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Himura Asami (Chapter 3) - Mon 27 May 2013

It's like a tracker. He's placing a chip in his litle girl.

How adorable.

Himura Asami (Chapter 2) - Mon 27 May 2013

That made me so happy to read!

Himura Asami (Chapter 1) - Mon 27 May 2013

I want to cry!

This is so beautiful!

Ennui (Chapter 19) - Mon 27 May 2013

I am so thrilled that you have been able to come back to us!  I truly missed this beautiful piece of work and am glad that you've healed (in more ways than just physically) and have managed to work out a chapter for your readers.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou.....

It was a nice change to see Sesshomaru be the first to realize his feelings.  Poor dog doesn't know what to do with them but internalize them and let them fester and let the love of his life leave him in the end.  Or will he?  Or will he fight for her?  Talk to her? (yeah, and pigs fly)  I can't wait for the next chapter.  Here's hoping that the wait will not be as lengthy :)

Lumi (Chapter 19) - Mon 27 May 2013

I can't tell you how excited I was to see and update for this. And what and update it is! I think I may actually lose years of my life if the next update takes as long.

Oh, and thank you for the summary. It was a great refresher after all this time. Short but thorough.

Lady Kirara (Chapter 19) - Mon 27 May 2013


Not gonna lie, I completely thought this story was done for. I'm so excited that you're updating again. And I can't wait to see the conclusion. ^_^

Christine (Chapter 2) - Wed 08 Jun 2011

I enjoyed this chapter so much, I am already utterly enchanted with your writing so early here in chapter two. I like the way you write dialogue, it is so free and easy and so very believable. I like elderly Kagome very much. You have portrayed her in such a sympthetic manner, she is like someone I would love to sit and speak with and hear her wisdom as well.

I also loved the touch of comedy with Ao retorting, "my cholesterol can go to the underworld!" Lol, how fabulous. I would like to say the same thing about mine!

All in all, I am just liking your story so much. I look forward with eager anticipation to working my way through all these delights. Thankyou for your imaginative work.

Christine (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Jun 2011

I enjoyed this very much. I love the encounter between young Kagome and her older self. Such a marvellous idea you've had, wonderful!

I think the idea of being watched over by an older wiser self just perfect, like a guardian angel almost.

The conversation batting back and forth between older Kagome and Sesshoumaru was so good. It had everything, a bit of wisdom, a touch of humour and a great big dose of attracting me to read on. Well done, it is such a lovely start.

janjan (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Nov 2010

just read the latest chapter it was awesome I must have missed it a while Back but looked you up and wah BAM found an extra chapter 

cant wait for the next one!! :)

emmyjenny (Chapter 17) - Mon 27 Sep 2010

hehe nice chapter ending i can't wait to see what happens... when i read your story i think that you've got the story already planned out.. which of course you might... :D

Vrey (Chapter 17) - Fri 17 Sep 2010

WAAAHHHH ITS NOT COMPLETE!!! omg.. update soo >.>

Dana Daidouji (Chapter 17) - Sat 14 Aug 2010

Hello there!

I found myself spending most of my afternoon reading this excellent story! However there is something that I don't understand: on the first chapters Rin and Kagome seemed to be pretty close, but then, when Future Rin's issues with Kagome rear up, Past Rin's attitude towards Kagome drastically changes and it seems to completely disregard their past interactions up to the point where she has to introduce herself as if she didn't even know her. Why is that?

Wolfye P (Chapter 17) - Tue 10 Aug 2010

hotdamn!!!  you go sesshy-cakes!  w00t! can't wait to see what happens next.

hkyadte (Chapter 15) - Mon 09 Aug 2010

awwww when i read the part about sesshy whining i just had to smile

Wolfye P (Chapter 1) - Wed 04 Aug 2010

already you've made me laugh several times with this one chapter!  i have a feeling i'm going to enjoy this fic immensely.  i love the way you portray an old sess & kags.  i can totally see them together in modern day Tokyou with each other.  brilliant.

Renee Mannings (Chapter 17) - Wed 04 Aug 2010

Rin is a big bitch in this story. I honestly don't know how Shippo and Seeshoumary let her get away with that crap for 500yrs. In all honestly I would have thought that one of them would have put her in her place a long time ago. 500 years is a long time to hold a grudge. 50 years is too long. I hope someone really puts  her in her place before this story is over because she needs to have a taste of humble pie.

Black Light Brightness (Chapter 17) - Mon 02 Aug 2010

PLEASE Update soon! this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm totally voting!

Kimberley (Chapter 17) - Sun 20 Jun 2010

HAHA! Sesshomaru is so devious! :D I'm excited to hear about this seduction he has planned for our little Kagome..!

loveyaa (Chapter 17) - Sat 19 Jun 2010

Didn't see that coming. Although I guess they can cover more ground this way as long as they stay together...well as friends. I get through it by knowing that everything will work out...well more or less. I can't wait to see everybody pull everything together and having it work out.

kagomesirene (Chapter 17) - Fri 18 Jun 2010

awww. i really love your story...the plot is really creative...i have to say i'm really really sad that rin hates kagomes and that she even poisened her kids and grandkids...i wonder why shippou did bothing to stop that...i'm kinda disappointed in him


but that is the sad but kinda realistic part cause in RL not everything goes like you would wish for...


i have only one little correction...the right phrase is shikon no miko (priestress of the jewel)...but you call her miko no shikon, but that means jewel of the miko C;


keep up the great work and please update soon

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