As Death Gives Life by Rinseternalsoul

Chapter 1 – The Monotony of Death

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Tada! Here it is! Everyone that read The Portal fell in love with my character Anubis, so I soon found that the unabashed lust generated over the inu God had inspired me to write this story. I hope you all enjoy him in action.

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Chapter 1 The Monotony of Death

The man's soul curled up from his body in a wisp of cloudy tendrils. He stood patiently by as the soul reformed into the shape of its former self, then gathered the sacred nemset vase, containing the dead man's heart, for the trip. After carefully boarding his Night Boat, he deposited the sacred jar, in preparation for the voyage. His charge, the soul of a deceased merchant, seemed to be in turmoil, as so many others had before him. Anubis gracefully waved his large clawed hand once over the face of the dead man. The soul immediately fell into a state of calmness, ready for the journey to the Hall of Two Truths.

He gathered his long pole used to navigate the waters of Deaths River, and then nodded to his eternal companion, Wepwawet. Wepwawet took up his own pole and the two Gods pushed off from the rivers edge. Anubis easily navigated through the obstacles of the lonely river, and found himself distracted from the whole ritual. Lately his mind seemed to continuously wonder away from his world of the dead. More often than not he daydreamed of taking his leave of this place, if only for a short time.

The eerie river wound around sunken barges and bones of fallen warriors. It's misty waters slithered around each bend with serpentine fluidity. The great door to the Hall was just ahead, and Anubis prepared to bring his current task to completion.

Another day, another dead guy.

What he wouldn't do for some fresh air. A moment in time where death had no bearing. This thought in itself was rather ludicrous, as death was an ingrained portion of life. Everything living held a seed to death. Some taking mere minutes to sprout to maturity, while others lay dormant for centuries before taking root. The only true constant was the Gods. The higher powers that would survive a millennia without aging a day.

Being a God had its advantages, but currently all Anubis could see was the disadvantages. Yes, he was practically all-powerful, and he held immortality, but was it all really worth the cost? Was immortality worth living if all he had to live for was escorting souls to the underworld? He had no answers to these questions today. The great God remembered a time many centuries ago when he would have quickly stood up for his eternal 'duty', but as the days passed his duty had simply become 'mundane'.

As the gate loomed ahead, Anubis called out, "Make way for the dead. Bow to the Opener of the Ways." The massive golden gates woven with intricate designs began to part, admitting them entrance. Anubis and Wepwawet expertly pulled the solemn craft along side the dock. Wepwawet stepped off the barge first and after gathering the sacred jar, Anubis joined him. He then turned to silently motion for the soul to follow. The walk into the main hall was relatively short, and was always carried out in complete silence.

Anubis glanced up to meet the gaze of Lady Ma'at who stood next to her large ancient Scales of Truth. Her huge ostrich feather twitched fluidly with the slight nod of her head. Anubis then nodded to Thoth, who was the closest thing that he called friend. Thoth nodded in return, and Anubis began the task of removing the deceased man's heart from the nemset vase.

After placing the heart on the scale, Anubis then bowed to Ammit, the demoness who awaited the man's judgement. She had missed her meal earlier this morning and was now staring at the thick red heart with ravenous eyes. Ammit barely spared him a glance as she licked her ruby red lips. She really was such a vile creature.

Ma'at stepped forward holding her pristine white Feather of Truth. Thoth pulled forth his sacred book of the dead, and began reciting the ancient passages. Anubis fought the urge to roll his eyes at Thoth, as the God of Wisdom was simply making a show of reading the script from the old book. His friend had read those same inscriptions so many times that he actually had no use for the book itself.

Anubis watched the proceedings with unabashed boredom. The final script was chanted and Thoth suddenly lost his own voice. Thoth's normally light tone was replaced with a solid tone of judgement, as he began to call out the man's deeds.

He found it slightly interesting that the dead merchant had been responsible for the death of his first wife and child. He had figured the man to be fairly pure of sin, but alas, Anubis had learned long ago that the true hearts of men were often blackened beneath a mask of purity. He glanced over to Ammit, who flicked her long red hair over her shoulder carelessly. A sure sign that she was expecting to dine very soon.

The man's soul hovered in front of Thoth as if hypnotized by his commanding voice, but when Thoth closed the book, the soul began to twist and swirl with anxiety. Anubis waved his hand, again calming the merchant, in order for Ma'at to lay judgement. Anubis checked the bar for balance, and Ma'at lay her feather down on the opposite side from the heart. If the man's good deeds outweighed the lovely feather of the Goddess, Anubis would then usher the soul to the throne of Osiris, but he was pretty sure he wouldn't be making that trip this time around.

