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KEdakumi (Chapter 5) - Thu 14 Jul 2016

This is such an interesting story. I love this background tale.  It makes me wonder how much detail she's going into with the demons that have put her on trial.  Can't wait to see what happens next.

zodiak023 (Chapter 5) - Thu 14 Jul 2016

Awe I was so sad when I hit the last chappy and I couldn't go to the next cause there is no more please please *begs* update really soon like now. This is very good!

Mona (Chapter 5) - Thu 14 Jul 2016

I hope to read more soon, I'm curious as to Saisei and Misuto's reaction will be of each other.

roberta. (Chapter 5) - Wed 13 Jul 2016

Great story thanks for update..

Fubuki (Chapter 5) - Wed 13 Jul 2016

Do you by any chance know another writer by the name of Fenikkusuken?

I have enjoyed the story so far, please keep it up

Lady Lynn (Chapter 4) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

How is Kagome going to get the other book that is the Western palace?  With Inuyasha's 'claim' that she 'died', it will be interesting to she how she will manage such a feat.

Zinhle (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Jul 2016

This story is captivating thank you. Please make the chapters longer?

Katrina Kee (Chapter 4) - Sun 03 Jul 2016

Gosh I am crying due to Kagome's betrayal by her so-called friends and companions! Did Sesshomaru go along with it as well, or did he just leave before everyone started coming after Kagome for the jewel? I would think that he wouldn't care too much one way or the other except to tell Kagome while she was at the river's edge that if she had stayed in the village with Shippo then he wouldn't have died....he could have just taken the jewel from her then it he really wanted to I guess.

Well, since it has been 75 years I am sure that Sango and Miroku are dead, but is Rin still alive? Unless she mated a demon and, in this fic, can share his lifespan, then I guess she is either very very old or else she has died as well. Too bad. I would think that she wouldn't believe that Kagome indaverently killed Shippo and Kilara. Rather, Inuyasha, by running off to Kikyo in the heat of the battle, killed them and injured Kagome in the process as well. Only nobody accused him of anything.

I cannot wait to read more on this story and see if there is a love interest in Kagome's future in this story. Thanks.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Fri 01 Jul 2016

This story is just getting so intriguing and I am so excited to read more. You're just not putting up the next chapters fast enough for me. lol (just kidding). Seriously I can hardly wait for the next chapter to post. I just so love this tale. I hope you finish it and please don't leave it hanging like so many other authors do but it's understandable. RL happens, priorities change and some just lose interest themselves. But this story is well written and it is something different. Excellent job!

Lady T (Chapter 4) - Thu 30 Jun 2016

Ok first I will hurt u if u don't finish this story and update frequently! LOL!

I have fallen in love with this story. I'm curious to find out if Kagome is at full power since Kikyo is still alive? Also I really hope if this is a romance story Sesshomaru has to, work his ass off to won Kagome. 

Also I looking forward to a chapter where Kagome damn near kills  sesshomaru, and beats the shit out of inuyasha and kikyo since they betrayed her like that. I hope she forgives them but never allows inuyasha close to her again. 

Can't wait for the update! Like serious I need an update in like two days! Lol

Lady Ashe (Chapter 4) - Thu 30 Jun 2016

Great story!! Please keep up the fantastic work! 

Mona (Chapter 4) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

I was waiting on an update and it was a good one, hopefully the next chapter will be out soon.

roberta. (Chapter 4) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

Great eat chap

aries_heart (Chapter 4) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

Ohh i really cant wait untill then next chapter

I really enjoy this story

teresa daniel (Chapter 4) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

HI , I LOVE THE STORY-LINE SO FAR......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK....CANT WAIT TO READ MORE CHAPTERS........HOPE YOU WILL UPDATE VERY OFTEN.....................................................................TDANIEL

channing (Chapter 4) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

more please

snow (Chapter 4) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

 the detail of the story is so interesting and honestly i cant wait to read more! :D thank you for this new chapter.


snow (Chapter 3) - Sat 04 Jun 2016

very interesting story :o  i will bookmark this for updates :D

Lady Lynn (Chapter 3) - Thu 02 Jun 2016

I wonder if Midoriko and Magatshui is going to make an appearance at the trail to give certain people a piece of their mind and let them know they over exaggerated their abilities.  It be sweet if Shippo and Kaira's spirits also visited these individuals to let them know how much they are displeased with their betrayal against Kagome.  I am glad that Midoriko is helping Kagome get through her tramatized past.  I wonder how thre training is going to go.  Just on a side note Magatshui should let on the 'jucy' details of what Naraku and Kikyo had planned.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 3) - Wed 01 Jun 2016

Trully enjoyed reading this chapter. Nicely written. I am excited to read more. Excellent story thus far.

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