have Kagome request their freedom and for Sesshoumaru not to have anymore concubines.  If he disagrees I say she dissolves the mating.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 70) - Sat 30 Jul 2016

Great chapters, keep it coming.

SonataSongbird (Chapter 70) - Sat 30 Jul 2016

Pfft, you're the writer. It's your decision on where to stop. That being said, I actually like what you've done with the story! I can't believe there are people complaining that you're giving them too much story. I'd rather have too much than not enough. Anyways, great job and keep up the good work! :D

Amber (Chapter 70) - Sat 30 Jul 2016

Just finished that recent chapter, it was great, you write fantastic things. Keep doing it. And screw that complaint. Write to 100, write past 100, do what you want, because it's your story. I personally would be ecstatic if this story went to 200, just as long as its the same amazing quality of work you have now :)

mani16koinu (Chapter 70) - Sat 30 Jul 2016

Don't let the haters get you down! You make your stories as long as you want! I for one enjoy them and I'll keep reading because you're producing good content. So you go! 

InuMisstress (Chapter 70) - Sat 30 Jul 2016

Sweetheart those people complaining that your stories are too long don't know what they're talking about. I love all your stories just the way they are. You go ahead and add as many chapters as you wish. Your loyal followers, like myself, will always thank you for the new chapters. Especially if there is smut involved ;) Anyway I loved the new chapter of the Sword Smith's Secret and I can not wait for the next chapter!!!! Update as soon as you are able!!!!!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 69) - Fri 29 Jul 2016

That stupid moth is gonna get himself purified...

I adore this chapter, Sess and Kags are so CUTE together!

Loveyaa (Chapter 69) - Mon 25 Jul 2016

And so another game begins. But at least Kagome and Sesshoumaru are side by side in this one. I can't wait to see what happens next and how they adjust to life :)

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 69) - Wed 20 Jul 2016

Good chapter. Kagome did very well in winning over the people of the west and even Sessho's mother seems like she has been won over too. I hope that if Kagome becomes pregnant that the pup will be a full blood inuyoukai just to piss off some of her enemies like Menomoru, if not then the hanyou pup will be the most powerful half-blood alive. This is a very good story and very well written too. Great job!

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 69) - Wed 20 Jul 2016

Just when I think it can't get any better... BAM!


Ankita (Chapter 69) - Wed 20 Jul 2016

Tsk tsk another villain  -_- give poor kago a break 

Tana_san (Chapter 69) - Wed 20 Jul 2016

You are doing an amazing job with weaving characters from various episodes from the series and movies to fit so perfectly with your storyline. I liked how Touga had saved Kagome from moving any further through the underworld and he protected her knowing Sesshoumaru'd stubborness and pride. Their banter back and forth had more meaning behind each statement for each of them as their past mistakes were also still so fresh in their minds.

Sesshoumaru's jealousy was really something. His father needed to get him riled up enough to fight for her there and now as Kagome was literally dying in both body and spirit. Sesshoumaru never truly dealt with emotions thinking their made a youkai weak but his father had to prove him wrong before Kagome was gone forever and with her Sesshoumaru and Rin's lives would be forfeit too.

Sesshoumaru caught on just in the nick of time and he earned Kagome's love and desire to be with him in the living world but I really enjoyed when he began to leave and turned to Thank his father with true honesty in his heart. I could imagine the shocke on Touga's face and then I could his big, warm smile light up his face as his son had learned that having someone to protect wasn't a weakness but a true strength he would soon learn.

It just a shame that no one ever gives these two a break enough to truly enjoy their intimate time together. The moth , Menoumaru should not have had the authority he seemed to have over when Sesshoumaru consemated his reunion with his mate. They should have had InuKimi put a stop to Menoumaru's scandelous endeavor but she, I think wanted to see if they could pull this off...if the human, Shikon Miko was strong enough to stand beside her son and gain the people's respect and devotion for their union.

Kagome went above and beyond what Eri had to teach her so quickly and she was better than any inuyoukai female that Sesshoumaru could have because she did not shy away and keep herself slightly behind her mate. No, she came up by his side and spoke strongly of how she felt that these people Sesshoumaru ruled over were now her people also and she never faltered on bit and it was like rubbing salt in an opened wound when she looked at Menoumaru and saw he had lost his determation to make her a fool in front of the people of the West. Even InuKimi gained a new respect it seems for our sweet and charming Miko Kagome, Lady Kagome from now on. I want to see Menoumaru get a reprimand or even be releaved of his position for trying to cause such an uproar before the Lord and Lady even had a chance to unwing from their journey between the living and the dead. InuKimi herself should agree that after what she herself went through for her son to regain his mate, that Menoumaru needs to be put in his place and never be allowed the chance to embarass his Lord or new Lady ever again.

Great job and such excellent work with all the characters we come to love so much. I'm looking forward to Sesshoumaru and Kagome's time to become a fully mated couple.



xoMIA ;) (Chapter 69) - Wed 20 Jul 2016

Hahaha. What's his plan, to mate Sesshomaru himself? What an idiot.

Sonrisa (Chapter 69) - Tue 19 Jul 2016

I just wanted to say that I've been reading a lot of your fics and that I like them. Or, at least, I liked them until you started putting too many arcs into them. This is based on two of your fics, Behind the Curtain and Sword Smith's Secret. Both of them you've ben dragging on too long when 'The End' should have falling from your fingers. Behind the Curtain was supposed to be about Kagome's demeaning, yet necessary job as a stripper, and how her relationship with Sesshomaru progressed. Now that she's not a stripper, now that she's pregnant, practically every end is neatly tied up, yet you insist on continuing with boring, filler-type chapters. Same goes for SSS. At first when I read it, I was immediately drawn into the action, romance, and drama. But the time for it to end should have been around when Naraku met his end. That's "The Sword Smith's Secret," right? Kagome's whole Shikon Miko gig? There's no need for all this bring-me-back-from-the-Underworld and why-did-you0let-me-go angst that's not angst. I've been feeling this way for quite some time. I don't think this is something you can fix, unless you somehow move all the superficial chapters into a sequel. That would be the best option for you right now. This doesn't mean you're a bad writer; far from it. In fact, I enjoy reading your work. However, you have to know when to stop. 

Thank you.

mani16koinu (Chapter 69) - Tue 19 Jul 2016

Nicely done lol as soon as you said moth youkai I knew it was him! I love what you're doing here! 

Saphira17 (Chapter 68) - Wed 13 Jul 2016

Is this the last chapter? Or is there more to come? I mean, he saves her & so now what happens with the incorrect mating mark he left still being ink like?

Loveyaa (Chapter 68) - Fri 01 Jul 2016

well... at least they are together again and open to talking it out. Cause they sure have a lot to talk about. Plenty of emotion. Good job with the flow of it all. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

Phyllis (Chapter 68) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

This story has come such a long way!!  So glad the retrieval was successful.  Well done!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 68) - Tue 28 Jun 2016

I think I'm afraid of the drama that'scoming.

mani16koinu (Chapter 68) - Tue 28 Jun 2016

Well good for them! Inupapa deserves a freaking award. Always coming in clutch and saving the day. And Inukimi really doesn't get enough love. I like her in this story. I just like this story haha 

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