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Loveyaa (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Aug 2011

I made it through. I got worried a little bit in the middle but my interest has held. I think my confusion over Kagome has cleared up as well, but what was she doing with Kouga for those 8 months and why did she not try going home. I wonder if she will bring peace, maybe not friendship but at least a stop to the fighting, between Sesshoumaru and Kouga. I can also see her causing another rift as they fight over her. I guess we still have to figure out why she was brought back and what will happen next :)

Stell (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Aug 2011

Oh no.  Will he be strong enough to resist the temptation, what Rin is offering?  If he doesn't, I can see some major drama happening because of it.  


Please update soon!

Ceferadel (Chapter 9) - Tue 23 Aug 2011

Wow. I loved the ending to this chapter. It was put together as a brilliant crescendo. I'm very excited to see how things will play out from here!

Yuru (Chapter 9) - Tue 23 Aug 2011

As a practicioner and instructor of Aikido, I thoroughly enjoyed chapter eight.  Love the excitement of chapter nine.  Keep up the great work!

Ceferadel (Chapter 8) - Fri 19 Aug 2011

Man! You just had to get everything all hot and sweaty in this chapter and then just stop! Very very cruel. But Extremely well done. I'm going to be checking this site everyday now waiting for another brilliant chapter. You really are doing a wonderful job with this story.

Ceferadel (Chapter 7) - Fri 19 Aug 2011

hahahah!! sesshoumaru and canary all put together, absolutely wonderful! I love it so much. This was another wonderful chapter that really caught my attention :)

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 7) - Wed 17 Aug 2011

I love this story!  You've given it the same spin off (girl falls into past via well) but if Kagome had been older with a job. I love it love, love it, love it!!!


Stell (Chapter 6) - Tue 16 Aug 2011


Last posted chapter: 6, last line = The excrement has just hit the fan. 

I can imagine the temper and war that will occur over her, like Helen of Troy.

Please update!!!  I'm on tenterhooks here!

Ceferadel (Chapter 6) - Tue 16 Aug 2011

Wow I just finished reading all six chapters you have posted so far. And let me just say this is an excellent plot! Not many stories are truly unique and original right now. You have fully succeeded and I am craving more! Please keep up the wonderful writing. I'm really looking forward to what will occur next.

Avidreader (Chapter 4) - Thu 11 Aug 2011

Ugh!  These chapters are WAY too short!!!!  Hope you will be posting another one soon! 

Avidreader (Chapter 2) - Sun 07 Aug 2011

What????!  Just when I was getting into the story...there's not another chapter.  I like this story already!  

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