Used: A Twisted Romance by *A-Kay*


Used: A Twisted Romance

A Short Story

By: Ericka


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Inspiration: Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

(This is not a song fic. It's just I listened to this song while writing this fic. It kept me motivated.)


Used: A Twisted Romance


Laughter could be heard echoing through the forest as two figures ran chasing each other playfully. "You can't catch me. You can't catch me." the male chanted teasingly before jumping into the river. To a human he looked to be only sixteen, but he was older than that for he was a hanyou. In fact he was the second son of the great Dog General, Inutaisho. He was less serious than his father and older brother, though he did have a short temper that he often let loose without thinking from time to time. He finally came up for air with a smile before splashing the girl standing on the riverbank. "Come on Kagome. Jump in."

Kagome Higurashi, a human orphan girl that lived on her own in the village nearby. One of the many villages under his father's protection. "Um. I don't know Inuyasha. It seems pretty deep." she said shyly. She was a pretty little ten year old with wavy black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her eyes were an innocent almond color and her skin tone was full of life and color. She was his best friend.

"I won't let you drown. Trust me." he said as he swam towards her. "In fact, I'll teach you how to swim. It's really easy." he said holding his arms out inviting her in again.

She looked at him in uncertainty. "Um." she started trying to think of an excuse not to go through with it. Unfortunately she came up with none. Looking back at the hanyou, her best friend she smiled and jumped in trusting that he'd catch her.


"That's it Kagome! You got it! You're swimming!" said Inuyasha as he cheered her on watching as she moved through the water with a grace that made you think she had been doing this for years.

For the past month from sunrise to midday they would meet at the river and he'll teach her to swim taking breaks when needed. By the time he made it home he'd be soaking wet leaving his parents to question it, but he'll never tell them. He never planned on telling them. It was none of their business anyway.

Kagome had stopped and smiled. "I did it! Thank you so much Inuyasha!" she squealed happily before hugging her friend when suddenly a snapping branch could be heard gaining their attention.

"Oh shit." Inuyasha mumbled as his face fell and Kagome looked on in curiosity.

"Out of the water." came the smooth command. Inuyasha looked over at Kagome and gestured with a nod of his head for her to follow. They both climbed out of the water and stood looking at the intruder. Waiting. "This explains a lot."

"Father I-" Inuyasha started only to be silenced when his father lifted his hand.

"You need not explain. I've watched long enough to know what it was you were doing. Only, why waste your time?" the demon lord asked.

Inuyasha glanced at his friend then back at his father before opting that his feet were far more interesting, "I figured it would be a nice skill for her to know."

"Shouldn't her own parents teach her such a skill?" he questioned.

"I... I have no parents. They died when I was six." she said softly looking at him. He took in the sight of her. Her wet hair was curling up and sticking to her face as droplets of water fell from the tips. He observed her innocent eyes before looking at her clothes that looked more like rags.

'No parents?' he thought looking down at her taking in and observing more. 'Why would Inuyasha befriend someone so young?' He moved towards her and knelt down so he'd be eye level with her. "With whom do you live?"

She began to fidget. "Alone."

He looked at her in thought ignoring how she never addressed him as lord. Looking over at his son he noticed the protective look on his face before looking back at the human child. So young and on her own. He knew she was strong just from the aura he was feeling from her. She was a miko, but her powers were suppressed. "Hm." he said with a nod before turning. "You will come with us. The village is unsafe for someone so young to be alone."

Though Inuyasha wanted to be happy that his best friend would now be living under the same roof as him he couldn't help but wonder and worry. 'Will he make her a servant?'


No. He didn't make her a servant. What he did was far worse. Upon their arrival Inuyasha was instructed to get out of his wet clothes while his father got Kagome taken care of. He took her to a room where a female, human female sat painting. When she heard the door slide open she looked up to see the demon lord standing there with a human child somewhere around nine or ten.

He nudged the little girl into the room and waited for the human woman to meet his eyes. When they did he simply said, "Prep her. She is now under your care. Teach her well and have her train under a miko from one of the villages. We do not want any unfortunate accidents." then he was gone sliding the door close behind him.

'Miko?' she thought before looking back at the child. She sighed sadly. "Name?"

"Kagome Higurashi." she answered shyly as she looked at the pretty lady in front of her. Her hair was black and pinned up loosely. Her eyes were grey and her face was perfectly made up.

"Last names matter not here Kagome. How old are you child?" she asked noting how the girl began to tremble in her wet rags she used as clothes.

"I'm ten." she said before sneezing. She watched the woman stand up noticing the metal bracelets around both the woman's ankles, two on either ankle, admiring how they clang together as she walked.

The woman took the child's face into her hand taking in the girl's stunning features. 'Such a shame someone as pure as she is thrown into such a fate.' Letting loose one more sad sigh she introduced herself. "I am Aika you will address me as such. We do not have much time for dinner is soon to start so I will tell you the basics now. Speak when spoken to. When you do speak to the masters of this house you will address them as either lord or lady. Always look at them when you speak and never fidget. It's insulting. Stick close to me you'll be fine. Now, let's get you out of those clothes."

She had wanted to ask Kagome where her parents were but decided it would have to wait until after dinner or the next day. She left her for the servants to bathe while she looked for something the child could wear. There wasn't much she could do until she went shopping for her probably tomorrow. Until then she just made some modifications to an outfit she had yet to wear.

