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FireDragon (Chapter 16) - Sun 25 Jun 2017

awesome. looking forward to more.  Is shippou getting ready to have a growth spurt? that is my guess.

Eroviaa hunter (Chapter 16) - Sat 24 Jun 2017

Hmmm. I like it so far. The only thing that bugs me right now that is Kagome is acting like she is Sesshomeru's alpha. Which she isn't. She herself said that he is a guest in her pack but recognizes that he is also an alpha. Sesshomeru I think has been pretty forgiving of Kagome.  I mean she knocked him out and he didnt question it and even wasnt upset when he came to. I dunno, I just feel like Kagome isn't trying to understand him as a demon, even though she is playing the role of a 'demon' alpha. Half her hangups is because she has not wrapped her mind around him being a demon KING. With all that entails, land, governing, laws, ect. Also, she whines about he would never accept her as a mate, though he is constantly coming to her aid and showing her affection. She doesnt consider that taking a human for a mate, for a demon who only mates once, would be crushing if she died from old age. She didn't consider the assination attempts that would be made on Sesshomeru's mate if he mated against the social norm, so she has to be strong. She didn't consider any of the politics that would come with the mating of a king. What I am trying to say is that she is not really considering Sesshomeru's feelings and he is just going on the ride of hers because he loves her. This isn't a flame. I love your writing and the story that you are tell. I just wish Kagome treated Sesshomeru more as the alpha he is instead of a beta.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 16) - Fri 23 Jun 2017

You know I never would have believed that english was not your native tongue. You write so brilliantly. There's been a few authors that have butchered the english language and it is their native tongue so you are doing great for it not to be.

I loved this chapter. I like how you made Kagome with this bad ass, kick ass and take no prisoners attitude. That fight scene was awesome.

I have to shake my head at Inuyasha's thinking that he is going to get Kagome and his pack back. He is so dilusional and walking around with a dead mate thinking she is the real deal. I pity the fool.

Sessho telling Kagome that basically inu youkai not only looks for a powerful mate for a reason but also for love and attention. That was a nice and loving statement coming from him, but they are both still dancing around the truth about their true feelings...I know this will become clearer in the future chapters. At least he admitted to himself that he is in love with Kagome.

I am looking forward to the future chapters to this wonderful story. Excellent writing job!!!

witchy_woman (Chapter 16) - Fri 23 Jun 2017

For english not to be your first language, I must say you have a better grasp on it than some authors I've read whose language it actually IS. I couldn't tell it was a secondary language for you, so well done on that regard. As for Moko-Moko-Sama, Rin was the only one to call it that and it translates literally to Lord Fluff-Fluff. He was never really without it so whose to say what it actually is? I have seen people make it a manifestation of his youki, a tail, a seperate entity/ retainer, a symbol of his status/age, and just a decoration. I am thoroughly enjoying your story and can't wait to read more. As for the chapter? LOVED IT! Kagome kicked ass, and Sesshomaru thwarting Inuyasha and Kikiyo was just great. I am looking forward to more form you. Keep up the great writting.

FireDragon (Chapter 15) - Fri 16 Jun 2017

excellent update though I wish the chapter was longer and didn't have a cliffy ending. Sesshoumaru is going to be pissed and  I don't blame him.  Kagome just forced her will upon him. Yes, it was to protect him but he is an adult and has free will too. I kind of wish she had somehow convinced him to stay back until she could get the barrior to fall and he would be her backup in case things went wrong. I think he would have been more open to listening to her that way.  Instead to me it seems like she took the easy way out that didn't respect him for who he is. anyway that was my only problem with the chapter. I get that he is super stubborn and can teach rocks but I wish she had tried harder to get him to stay of his own free will first.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 14) - Sat 10 Jun 2017

Ah, you manage to bring in a connection of sorts for Kagome and Sessho despite their size differences through a joined dream scene and imaginary sexcapade between the two. Brilliant. I really enjoyed reading this chapter, it was excellently written.

Too bad the dream was not real enough to leave some sort of remnant behind like the mark Sessho gave Kagome, now that would have been an awesome dream. lol

Loving this story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Ryo chan (Chapter 14) - Fri 09 Jun 2017

I can't wait for the next chapter hot spring times was hot, also that's what mikoku gets lol 

GreyEcho (Chapter 14) - Fri 09 Jun 2017

Yay update and lol miroku'a punishment.


*blush* hot spring times.


so will kagone use the protective tailismen she gave him to make him appear his normal size again?


love this story


Morgan (Chapter 5) - Tue 06 Jun 2017

Hello, I have read up to chapter 4 and had to stop. There is a lot of unnecessary sentences that describe a characters actions and then has to explain said action. It ends up feeling like you have repeated sentences. For example, you would mention kagome thinking of something and then repeat what she was thinking into her saying it out loud. Also I think it's pointless to write every single thing a characters does. Unfortunately when I read, it makes it very easy to just skim over paragraphs that describe those every action. But I do enjoy the plot and hopefully you keep up the good work.

