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REASON FOR WAR by Silver Moon Inuyoukai


A/N: Inuyasha and the creation of Rumiko Takahashi isn’t mine.

1. This is a somewhat dark version of the story. I've stepped out of the cutsie storyline for now. Throw away your previous expectations of the characters. We are going dark here. 2. There will be violence and rape. You've been warned. [These were my old words.]

June 29, 2020- Hi Dokugans. I’m editing my old story because I just realized how much it sucked way back. My apologies for the super dramatic and pointless words I’ve written in the past. I’m rectifying it one chapter at a time.


Chapter 1

"What was so important you had to bother me?" The lord of the Western lands shrugged his naked form in a haori and belted it loosely. He grabbed a tunic from a table and threw it to the naked female youkai sitting in the middle of the bed. She gasped when the tunic hit her face. "Leave."

The human smirked at the female inu youkai's tear-filled eyes. She snorted louder; no matter how many times these females were warned they always fall for the daiyoukai. What will it take to make them understand that they were just the inu lord's concubines? All of them are playthings. Entertainment. That's all.

The woman took a deep breath for the strong odor of an interrupted rutting still hung in the air as well as the rumpled bed sheets and coverlet on the floor bear witness why Sesshoumaru was in a bad mood. She sauntered to the tent flap and rolled it back to let the fresh air in and it was a relief when the oppressive air abated somewhat. 

The inu lord waited until the demoness hurried out of the tent before he poured himself a drink. The inu lord downed a small cup of warmed sake in one gulp. "Rin." then he thumped the sake cup hard on the table to get his adviser's attention.

The woman called Rin leaned her shoulder on the tent frame. "Your boys found something in one of their skirmish with Kouga." She sighed when the inu lord just lifted a brow. "They brought it in. You should go take a look."

"What is it?" The inu lord flipped open a heavy wooden trunk and took out a complete set of dark clothes. He shrugged out of his recently donned haori, throwing it in the corner.

"It's a surprise." Rin turned away but not before she raked her eyes down the inu lord's magnificent form. She had seen him disrobing in front of her countless of times but it still gives her a thrill to see him unclothed most especially when he is bathing. The advisor went to the other end of the tent and took down the two swords hanging from the hooks. To her knowledge only she and his retainer Jaken had touched the swords and it gave the human a sense of pride to have this honor.

Rin handed Bakusaiga first after Sesshoumaru finished buckling his armor followed by Tenseiga; the two powerful swords joined each other on Sesshoumaru's left hip.

The inu daiyoukai gave his armor a slight shake of his shoulders to rest them well on his tall frame then Rin stepped forward to further tighten the leather ties holding together the heavy armor then adjusted the folds of the ten-meter long blue and yellow obi sash and to pull out stray strands of long silver hair from inside his clothes and armor and lay them over his back.

When the dressing was finished Sesshoumaru slid his eyes to his advisor; a strange look flitted in them. "Let's go." he said and stepped out of the tent and out of the enclosure.

Rin stood there for a few when the inu lord left, willing her breathing to go back to normal.

Her mouth twisted in a grimace when the sour odor of the tent hit her nose again. Her hand clenched tightly, 'You must control yourself!'  then with a determined look in her eyes she followed the Western lord out of the empty tent.

0 ~ 0 ~ 0

The guards at the portal of the lord’s tent enclosure stood on attention when their master stepped out with a scowl on his face.  His mind was far away to a puzzle that has been plaguing his mind for months now; something he couldn’t put his finger on, but it has everything to do with his advisor. He didn’t know when the occurrences began but he saw a pattern and he deemed it important to take note of when and where it occurs.

That occurrence happened just a few moments ago inside his tent; the appraising eyes and the lingering hands on his person. In other occasions a hand on his arm, or an accidental brush of her breast on his back or her legs brushing against his during war meetings. She thought that he wouldn’t notice such things but he had. How couldn’t he when he could smell her arousal even from afar and it is directed at him. He is positive that even some of the youkai around them could smell it. 

Her being of a different species didn’t disturb or displease him; she is beautiful no doubt about it, with an analytical mind as well as a lithe and lissome body. These characteristics were the ones he likes in a female; youkai or ningen. Had he been in the mood for a human conquest he knew he wouldn’t have to look far; she had been sending her intentions clear through. The right word, the right look and the right gift and she would be under him and giving him what he wants with a minimum of fuss.

Yes, it would be so easy, Sesshoumaru agreed.  But his body would not follow for the idea doesn’t sit well on him. It is revolting. It is a hair's breadth away from being incest.

I might be called many things but incest, Sesshoumaru's scowl deepened, incest is not written in my vocabulary. How could I? The girl grew up with me and I treated her like the daughter I never had. It is unnatural!  I should have seen it. Rin is now of age and at the point in her life where she should be mated and having pups. Correct.  A mate is the answer to this dilemma…and hopefully when she's settled into mated life and pup bearing she would forget her fascination of me.