The feather lay in place and the scales began to balance out, but unfortunately for the deceased, his heart continued to outweigh the sacred feather. Anubis stepped forward and made the announcement, "For your overabundance of wrongful deeds your heart shall be devoured by the demoness Ammit, and your soul will end its cycle."

Anubis stepped away just before Ammit gracefully lifted the man's heart to her lips. She closed her crimson eyes and took a large bite. The soul screamed out in its ghostly dribble, as Ammit devoured his heart thus removing his spirit from the circle of life. Anubis turned up his nose at the grisly sight. Blood poured down from the corners of the demons mouth as she enjoyed her treat. No matter how many times he witnessed the feast of Ammit, he never seemed to get over the disgust.

After the proceedings, Thoth and Anubis retired for a chat. Thoth could tell that something had been bothering his inu friend. For the last decade, Anubis had been withdrawn and rather mechanical in his daily ritual.

"Tell me old friend, what is it that trouble's you?" Thoth questioned as he took a seat on the elegant cushions spread over the golden floor.

"'Tis nothing that can be changed, therefore I have no reason to form the words," Anubis replied half-heartedly.

"Come now, Anubis, I can clearly see that you have been distracted as of late. Perhaps discussing it will release the hold it has over you." Thoth urged.

As usual, his old friend was full of wisdom, and Anubis decided that it certainly couldn't hurt. He took a seat alongside his companion, and sighed heavily. He then leveled his crystal blue gaze on the emerald gaze of Thoth. "I find myself longing to be free of this existence."

Thoth gasped at the confession, but gathered his serene demeanor before questioning Anubis further, "Eternally free?"

Anubis shook his head slightly. His long shining ebony hair swayed over his back with the negative movement before he replied, "No. Not for eternity. I simply crave a temporary reprieve from this existence. Many centuries have come and gone, and I have presided over thousands of death ceremonies, but as of late I have longed for something more." Anubis raised his head and locked his gaze with that of his friend. "I wish to create something, instead of laying it to rest. I wish to give life, instead of removing it. In all truthfulness, I wish to know the wonder of bringing a child to life."

Thoth released a huge breath of air, which had somehow become wedged in his throat. Anubis, the God of the Dead, wishes to have a child? If it had been any other than his dear friend, he would have scoffed at such an outrageous dream, but he would not, because Anubis did not deserve such treatment. He was loyal and true. Methodical and precise. Anubis deserved to have this wish granted.

"If that is your heart's desire, then you must bring your request before Osiris for judgement. Until then, your dream will continue to only be a dream," Thoth advised with a firm pat on the shoulder of his companion.

Anubis made up his mind to approach Osiris with his desire to find a woman to bare him a child; after all, the King of the Underworld owed him a favor.

Long ago, when Osiris had been slain and hacked to bits by his brother, Seth, Anubis had assisted Osiris' wife Isis and her sister Nebthet in bringing the slain God back from death. When it was decreed by father Ra, that Osiris could not dwell on Earth, but must reign in the underworld, Anubis had graciously given up his throne to Osiris. He could have refused, thus causing strife in the kingdom, but he did not, saving Osiris from a war between Gods. For that, Osiris owed him.

Anubis followed the well worn path from the Hall of Two Truths and down the long path to the throne room of Osiris. He quickly bent to his knee in respect to the King. Osiris motioned for him to rise, then asked what brought him to his throne.

Anubis relayed his wish to escape the confines of death for a temporary time in order to find and pup a female. Osiris studied him with his all knowing scrutiny before asking, "Have you thought this through, Anubis? Do you truly wish to sire a child?"

With a determined face Anubis answered, "I have thought on this long and hard. I want this with all of my being. I feel that this existence has lost its meaning to me, and I know that this would refresh me, giving me a new outlook."

Osiris studied his underling for a time, silently pondering the pros and cons of such a request. Finally he sighed and said, "Anubis, I grant you this request. You have six months, human time, to complete your mission. During this time of absence Wepwawet will carry out your duties. You will return here upon the first light of the sun on the final day. You will be excused to reunite with your pup upon its birth, but will return here immediately after. Is this acceptable by you?"

"Yes my lord. Thank you, Great Osiris," Anubis replied with praise as he bowed in respect to the King.

Anubis said farewell to Thoth, and Wepwawet, as well as Lady Ma'at, before he embarked on his voyage to Earth. The trip itself was rather uneventful, but the scenery was spectacular.

