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Darrakk (Chapter 17) - Fri 18 Jun 2010

I take it Kagome promises Rin to never hurt/leave Sess or Rin, or something to that effect, but then gets upset/emotional over something and leaves/breaks up with Sesshoumaru?


Either that or she promises Rin that she'll never take Sess away from Rin but does when they mate?

Not knowing is killing me.

Oh, and great story, keep it up!

REDWOLF (Chapter 17) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

I am so happy you updated :)  This is a fanatstic story!

fenhuang (Chapter 3) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

Beautiful story! But there is a little fact in chapter 3 that doesn't quite fit: Ao pays 100 Yen in the cafe. That would be a bit above 1US-$. Even in Japan, I doubt you wold get that much for a dollar.

SilentlyFuming (Chapter 17) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

Oooh boy, can't wait to see what happens next chapter!  (And I absolutely hate that everyone seems to be against Kagome in here!  Seriously, old or young, her character is misconstrued!  so mean...)

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 16) - Wed 09 Jun 2010

WOW! This has been a very satisfying chappie so I forgive you for taking so long to update. I can't really be mad at you since you did such an amazing job so far. When I first started reading this fic, I thought the whole "older" Kagome interacting with "younger" Kagome would be difficult to follow but it has worked out quite beautifully. I really enjoy the pearls of wisdom that older Kagome provides to her younger self. And I am having a great time reading about Kagome pretending to be mental. The ladies of the court were both annoying and scary, and I feel sooo sorry for Sesshou since he has to deal with them. Luckily he has Kagome to watch his back so that he doesn't end up being raped/mauled by massive amounts of demonic estrogen. Also, how stupid can Inu be? I can't believe that he believed that Kagome was sleeping with Sesshou then got Sango and Miroku to believe it too. Maybe Miroku was right, maybe just maybe Inuyasha wants to believe lie so badly so he can have a reason to accuse and insult Kagome the way he did. Keep up the good work and update soon. I want to know how Kagome deals with the accusations and how her friends will try to fix the damage that they've inflicted upon their friendship with Kagome. :P

SilentlyFuming (Chapter 16) - Mon 31 May 2010

DRAMA ALERT!!!  can't wait to see how they can make up for this...

Firehauke (Chapter 16) - Fri 28 May 2010

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with life - occasionally it does suck that we are yanked away from our fun.  *hugs* if you need them.


This was a good chapter, goes well with a great story!  Sess-Mom is an interesting character, don't know yet if I like her.


Am wondering when Kagome will realize she's talking to herself! LOL

janjan1 (Chapter 16) - Fri 28 May 2010

AWsomeeee Chapter!!!

i was on the edge ofmy seat the whole way through!!! love how thier so long definatel makes

up for the long wait!

keep going can't wait to see how this story progresses

Banana (Chapter 16) - Fri 28 May 2010


this was awesome. I love Inu's tantrum lol He's a loggers dream. Just put him in the middle of the forest and piss him off- walla!


I feel bad for Miroku though, he wanted to see what Kagome had to say isntead of accusing her. *shakes head*


I won't be able to rest until this is updated lol

Spennig (Chapter 15) - Mon 10 May 2010

I like this. I am impressed with the weaving of the past and present, and I am intersted to see toward the end and as it goes if the mingling of the two changes those in the present for the better.

I look forward to reading more!

Darrakk (Chapter 15) - Sat 08 May 2010

More please. So gud. Love the interaction between Kagome and Kin.

Wish you'd hurry up and tell us what happened for Kagome to break/ruin Rin's trust. Though since Inuyasha could change the course of their friendship by talking to the younger Kagome, wouldn't Ao tell Kagome a story similar enough so that the incident never happens? Or at least Kagome would be more on guard having already heard what happened to Ao.

FoxyLadyKnight (Chapter 15) - Sun 25 Apr 2010

I am really enjoying this story. Please hurry with the next update. I must know what happens next. I so love Sesshoumaru. More, please.

(Chapter 15) - Sat 24 Apr 2010

I love it! hohoho, the plot thickens me thinks...where will it take us next?

Good job on the update!

chii (Chapter 15) - Sat 24 Apr 2010

really love how this story is progressing, that i want to cry. hope you continue soon, and wish the alert for this story on my mail would come!

mercedes elizabeth (Chapter 15) - Fri 23 Apr 2010

love the story. wait, i said that already, didn't i? oh well, this chapter was awesome! i really loved it. and i still can't wait to see what happens. 

Anonymous (Chapter 15) - Fri 23 Apr 2010

oh no! now i see the conflict between inuyasha and kagome. *sigh* that just makes me sad... :((

Diane (Chapter 15) - Fri 23 Apr 2010

I like it but you have a bit of a goof when Hosenki is talking to Naraku here near the beginning; The Shikon no Tama must will never be whole again.” either must or will but not both.

SilentlyFuming (Chapter 14) - Fri 16 Apr 2010

I'm really loving this fic!  Though I hope the fall-out between Kagome and Rin never happens (or at least gets patched up really quickly... I wonder what could have happened...).  I can't wait for the next chapter!

mercedes elizabeth (Chapter 14) - Mon 05 Apr 2010

i love how kagome discovered a new power. and this chapter was awesome, i might add. loved it, and keep updating, please. i really wanna know what happens

knifethrower (Chapter 14) - Mon 05 Apr 2010

Infusing a relationship story with elements of action/adventure is hard.  You did a great job!  Your writing was not only emotive, but vivid and descript when the story called for it.  I continue to enjoy and admire this fanfic, and look forward to your next update. 

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