Sesshoumaru felt a little optimistic at the idea and hoped he could quickly find a suitable mate for the girl.

The inu lord was aware of his strengths and weaknesses in and out of battle but even his unassailable control might slip in the face of a willing and determined temptation in the form of his ward.

Unfortunately, he is but a man with a man's strong urges after all but an 'accident' with his ward would spell a big catastrophe for him.

A catastrophe he would deeply regret.

0 ~ 0 ~ 0

The makeshift holding cells and prison were right beside the barracks but to get there one would have to pass the gauntlet of rowdy soldiers, cooking fires, sword smiths, the yowl of war beasts, assorted smells and a melange of other activities common in a war camp.

Usually after a victorious battle the wounded were tended in the infirmary just off the right of the barracks, whereas, the prisoners of war were thrown in the cells for later interrogation and execution.

The spoils of battle would be spread out in the middle of camp and a scribe would have been recording the items after which the whole lot would be carted back to the castle for later distribution to the soldiers as their spoils.

An uproar met Sesshoumaru when he entered the enclosed camp. From the noise, the men sounded as if they were having a sport with some of the prisoners for the sound of jeering and amused howls were short of ear shattering. The noisy activity seemed to be focused in the area of the holding cells.

He slowly approached and masked his aura so that he would not interrupt the activity to observe his men.

0 ~ 0 ~ 0

"Give me the sword, wench. Now!" A clawed hand was almost sliced in two when it came in visual contact. "What the fuck?!"  he exclaimed. "Did you see that? The damn bitch almost cut me!" The speaker held up his torn sleeves.

"Duh! Because you're too slow.” the jeer and the resulting laughter from the middle of the milling soldiers further infuriated the other. “Move faster, baka!"

"Shut your face!" the speaker with the silver hair spat out. The sound of fingers crackled. "I can't believe I have to fight a girl!" The men sniggered and jeered again.

"You're afraid to fight a girl?" the other speaker spat. "I'm not afraid to fight a girl."   With that challenge the men began to taunt and heckle the silver haired loudmouth while others tried to give support.

"Hey Inuyasha, what you gonna do, huh?

"Oh no, she's gonna get it now!"

"Show her who’s the man, milord!"

"Don’t let a girl say that to you, general!"

"No way, he's too stupid to retreat! Just wait and see!" more laughter.

"SHUT UP!" The yell lowered the noise decibel as the one called Inuyasha strode in front of his adversary. "Look, just give me the sword and we'll forget what happened. All right?"

The woman stood with feet braced on the slightly soft sod; a sword held in readiness. "How does one forget when one is being raped?" The woman's voice shook in rage, the eyes slits of blue fire.

"Rape? What rape?" The silver haired hanyou sputtered. "I was just checking if you're okay. Look, you're not exactly my type, you know?"

"Yes, I guess I am not your type. Is that why you hurried out of the tent without your pants?" All the men exclaimed and hooted.  "They said the soldiers of the Western lands were honorable. I heard wrong." The last words came from gritted teeth.

"Just shut the fuck up and do as you're told, bitch!" Inuyasha lunged for the woman but she wasn’t there anymore. "What the…?" he hastily held up his sword just in time to counter a slash to his stomach.

"Tsk! So slow, Inuyasha!" came a voice from the crowd.

"Don’t call me bitch!"  The woman hissed as they exchanged blows.

Damn, the bitch knows how to fight!  Inuyasha was surprised he was  almost outclassed in swordsmanship. No way a girl is going to show me up!   "So tell me what your name is, bitch!"

"My name's…." she gritted. The woman thought hard as she bloodied him on the leg. "My name is…" the answer suddenly became too important and she lost her concentration for a split second.

The hanyou took advantage of the woman's momentary lapse to swipe her sword away. The sword splashed in mud far from her reach. The woman tripped and landed hard on her back but rolled away from him, she was almost back up when she was straddled and her hands were roughly pulled up above her head. She fought to escape but only saw piercing lights and her vision swam.

"You wanna fight a man, huh, bitch?" Inuyasha spat as he slapped the woman again. "Fight me now, come on!" The hanyou began to tug at the front of the woman's haori, his razor sharp claws slashing the ties and exposing the woman's abundant breasts. He leaned forward and took one in his mouth while his free hand kneaded the other. "You should be glad I even paid attention you!"

Stop! Please stop! Not this way!  Though bound, the woman fought mightily against her attacker. She tried to twist her torso away from his hand and mouth but she was slapped again. Her eyes lost its focus and she was only dimly aware when she felt a sharp tug on her hakama. Gods! She would be subjected to the ultimate humiliation a woman could endure. "No…no"NO!"

Suddenly the heavy weight on top of her was gone. Thank kami, someone must have saved me….the woman sobbed.

But the strain of the ordeal and the exhaustion from the events of the day proved too much for the woman.

Before she lost consciousness she wondered why the silence was deafening in the compound.

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