She brushed Kagome's hair out as she waited for their guard to come retrieve them for dinner. A knock came upon the door and she stood. "You understand what I have told you?" Kagome nodded. "Very well. Shall we?" She nodded again before following Aika out of the room.


Inuyasha was worried. He hadn't seen Kagome since they arrived. Where was she? He wanted to ask his father, but refused knowing that the demon lord would only ignore him. The doors opened, but he didn't pay it any mind knowing it was just his father's bitch. The woman he was screwing right under his mother's nose. Then it hit him. The familiar scent of his best friend. "Kagome?" he turned and looked. Sure enough it was her, but why was she with Aika? "Kagome." he called gaining her attention.

"Inuyasha." she smiled about to run to him but caught herself noticing her mistake when four sets of eyes pinned her. "Um." she looked over to Aika apologetically. Standing up straight she looked at her friend Inuyasha without making actual eye contact. "Yes, lord Inuyasha?"

At her soft spoken words Inuyasha's eyes widened and he balled up his fist. He'd much rather her be a servant than this. No, he'd rather her still be that little orphan girl in the village. He began to growl not even noticing it until his mother's hand touched his shoulder.

"It's time to eat." she smiled. His mother was getting old yet just by looking at her you couldn't tell. One of the advantages of mating a powerful youkai with the ability to expand your life by a generous amount of years. Though she didn't look it, she was ill and would soon leave this world. Probably the reason his father's been screwing Aika for the past twelve years.

"Come dear, let us sit." his father said as he took his mate's hand leading her to her seat. He sat at the head of the table, his mate on his right. Inuyasha sat next to his mother and his older brother sat at the other head of the table. He looked back over at Aika and Kagome as they made their way to the table. Aika bowed respectively to Izayoi before sitting, Kagome next to her directly in front of Inuyasha.

Kagome smiled at him before bringing her attention to Lord Inutaisho who was introducing Kagome to those at the table who didn't know her. Izayoi smiled and welcomed her into the palace, but the other... the demon at the other end of the table only stared at her coldly.

Dinner was placed in front of them and they ate. She listened as Inutaisho talked to both his sons. Observed as he held Izayoi's hand every now and then. She even pin pointed the suspicious glances he and Aika shared. When the dinner was over she was led to a room that Aika informed was now hers.

"I will see you in the morning child. You have much to learn. You will also begin your training under the village miko." Aika said and then she was gone. This was all so weird and Kagome wasn't sure if she liked it or not. But that had not been the day that changed her life so drastically.


After two years of living in the palace Lord Inutaisho's intentions were clear. One evening after her training she and Aika were sitting in her room preparing for the night's meal when her mentor handed her a box with the family crest carved into it. When she opened it she was greeted with two metal bracelets much like Aika's. "What's this Aika?"

The woman sighed as she removed the items from the box before leaning over to place one around each of the girl's ankles. "You have been gifted." With sad eyes she looked at Kagome. "We must go." The door slid open and the guard made his presence known.

When dinner was placed before them Inutaisho stood to make an announcement. Kagome looked around the table at the occupants. Her eyes fell upon the empty seat of Izayoi who had died two weeks after her first arrival in the palace. She had wanted to comfort Inuyasha during that time, but was told she couldn't so he mourned alone and it hurt her to watch.

Looking over at him she smiled when he made a crazy face, but she immediately looked back at Lord Inutaisho. "Tonight, I wish to gift my eldest son with a special gift. Sesshomaru, tonight I gift you with Kagome. She is now yours to do whatever you wish though some things must wait until she's of age."

"WHAT?!?!" Inuyasha yelled as he jumped to his feet. Kagome was shocked she looked over to Sesshmaru. A demon she never even spoken to. "How could you do this?"

"Inuyasha it is as I say. Sit down and eat." Inutaisho commanded.

"How could you make her into another Aika?! How could you even think to make her into another whore?!" Inuyasha growled not caring anymore.

His father growled back, "Sit down."

Inuyasha shook his head, "I'm not going to stay here and watch you destroy my friend." He wanted to grab Kagome and carry her far away, some place she would be safe, but he knew they would only find her and drag her back to carry out her new duties. Still he couldn't just sit back and watch his friend be violated. it would tear him apart. Looking at his brother he growled. "Bastard." then he was gone. That was the last time she'd seen Inuyasha and when she turned sixteen she found out exactly what being gifted meant.




A/N: Well that's the prologue. I know not much Sess/Kag going on, but I had to build up to that. Ok, let me point a few things out. One, I have no idea how to swim. Well, I do know how to dog paddle, but everything else! Ha, I'll take a life jacket, inter tube, and arm floaties any day. Second thing, when I'm hard up for names I look for them on the internet and be finding quite a few nice ones. The name Aika I fell in love with because (from what I read) It means love song. I thought it was a pretty name for this particular character. Third thing, this is a short story, meaning it won't be long, but I hope you guys enjoy it and leave nice reviews about it. Fourth thing, do note that at the end of this chapter Kagome was twelve. Um, I guess that's it.

Oh wait no, I forgot. Look out for some attempts at lemons from me. In fact the next chapter has one or two. I'm not all that good at them, but I actually think these came out better than some of my old ones. Haha. Next chapter, (if this does well and piques enough people's interest) will be up in a few days so be sure to review ok.

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