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theunknownchild (Chapter 2) - Thu 21 Jan 2010

I love this story! It is a great POV of the past and future, and the struggles that the past has to go through to become the future.

However, I did find one typo in the middle of the second chapter that I thought you would want to know about: "Kagome looked up to see Kin returning, one cone in each hand."

You did say that Sess only has one arm, so I was slightly confused.

Anyways, I look foward to your next update!

loveyaa (Chapter 8) - Wed 20 Jan 2010

I quite enjoyed this chapter. I love that Sesshoumaru is stepping up, although unwillingly. I can't wait to see the dynamics between the three of them and how this affects and changes the future (hopefully in a good way). til next time...

mary (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

the way you worm their relationship into becoming is quite clever. i remember those episodes. and seshomaru's reactions to kagome. it is curious isn't it? in the anime, how we're all left into wondering if this type of scenario would happen? i think elderly wisdom would be one of those possibilities. it just fits! so logical.

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

Love it love it love it love it love it!!!

I can't wait for more - this is one of the best Kag/Sess stories I have ever read, and one of the most original.  ^_^  Brava!



Seshiepersonalpriestess (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

I do not know if I left you a review before, but this is a great story.

Diane (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

It makes so much more sense now that you fixed the gap in the top section. Really looking forward to the next chapter.

Diane (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

I like it but I think you have missing bits in the modern era section. Like is part of this paragraph (below) missing? It ends in L.

Ao rolled her eyes. “You’re not the only one to have ever been given demon blood.” With that, she proceeded to drink her hot chocolate and refused to answer Kagome’s questions. L

There also seems to be another part missing a few paragraphs down from this bit, 1 minute it seems like they're all in the cafe talking & then Kin & Kagome seem to be in the park looking for Ao with no explanation as to how they got split up. It also mentions Ao slapping Kagome which never happens in the chapter.

emmyjenny (Chapter 7) - Fri 15 Jan 2010

Nice chapter and story :) i love the concept of future Kagome and Sesshomaru giving advice to Past Kagome i can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter and with how Sesshomaru and Kagome get together :)

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 7) - Tue 12 Jan 2010

Love it love it love it love it love it!!!

I can't wait for more! You are doing a marvelous job of unfolding the story - I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter!


loveyaa (Chapter 7) - Tue 12 Jan 2010

I had to remind myself of what was going on for a sec but I love how you went into Sesshoumaru's pov. I really liked that and can't wait for more. til next time...

Rowdys girl (Chapter 6) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

Such a tender, sweet, loving chapter. This story is so enthralling, I love the characters you've created, I love the humor and I love the emotions you engender.

loveyaa (Chapter 6) - Wed 06 Jan 2010

I like your story and how it shows them knowing the lessons that need to be taught. although i was wondering isn't this changing the past. aren't they affecting what is happening in the past and therefore the present? well either way i enjoy your story and can't wait til next time...

Chaos (Chapter 6) - Wed 06 Jan 2010

You're a horrible person! *glares and sniffles* I cried, with almost every chapter I believe. Way to go^^ Its a very moving piece and I love it. I can't wait for more. And I've read through everything you put up and loved all of that too. What a wonderful day today has been! I'll be on the edge of my proverbial seat waiting for updates. Chow,


WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 6) - Tue 05 Jan 2010

Since Kagome and Inuyasha worked things out... So how does this alter things in the future? Will there be any significant changes? And when will Kagome start to look elsewhere for love? When will she connect the dots and figure out who the elderly couple really are? Keep up the good work and update soon :P

Sess Koibito (Chapter 6) - Mon 04 Jan 2010

That was a great chapter! I love that the older Inuyasha was able to talk to the younger Kagome in order to change their history without her knowing it! :)

snowbird (Chapter 5) - Tue 29 Dec 2009

I meant for my review below to be about chap 5.  I wasn't paying attention when I clicked 'to review'.  My thoughts were all on the unique and beautiful story of Sess/Kag as elderly people and their strong and devoted love for each other.  I feel envious of what they have.

snowbird (Chapter 1) - Tue 29 Dec 2009

This chapter was very beautiful and full of meaning.  The love they have for each other is precious and Sesshoumaru did a beautiful job of explaining love to the younger Kagome.  He was also right in his thoughts that I will put in my own words.  A hitter will not stop after the first time and she was following in the footsteps of many another female by making excuses for him.  Hopefully she will understand and take Sesshoumaru's advice.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 5) - Tue 29 Dec 2009

So very well done! Each of these chapters has made me laugh and cry. Your characters are so real I cannot help but love them. I am so looking forward to the next chapter.

Xoihana (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Dec 2009

EEE!! so cute!! keep writing! i really love this story. you keep everyone in character so well!

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 4) - Tue 15 Dec 2009

OMG UPDATE!  That was such a mean cliffhanger!

I love this story.  You keep Ao and Kin in perfect character, which only emphasises how mean to be this couple is! I cannot wait to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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