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To Untwist The Chains Of Fate by Peach

A World of Darkness

To Untwist the Chains of Fate

I do Not own Inuyasha! This is purely fan made!

A/N: Ok so this story has been running around in my head lately and I can't seem to get it to stop! lol So I decided to start this up, now normally I don't have more than one story going on at a time but this idea is becoming a big distraction. I want to put out there though that this story takes 2nd priority to 'A Tale of Souls and Swords'! That's my main focus but I'll try to update this as often as I can as well. So I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1: A World of Darkness

It was silent, too silent for the cloaked figure's comfort. She should be use to it by now... Silence was all that was left. Except for the horrifying screams and the darkness. 50 years of darkness. It was like an everlasting plague that consumed everything it touched. There wasn't much left of anything anymore. The once bright and vibrant world ceased to exist after the dark Overlord took over 50 years ago.... Naraku. His name struck fear into everyone's heart.

There was once hope... But that hope hadn't lasted long. Everyone had hoped at one time that the small group of warriors would have succeeded in beating Naraku but they too had failed, they failed us all. The female slayer, monk, fire cat, the imp, the dragon and the dead miko were the first ones to fall. Leaving only the Shikon miko, the inu hanyou, the wolf prince, and the inu lord gravely injured. Naraku had taken not only the Shikon Jewel but the little human child and the kit as hostages before fleeing. Ever since then he has been unstoppable.

At first they all thought they still had a chance but soon realized that they truely didn't. The inu lord and wolf prince had gathered all the remaining youki to help put a stop to it and the miko and hanyou gathered all those blessed with holy powers but still that wasn't enough. The battle had waged on for 10 years before the next warrior had fallen. The miko, she had disappeared. Most believed that she was dead, some believed that the dark lord had finally gotten his hands on her but no one knew for sure since her body was never found.

It didn't take long for the other three to fall after that. First the wolf prince was taken out, then the inu hanyou. The last to fall was the mighty inu lord. With his last breath also brought an end to everyone's last hope. Humans and youki alike trembled at the dark lord's feet. Monks and Mikos ran as he had every last one of them hunted down and captured to be tortured by himself personally. The ones that did manage to escape went into hiding. There were so few of them now. Only one other than herself... She was the last, a single dark miko. How fitting it was since it was a dark time. The only other one she knew of holy nature was a dark monk but she has yet to come across him. She only knew of him from the whispering of the wind.

40 years had passed since the last warrior had fallen and for the last 20 years she has been in hiding. Never straying far from her hide out, to scared to be caught traveling outside in the darkness... Until now. Now she had something worth the risk of getting caught for. If the stories were true, if she could find this single rare flower then hope could bloom once more. This world of darkness could be brought to light again. She just had to find it! For her sake, for everyones sake!

She had searched for years to try and find it. She had relentlessly searched through every book she could find to look for a piece of hope...And she had finally found it. A spell, a single spell that would take her back in time, a time where she could fight. A time where she could warn those fallen warriors of the darkness that awaits them. She only hoped that they will listen, that SHE will listen because she was their only hope! The Shikon Miko. Before she wasn't ready to fight the dark, her friends having had left her vulnerable, useless, and weak. But with her help, it will be different! She will make that miko strong...Strong enough to win!

The darkened figure quickly moved through the shadows. She needed to get back to her cave. Moving quicker, the female clutched the glass jar in her arms tightly, like it was a lifeline. Which it might as well have been. This tiny red flower that cried tears of blood was this worlds last chance. The dark miko finally relaxed as she walked though her barrier at the entrance of her hideout. Taking a deep breath, she began walking forward. Twisting and turning as she followed the narrow path going deeper and deeper, heading towards the core of the cold cave.

When she finally reached the core, the dark miko walked up to the small pool of water that laid in the middle of it and knelt down. She had no time to dally, too much was at stake. Setting the jar aside, the miko got back up and walked over to the little cage off to her left. A frightful ruckus was made from the small creature inside.

Shushing the little animal soothingly, the dark miko grabbed the small rabbit inside, catching it by the back of the neck. Next she grabbed the small iron dagger laying next to the cage before walking back over to the pool of water. Softly she began to chant and when she was done, she slit the rabbit's throat. Carefully she walked clockwise around the edge of the pool letting the rabbit's blood create a circle and when she was done she carefully set the rest of the rabbit aside. Next came the salt... Picking up the bowl, the dark miko continued to chant as she went counter clockwise to sprinkle the salt over the blood. Once she set the bowl back down she pulled out a small vial of holy water from the inside of her cloak and gently poured three small drops into the pool, turning the water from the pool into a glowing blue color that light up the small cave. Putting the vial away, she took off the blue and silver cresent moon amulet that hung around her neck and as she began to chant again, she step into the waist deep pool of now glowing blue water before dropping the amulet, letting it sink to the bottom.

Now came for the most important ingredient. Turning around, the dark miko grabbed the small glass jar and opened it. Carefully she pulled out the small red flower, cupping it into the palm of her hands. The Luna Bloodroot... It was a flower that only bloomed during a full moon and only in a spot where the ground has been completely drenched in blood of the innocent. Slowly the miko walked to the middle of the pool and set the flower into the water, watching as it's roots slowly started to fan out around it . It's roots ever so slowly dripped with blood. She had until the pool completely turned red with blood to change the past. If she didn't succeed then she would be pulled back to her time and then she would have to pay the price of the spell. For all powerful spells had a price to be paid!

The dark miko gave out a tired sigh before beginning to chant the last of the spell. She watch as images of the warriors flashed across the pool, Swirling from one scene to another. She watched as the Shikon miko stumbled away from the clearing where she found her inu hanyou lover embracing the naked dead miko and sighed. She just hoped this worked. She had a long year ahead of her. Slowly the dark miko started to lay back into the water, floating for a good ten minutes before she finally started to feel herself sink. Closing her eyes, she took one final breath before she embraced the cool darkness.   



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