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Yashahime; what are your predictions?
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TOPIC: Yashahime; what are your predictions?
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Yashahime; what are your predictions? 3 Days, 14 Hours ago Karma: 0
Just a matter of weeks! Anyone else holding their breath of the parental outcomes?

I am holding onto the 5% chance that Rin isn't actually the baby momma. Alot of the reservations I have about this pairing have been posted elsewhere in the forum. I personally feel Kohaku and Rin were a sweet pair, especially given their interactions with eachother in the manga. I think that often gets overlooked. I'm not on the Rin-Got-Sesh train until its officially confirmed. ; _;

On that note, I actually think it'd make the story more interesting to have Rin witnessing the changes Sesshoumaru experiences as a bystander. She's watch a daiyoukai have his heart change enough to take a human mate, and how her faith in him being a good individual might've helped him grow into that role more. And how her ability to see good in the bad could bleed into other characters around her while she's living with Kaede in the village. I love Rin to bits, I'd love to see her character explored more than being a Sesshoumaru disciple/groomed baby factory. That feels sadly too convenient storywise.

It also leaves a mystery as to whom finally melted Sesshoumaru's heart, and would be a wonderful story climatic moment... like we go through a majority of the season guessing that mystery, and if Takahashi remains hands-on with the project I'm willing to suspend belief that it will be a good twist.

Given that its revealed Monoha grew up without Inuyasha and Kagome, I'm guessing the parents might've been largely absent due to being trapped someplace, or have some circumstance that removed them from being with their children. I really can't picture Inuyasha being cool not being near his daughter, given how much he loved his mother and the absence of Touga was a massive blow. Same with Kagome, since family is important to her back in the shrine I imagine she'd fight hell to be close to hers in the feudal era. I also think Sesh is too proud to be absent from his kids', either. Especially with Rin's influence, watching over her and all.

(also, anyone morbidly looking forward to Inukimi being snide as hell with Sesshoumaru over her grandkids? I am praying for ultimate sass.)

Despite Inuyasha and Kagome being the canon couple, I'm still goin' to be blazing thru the SessKag tag shamelessly. <3 God bless fanfiction.

Eagerly looking forward to what twists fanfic writers will come up with, I have no doubt Seshs' twin daughters will be subjected to some creative liberties and have Kagome as the parent.

So, any thoughts? Theories? Yays? Nays? Excitements? Dreads? :- )
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