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MythMagykFae (Chapter 68) - Tue 28 Jun 2016

YES! Finally said it! I love the interaction between him and his parents too, its so nice to see progress in those relationships, especially with his mom. (:



Ankita (Chapter 68) - Tue 28 Jun 2016

Yay  now I'm feeling relieved phewww 

Andrearei (Chapter 68) - Tue 28 Jun 2016

Lovely chapter :)

Loveyaa (Chapter 67) - Tue 21 Jun 2016

Just use everybody else as a reason for her to go back! And then he can try and explain himself. So much drama! Hopefully they can work through this in time. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016


xDori (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

Gahhh whyyy cliffhangers! Lol. Thank you so much for the update though :)

MythMagykFae (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

Oh boy, Sesshomaru needs to get over his emotionally stunted self. Nice work on this chapter!

mani16koinu (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

Inupapa all in the coolaid lmfao why am I not surprised. These cliff hangers tho, you're killing us! 

Ree-san (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

I've been a little confused about this for a while.  When she first lost her memories of him he was shocked, as you would think one would be.  Then others started the story that he stopped her from falling and then looked to him to go along with it.  But, right after that he should have tackled her and forced her to remember?  She can be upset with him, but she completely believed he was a stranger to her.  How would he have handled that to make her remember? Is it such a foreign idea that he could have been hurt and confused?  Everyone can be it appears except him.  Why isn't she upset with anyone else for letting her live a lie?

Silverblossom (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

I aboslutely LOVE this chapter! I can't wait to see how Sesshoumaru convinces Kagome to come back with him. That is one converstation I am really looking forward to.

Crystal (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

Omg!! My stomach bottomed out the whole chapter and I was actually crying that whole first half! Even when I reread it again, I cried!! 

Ankita (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016


Mona (Chapter 67) - Mon 20 Jun 2016

I hate cliffhangers, most of the time.

Loveyaa (Chapter 66) - Sun 05 Jun 2016

...well now. Thats one way to liven up a party. I wonder if Sesshoumaru will go to hell to get her soul back. The symmetry behind it. All the emotion. Had to go back for a refresher on when Sesshoumaru's arm was cut off and Kagome regrew it with her reiki. There are so many ways this could go though. I can't wait to see what happens next :) (hopefully we won't be waiting long)

Phyllis (Chapter 66) - Sun 05 Jun 2016

I am FLOORED!  What a splendid and emotional chapter!  Surely you won't leave us in suspense too long! Onegaishimasu!!  Please update soon!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 66) - Sat 04 Jun 2016

Damn I should have read this yesterday so I could be the first to answer. -.- 

Ankita (Chapter 66) - Sat 04 Jun 2016

:/ i don't think what kagome said and did was wrong can't  find fault in her action ~_~ even though i know sessho loves her but still he should have tried to make her fall in love with her from kago's perspective it definitely looked like he must be relieved after she is gone.....  Coming to the ending i don't know if  in some way he is able to revive her how she'd take the mating part if more difficulties are ahead or everything will be sorted out -_- and that stupid hobo should have killed him at that time these type of psychotic people are dangerous if kept alive...  The only thing i want is Sesshoumaru to confess he should try hard kago make him confess make him admit to himself and you that he loves you i just want that with or without the drama anything is fine as long as sessho speaks up ...  Enough rambling thank you for updating T_T although you killed kago  so please updatie next chappie sooonn soooonnnn

Haruka (Chapter 66) - Fri 03 Jun 2016


Alexandra (Chapter 66) - Fri 03 Jun 2016

As soon as I read that she touched "that" arm, I was just, mind blown. I was like "I see what you did there." You used Kagome's reiki that she stored in Seshoumaru's arm when he lost it to the bandits. You are an amazing writer! You just wow the most amazing story together. You could have stopped when the first conflict was resolved,  but you just kept on going! It has been such a wild ride, I can not belive that it's been 4 years. I feel like it's been a couple of lifetimes. I'm so attached to this story. I won't know what I'm gonna do when you are finished. Probably read it over again!

xDori (Chapter 66) - Fri 03 Jun 2016

Ohhhh nooooo. Another cliff hanger. Thanks for the update though :)

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