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Unknown (Chapter 100) - Sun 10 May 2020

Oh my goshhh. I just finished this story and sooo good! You did such a great job. Constantly threw out the story I kept being amazed at how you were able to tie everything together! Thank you so much for your story! I loved it and will be checking out your other stories as well! ????

Pebbles (Chapter 100) - Fri 06 Mar 2020

This was the first SesshKag story I ever became so emotionally attached to.  Possibly it mirrored uncertainties and doubts of myself,  of my little world. I'd be lykng to say those were


When darkness takes ahold of you. When life throws many obstacles your way. When you can't figure out if you're inventing or creating a life of your own. When love is hard work. When loving yourself is the greatest mystery of all. You touched on so many things in your fic. I was reading while you were writing it so long ago. I whimpered and whined myself when updates were few in between. Yet, you never lost me. I have neen a fan for so long. I missed the last updates, but for nostalgia sake, I found myself back here and read till near the end. Or maybe I finished and forgot yhe ending.  Been so long. Just recently,  coming back again searching for a story that would leave me as interested,  and found my way back here again. I always pictured so many visuals. Sketched out scenes in my old sketchbooks. A story of love and redemption,  you have such a knack for it. I got lost in this again and loved it to the very end. You make no mistake of reminding us that life will never be as you expect it. Life will be just How we choose to live it is our choice. If we believe in our own power,  happiness will always be possible.  I missed this story so much. I am grateful for you sharing your talent. You inspire. May all be well with you. Your fan, Pebbs.

Kelly (Chapter 18) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

I kind of love the idea of Kagome and Sesshoumaru teaming up against his beast.  LOL!  The beast is upset because their bond isn't strong, and now there's a problem with the baby.  I have to wonder if the child's aura feels weak because its powers are holy powers and the bracelet is affecting it.  I do wish Kagome hadn't gotten angry when they were talking and had explained her view better.  It was nice to have them actually conversing civilly for once.  He's right, though.  She's going to be very upset if something happens to the baby.  Good chapter!

Kelly (Chapter 17) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Another very ionteresting chapter!  The poor beast just refuses to understand that forcing her feel pleasure is still forcing her.  He did make an effort, though.  Sesshoumaru doesn't seem to realize what a true merger of the two of them would mean for him.  Actually, it sounds like it wouldn't be a bad thing for Kagome.  Then the cold, uncaring Sesshoumaru would care, but not be overwhelming like the beast.  Of course, neither of them makes for a good mate at this point.  This story has really captured my attention and imagination, and your writing just keeps me reading on and on.

Kelly (Chapter 16) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Inuyasha's confrontation with Sesshoumaru was nice.  Who knew he could control himself like that?  And he even managed to hit him where it hurts when he realized Sesshoumaru had no idea why his beast had chosen Kagome.  It would have been interesting to see him telling him why he might have by listing her virtues.  ^_^  That was quite a deal Sesshoumaru made with himself.  No, Kagome isn't going to like that at all.  And now he's home.  Poor girl.

Kelly (Chapter 15) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

I was so glad to see a bit of Sango and Miroku in this chapter.  I've been wondering what they are doing this whole time.  Has it not occurred to them to get Kikyo to help find the last shards?  Or is Inuyasha avoiding Kikyo?  They don't know Kagome is pregnant, but they might have guessed she would be by now.  I was also glad to see Kagome perk up.  She hasn't really done anything to improve her situation or prepare to try to escape.  She could be scouring those scrolls for information about her powers or about hanyous and childbirth or even to find out all she can about youkai and their beasts.  She's a smart girl.  She has a little time now, so she just needs to think.

Kelly (Chapter 14) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

And the beast lives up to his name again.  Seriously, he can't control himself when she's so sick she's passing out?  Then she slept for twenty days?  I can't wait to find out about the cause of her illness.  Did the mikos help or did she just reach a stge where it resolved itself?

Kelly (Chapter 13) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Hmmm.  I do wonder what this mysterious illness is and if it's connected to her miko powers.  Sesshoumaru's thoughts about how he'll just wait until she's dead and then he'll find a femal youkai and have a real heir are truly annoying.  You have your work cut out for you if you're going to manage to redeem him.  ^_^

Kelly (Chapter 12) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

I cheered when she slapped him.  It's very frustrating that Sesshoumaru and the beast and Kagome and the beast keep having conversations and yet he never understands what he is doing wrong.  It's also frustrating that Sesshoumaru still refuses to see Kagome's worth.  Sooooooo much angst!

Kelly (Chapter 11) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

So, Sesshoumaru would have gone so far as to seal up his beast if he could.  Seems like that would have affected his power.  Too bad for him it's not possible.  And she's pregnant.  Now how will his beast react?  Let's hope he gains a little common sense and gives her a break.

Kelly (Chapter 10) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Whoa.  Not going to lie, that was hands down the most difficult scene I have ever read.  I don't know how Kagome could ever get over that and have any feelings besides hate for Sesshoumaru.  Is she carrying any shards?  Because I would think the hatred he is building inside of her would probably taint them.  (Which makes me also wonder if she could stick a shard or two in her arm to power up and get rid of that bracelet.)  It did seem that even Sesshoumaru realized his beast had gone too far this time, though he's still quite an asshole, too.  Funny that he and the beast both think the other is being cruel.  I really do think Sesshoumaru or SOMEONE needs to explain to the beast that bringing her physical pleasure is not love and is not going to make her feel love for him.  I noticed that even Sango had thoughts about how women in this time were expected to please their mate even if they were forced to do it.  Well, now that Sesshoumaru knows she isn't from that time, perhaps she needs to let him know that in HER time, he would considered a criminal and imprisoned for rape.  That might prick his sense of honor.  I have to wonder what Inuyasha is going to do now.  I would have liked to hear some of Miroku's thoughts on Kagome's situation.  I would think the whole thing might have an effect on him forcing his attentions on women--even if he is just touching their butts.  And there was Rin again, forcing Kagome to pretend everything was okay.  I do agree that her character is self-sacrificing, but really, Sesshoumaru shouldn't expect her to have to put on a show for Rin immediately after the horror that just happened.  You're killing me!  Speaking of which, Sesshoumaru wouldn't mind if Kagome was dead, but he doesn't want her killing herself in his castle.  That would definitely not speak well for him. 