He traveled the world in search of the perfect female to bare him a pup. He had spent the better part of five years determining the positive qualities that he wanted in a mate and mother. She must be loving and kind, and her heart must be pure. She would be untouched by any other, as only a virgin would be worthy of his attentions. Powerful, yes, but not overly so. A giving nature, but a fiery spirit. Yes, each of those traits were imperative, as well as one more. The woman must be beautiful, on the inside and out.

The perfect woman, Anubis soon came to realize, was not a common occurrence. He traveled the globe, spying on the lives of numerous women who he considered likely candidates. Unfortunately each and every time that he thought he had found the right one, his hopes were crushed by some unsavory mannerism, or character flaw.

Two months had passed, and Anubis was beginning to lose hope that his dream would come true. The world was full of women, but none of them met his every requirement. Not one that he observed was worthy to bare his child. After flying over China for the better part of the week, Anubis decided to peruse the island of Japan. What he found there was not unlike all the other places he visited. It seemed that Japan was in the middle of a bought of turmoil, which spurred wars between the rulers. The youkai of the island clashed with the humans, neither attempting to get along with the other.

The Sengoku Jidai, feudal era, of Japan was stricken with war and disease, leaving most of the women sour and unhealthy. One by one, Anubis passed over the females, as he slowly but surely lost the remainder of his hopes to find a suitable candidate. Then one afternoon he came across an exciting discovery. A human female frolicking in a bed of flowers.

As he watched her, Anubis pushed down his excitement, as it had only brought him disappointment before, but as time went by he found a smirk playing across his handsome features. This woman could be the one.

She rolled about as if she had no cares in the world. Her clothing was rather odd compared to others of this region, but that was of no concern to him. She laughed freely and the sound was melodious to his ears. She was innocent as well. He could smell her intoxicating scent as it blended delicately with the abundance of flower blossoms.

He found himself disappointed when the girl was joined by a strange collection of companions. It appeared that she traveled with a half-demon, who seemed rather crude. There was also a monk, which seemed to be very fond of the other female, who was some type of warrior. The warrior female carried a two tailed neko (cat). What really amazed the Inu God was the small fox kit that leapt into the lovely young girl's arms. Anubis watched as the girl fussed over the kit. She provided food for it and chastised the hanyou (half-breed) for his transgressions against the fox child. Her mothering instincts were strong, and for the first time since he began this trip, Anubis found a bit of hope.

Two days later Anubis sat, perched high atop a tree, as he watched the beautiful woman tend to the wounds of an injured villager. She possessed natural healing abilities, which aided in the man's recovery. She tenderly wrapped the unhealed portion and flashed the man a sparkling smile. She then gathered her things and returned to her strange friends.

That evening Anubis decided that he would speak to her. He wanted to see how she reacted to his presence. He also found himself wishing to be on the receiving end of that fabulous smile which she gave away so freely.

It was getting close to dark, and Kagome left her friends sitting by the fire as she wondered nearby in search of a few roots for medicines. She picked a clump of deer's tongue and plopped it into the basket. A little further and she found an old log lying across a small clearing. With a smile she decided to have a little fun. Kagome carefully sat her basket down beside the fallen tree, and climbed up. She carefully balanced her weight and began to make her way over the log. She giggled as she lost her balance briefly, which almost sent her hurling to the certain doom waiting three feet below. After steadying herself once more she continued her game.

Suddenly, Kagome became aware of a presence nearby. She stopped in her tracks and listened carefully to the forest around her. With smooth motions she pulled her bow from her shoulders and notched an arrow. Something radiating extreme power was close by, but she couldn't put her finger on what exactly it was. It didn't feel like a youkai, but it definitely wasn't human. She leapt down from her perch in order to avoid being an open target. She ducked down a bit and surveyed the area.

That is when she first saw him.

As her eyes traveled over the forest edge, Kagome was shocked to find the figure of a tall male. He was magnificent. He had dark hair, which flowed down his back. The raven tresses glistened in the dimming light. His eyes were crystal blue, and his face was chiseled to perfection. He had a dark purple mark, which started just above his left brow, then broke to continue below his eye down to meet his cheekbone, It was a slender mark similar to a diamond, but the bottom point appeared to swell out into a drip. As if his appearance wasn't enough he exuded immense power. He wore strange navy robes embroidered in gold that reminded her of an Egyptian heritage. The light material danced in the breeze mingling with his long hair. She was awestruck in his presence.

He stood on the edge of the clearing silently gauging her reaction. When she finally found her voice, Kagome asked, "Who... are you?"

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