FireDragon (Chapter 13) - Sat 03 Jun 2017

Awesome I love this story so far. Looking forward to more.

GreyEcho (Chapter 13) - Fri 02 Jun 2017

Just gets better. Glad they are on a better page and he knows what he wants. Can't wait to read the next chapter. No rush. Love it!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 13) - Fri 02 Jun 2017

Execellent chapter.  Kagome was awesome and so was Sessho. They were protecting each other. Why would Kagome tell Sango that Sessho is not interested in her when she heard what he whispered to her when he thought that she was asleep back in her time? She was all happy when she realized that he may be interested what changed now. She is always under estimating herself and Sessho which is becoming annoying. lol.

I would think the ultimate sacrifice would be giving up one's life for the good of one or all. I think that is going to have to happen to break the spell. I think it would be Kagome giving up her life since that is in her nature to be self sacrificing or it could be Sessho for Kagome out of love for her.

Looking forward to more chapters soon. I just love this story.

Lady Lynn (Chapter 13) - Fri 02 Jun 2017

What did Mikoru do to piss off Sesshomaru like that?  It must have been really bad for the eyes to go red like that.  Now things in chapter 3 makes sense.  Kikyo knew of the spell that was used on Sesshomaru, and I would not be surprised if she suggested that spell to Naraku.  Now the true question is what is the sacrifice needed to break the spell?

cassandra (Chapter 13) - Fri 02 Jun 2017

Awesome chapter.  Why do I get the feeling that miroku tried peeking in on the girls and sesshomaru caught him? I can't wait to find out! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 12) - Sun 28 May 2017

Nice chapter. Of course it is very well written. You give us nothing but the best in your stories.

Finally, Kagome  and Sessho are moving ahead with their soon to be relationship. I am excited and can't wait for their confessions of love for one another or at least express their interest in each other.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Excellent job!!!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 11) - Fri 26 May 2017

Very enjoyable chapter and very well written. I noticed your computer probably doubled the chapter because at the end it started all over again. But that was no problem in reading it. Doubled the pleasure in reading it again. Lol.

Man, Inuyasha and Kikyo are pieces of trashy works. They are worse than Naraku times two. I would not be suprised if they were working for him. This why Sessho and kagome are my fav pairing. You really know how to manipulate these two couples into either you love them or you hate them. In this story, Inu and Kikyo are the villans of the piece and Kagome and Sessho are the heros.

I'll be glad when Sessho grows back into his normal self. When they were back at Edo in spirit forms, Kagome did something to make Sessho look like his normal self, can she use that same spell to make him grow to normal size?

I just love your writing and imagination for storytelling. Keep up the great work and keep it going. Looking forward to future chapters.

TeaAngel (Chapter 11) - Fri 26 May 2017

Love the chapter can't wait to see what happens next. Evil inuyasha and Kikyo is cool. I love how powerful you make kagome, but at the same time keep some of her insecurities about herself.

Inuyasha did so major damage to her self-esteem made her doubt herself a lot. In the show it's wasn't intentional but he did do it. Sango and miruko, shippo helped to build it back, but i think it was really Sesshomaru who made her realize she wasn't weak.

Again keep up the good work and I look forward to the next chapter to come.

P.s you repeated the chapter twice he same on one page.

Lady Lynn (Chapter 10) - Mon 22 May 2017

I wonder what InuYasha plans to do.  I hope there is no seal on the well if Kagoms has the jewel shards with her, it will be counter predictive on InuYasha and kikyo' s part.  If that were the case I hope Santo and Miroku fight InuYasha and kikyo until Kagoms returns.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 10) - Fri 19 May 2017

Another wonderful chapter. I'm glad Mrs. H shared with Sessho that journal of what happens to Kagome in the past when they go back. It gives food for thought so now that he has a taste of the cold mask that Kagome has placed on he does not like it because it is not her real self and it ultimately leads to her death.  So I wonder what he is going to do about it now that he knows what happens back in the past. Is he going to confess his true feelings for her or not? She would be the perfect mate for him and together the two would produce strong and powerful heirs for the west whether they be hanyou or full blood youkai. Sessho can change the fate of Kagome's life or will he? Will he stay with the pack or leave like he originally planned? Those and more questions will be asnwered in the next chapter, I hope. Lol  Great job!!!

Adrianna (Chapter 9) - Sat 13 May 2017

ahhh!!!! I'm soo excited for more of this story!! ???? Update soon! 

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