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Venita (Chapter 33) - Thu 15 Dec 2011

Great chapter, did Sesshomaru sleep with Rin? If so he's a jerk for hurting Kagome like that, please update soon.

Venita (Chapter 32) - Sat 10 Dec 2011

I hope Kagome is okay I would love to see Seft kick Erin butt, she has some nerve coming on to Sesshoumaru like he wants that trash, no problem I hope you get better I can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon.

randomfan17 (Chapter 31) - Sun 04 Dec 2011

I'm on Kagome's side of the argument though,  it was his own damn fault. Now he's gonna have to explain or just be a lonely old dog for the rest of his life. Kouga's funny, better than sex and willing to die for it, that's great, hehe. Glad Sesshomaru's not crazy now though, it'd be hard to have a fight with him when he's a little insane.

Venita (Chapter 31) - Sat 03 Dec 2011

This chapter is so good, I hope Kagome and Sesshoumaru work things out, please update soon.

Venita (Chapter 30) - Thu 01 Dec 2011

Great chapter, I can't wait to read the next chapter, please update soon.

randomfan17 (Chapter 30) - Wed 30 Nov 2011

I liked this chapter, everyone was doing something interesting and yes the cliffhanger is annoying but you'll update soon. Wonder what Kagomes gonna land on, if anything, maybe Maxism aka Sesshomaru. Can't wait to see!

randomfan17 (Chapter 29) - Wed 30 Nov 2011

Scratching my head and thinking back...I don't remember any lemons of any sort involving them. What happened? Did someone slip him some powerful medieval LSD? Cause he's either hallucinating or someone is just messing with everyone involved. No little boy should see that, much less have to deliver it to his mama like that, poor thing. Well, I hope Sesshomaru escapes his happy little kill land and doesn't harm Kagome, because i think he would seriously feel guilty about it later. Loved this chapter otherwise, it was awesome!

Venita (Chapter 29) - Sat 26 Nov 2011

I can't believe you stoped it there it was just getting good, I hope Sesshoumaru does not hurt Kagome and that she can save him, I also hope they can get together soon, please update soon

Venita (Chapter 28) - Wed 23 Nov 2011

Great Story, I hope Kagome and Sesshoumaru get together soon atfer she returns from the past, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family.

randomfan17 (Chapter 27) - Sat 19 Nov 2011

Wait-what? No, a cliffhanger appeared! Ugh and i loved this chapter, i didn't see any huge mistakes. She kicked ass and now somethings happened that you haven't written yet, this is cruel! But i stilll loved it.

terryanna (Chapter 21) - Sat 19 Nov 2011

I do not agree with who you placed as Kagome or Sesshomaru, but hey it's your story. If you ever think of re-editing your story, i suggest placing it in the past continuous tense. An example if this would be instead of using the statement "They are suspicious of her motives in keeping the boy alive. There are mikos who enslave youkai to do their bidding" you should have used They were suspicious of her motives in keeping the boy alive. There were mikos who would enslave youkai to do their bidding." It happened in the past although it was in the present as soon as the action occurs it is in the past. But I love the story so far.

randomfan17 (Chapter 26) - Mon 14 Nov 2011

Oh Kagome, why? That's gonna hurt him, he's a huge baby lover, can't blame him for wanting you safe. Ah well, I hope that this works out somehow, too bad i don't see lemons in the future, bring back the past! Loved this chapter, can't wait to see what happens next. However, could i suggest a pre-reader so that if there's anything wrong they can catch it and tell you? Not to be mean but i see alot of wrong past and present participle mix ups and it throws me off reading it because i have to pause before i go on. If you don't want to it's fine though.

randomfan17 (Chapter 24) - Sat 05 Nov 2011


Aha (Chapter 24) - Sat 05 Nov 2011

UGH!  What a place to stop!  This story just keeps getting better and better!  Seems like it was a spoiler alert as well, but hey, I like the way you are transitioning from both times.  It explains it better.

1CarinoInu (Chapter 23) - Mon 31 Oct 2011

I so love Miroku.  I hope you keep his trademark hentai :)

1CarinoInu (Chapter 19) - Mon 10 Oct 2011

I really am enjoying your story - although, I find with stories that go back and forth between past and present, you lose me.  But that is just me.  At some point I'll read what happened in present (in the future I guess) because I enjoy the continuing antics of Sesshomaru and Kouga at each other's throats.

Keep up the good work!  I'm curious what happens now that she's the guardian of the Regent of the North....

Avidreader (Chapter 18) - Sat 08 Oct 2011

Well, writer's block or no, this chapter was fantastic!  It was well worth the wait.  Can't wait to see what happens next.  Hopefully you have moved on past the writer's block and will update more frequently!  **grins and giggles**

randomfan17 (Chapter 17) - Fri 07 Oct 2011

Say 'Hell yeah!', he wouldn't give up anyway but say yes, yes, yes! The last chapter confused me, did someone hurt her in the past that's going to hurt her in the future? Where's doctor who when you need him? Ah well, just have to wait a while longer than i guess.

Harrible (Chapter 17) - Wed 05 Oct 2011

Awwwww....kagome just has to say yes to Sesshoumaru...she just has to....

its soo cute and romatic.....

well the story so far is great i cant find nothing wrong with it adn i cant wait for the next  chapter and see wat Kagome willl say..

bye bye til next time

Ceferadel (Chapter 13) - Thu 08 Sep 2011

Go Inuyasha!!

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