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Ok so uh, a little bit about me... I am 27 years old, who works far too much. Lol I love to write, and as my mother says, has a way over active imagination... Which I think it works in my favor, well at least it makes life interesting. Lol

I have a deep, deep love for mythology as most of you can tell from my stories so far. Which I have my grandmother to thank for that. Instead of growing up listening to princess fairytales, I went to bed listening to stories about Norse mythology... And that later sent me down the fascinating road to learn more about other mythologies from different cultures.

I love coffee... Coffee makes my world go round! Lol

I love to learn about anything and everything. I am fascinated about different cultures around the world. Uhhhh... I love words, lmao it sounds silly I know but I love learning new words, how they sound and the way they role off my tongue. I get strange looks sometimes when I find a new word and will repeat it over and over because I just like saying it. Lmao

hmmmmmmmmmm... I appreciate all forms of art. I love beautiful things, I'm not materialistic per say, but I could stare at a painting or sculpture, building, or even a person, that I think is beautiful in it's own way and appreciate it. Which I get weird looks for from time to time as well but that's ok. I think it is important to appreciate everything around you, especially in the world we all live in today. We are all so fast pace no a days that sometimes we miss something that maybe be small but so beautiful in it's own right.

I think compliments are important and I love to give them as much as I love to receive them. Which saddens me sometimes when I give someone one and their shocked by it. I think it is unfortunate how little, we all as a whole, give and receive something so small but can be so important to someone's day, and you would be surprised by how you can change someone else's outlook on things by just taking a spare second to give them one.

Let's see... Oh! I like anime. Lmao don't think I have mentioned that yet. I love all sorts of anime, Inuyasha, death note, and Fullmetal alchemist are my favorite. I love video games as well. Been a big gamer since I was little. And I believe I shall end it here for now, this is all I can think of at the moment! Lol

I thank you all for taking the time to read about me and I hope you all enjoy my stories! :D

... And remember, you are all appreciated and loved at least by peach! Remember to stay positive even in the worst situations because negativity will get you no where and will ALWAYS make matters worse! Try to find something small to appreciate once a day because it's the little things in life that are the most fleeting. And last but not least, give a compliment to someone. Not only does it make you feel good about yourself but it makes those around you feel good as well and it can make even the most unhappy person crack a smile!

Peach hopes you all have a wonderful day!!!

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