Kelly (Chapter 9) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Well, this going to be bad.  I was surprised that Sesshoumaru didn't offer to let Shippo stay with her.  If he wants her to stay, and he wants to exploit her motherly nature, it seems he might have thought of that.  I have to respect Kagome for not lying, even though she knew that it's going to cost her.  I'm still not sure how I feel about Inuyasha in all of this.  She needs to explain her feelings about him to Sesshoumaru.

Kelly (Chapter 8) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Very interesting chapter!  Lots of things going on.  Sesshoumaru and his beast trying to communicate.  I was surprised Sesshoumaru didn't question him further about why Kagome is the only one he considers worthy of having their heir.  And then Kagome finally told Sesshoumaru she was from the future.  I was really surprised that he was so ready to take the bracelet off of her.  But the beast can't bear the thought of losing her.  The pain he feels makes me wonder if he would die if she died.  I wonder why she feels the pain, too.  She felt it even before he had marked her as his mate.  Rin's presence should really be giving Sesshoumaru a lot to think about.  I would love for Kagome to simply ask him if it would be all right with him if a youkai raped and mated Rin.  Because he still doesn't see anything wrong it.  And now Inuyasha is coming.  I have a feeling this isn't going to be pretty.

Kelly (Chapter 7) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

Hmmm.  I have mixed feelings.  It was really interesting to see the beast's thought process.  He thinks she should be happy and let him make her happy by bringing her pleasure.  He also believes he loves her.  I would think he would be very angry with the other part of him who thinks she is repulsive and who doesn't care for her at all.  I think Sesshoumaru would be doing some heavy thinking right about now about how the beast feels about her.  He knows he isn't going to be able to control him now.  I know he is starting to have some thoughts about why/how she might be a little upset.  Of course, in his arrogance, he still believes she should feel honored, because he feels like he is treating her well, under the circumstances.  But the fact that he knows she feels shame should be telling him something.  And even if he thinks she is being honored because he's such a great youkai, he should also know that she was in love with his half-brother.  That alone would be reason for her not to be grateful for his generosity in taking care of her simply because she had somehow become his mate.  Also, they were enemies--maybe not as much as they had been once, but still, they were not even allies.  Why wouldn't he think she would be angry and sad and upset to be taken by her enemy?  I can see this story is going to ccupy my time and thoughts for a long time.

Kelly (Chapter 6) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

I am so hoping that when Sesshoumaru's feelings change, he will feel a LOT of remorse over his current attitude.  While it may be true that when women were raped in the Feudal Era, they accepted it as a potential fate, I am sure they did not all just go about their lives without sadness and anger.  It's truly naive of him to assume they do.  He may have an attitude common to rich, important men and youkai for those times, but he is completely ignorant to think that.  He definitely needs to be influenced by someone with a little more wisdom.  I am looking forward to his future education.

Kelly (Chapter 5) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

Such a sad chapter.  I'm glad to see some of Kagome's fight come back.  I wish she could have gone through the well--that would have driven Sesshoumaru crazy.  I'm looking forward to him learning some truths about her.  Obviously, the beast inside him has already recognized her as being worthy.  This story puts me in the odd position where I have to hope his beast gets loose again, even though the same thing would probably happen to her, just to open Sesshoumaru's eyes a little.

Kelly (Chapter 4) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

What can you say about Sesshoumaru in this chapter?  He's really a bastard.  BUT, it's quite believably in character.  I also think Kagome not calling for help because she knew Sesshoumaru could kill Inuyasha and her friends was in character.  How sad that she thought Inuyasha would go back to Kikyo.  I do think that shows that deep down, she never truly believed Inuyasha chose her and she always thought he might leave her again.  Of course, what he did was even worse.  And now Sesshoumaru has sealed Kagome's powers.  My only quibble is that I would have thought that after two years her powers would be more developed and that she and everyone else would know her powers were greater than previously thought.  Reading on!

Kelly (Chapter 3) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

Powerful chapter.

Kelly (Chapter 2) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

VERY intriguing chapter! I really never know quite what to think about Inuyasha.  After two years, he decides to break things off with Kikyo and make it up to Kagome?  And when he actually tells Kagome, she was afraid he was about to belittle her and compare her unfavorable to Kikyo.  Who would want a guy who did that all the time?  She thinks it's what she always wanted, but I have a feeling he waited just a little too late.  And the fact that he had sensed her coming out of the well and he went to Kikyo anyway and she was then attacked by Sesshoumaru ... Well, he just waited too late to try to make things right.  So, Sesshoumaru's beast got loose and he wants the human who travels with his half-brother.  I can see there's going to be a lot of angst in this.  Reading on!

Kelly (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

That was certainly an intriguing beginning!  Now I'm wondering if Sesshoumaru was under some kind of spell.  And what broke the trance he was in?  Reading on!

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