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Not much to say about me really. I'm 24 and love to write.

I'm not a huge anime fan, but I like the show InuYasha. My favorite character is Naraku (I just love the dark, sexy evil thing...don't ask me why) though Sesshoumaru's pretty cool too.

I hope to update and rewrite some of my work on this site because...yikes. My writing skills were definitely raw when I was working on these fics.

To anyone that's interested, I have a Naraku/Kagome fic that you can read as well. I am writing it mostly because, well, no one writes good Naraku fics. He's either down right sadistic or they make him turn "good." I wanted something that kept both characters true to their nature yet, let them grow to understand and care for each other. You can check it out here you want:

I also have a one shot song fic to the Evenescence song, "Hello" that is Sesshoumaru dealing with the untimely death of Rin and his Tenseiga failing him. Kinda's called "One Weakness" and can be found at mediaminer:

And for those of you looking for something NEW, check out my "Pirates of the Caribbean" fic: "Lost in Translation". It's the most fun I've had writing a fic, nothing beats writing Captain Jack Sparrow. You can catch it at if you're interested:

Thank you so much to ALL the people that have offered me support over the past year while I began writing and found it to be something I truly love doing.

**Important Note**

I want to appologize to my readers for never getting the epilogue done on my Shinju Series. I've been pretty sick and run down over the last couple of months and finally after my lymph nodes swelled and I had one removed I've been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer in the lymph nodes. So I have several months of chemotherapy ahead of me and I'm sorry that I won't be posting here for awhile.

Thank you so much for the support you have given me in the past.


Today is May 11,2006. I just found out, yesterday, that I'm in remission! However, since my cancer was so aggressive, I'll be undergoing high dose chemotherapay and a stem cell transplant soon and will be unable to do anymore work on my stories (temporarily), it is still wonderful news for me. Thanks to everyone that has been supportive!

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InuYasha has lost control over Tetsusaiga and Naraku is forming a new plan. He wants another offspring and he wants Kagome to bear the powerful child. Sesshoumaru will not allow Naraku to have such a child and realizes that, whether he likes it or not, he must keep Kagome safe from the dark demon. However, after she is nearly raped by theives, Sesshoumaru finds himself having the desire to protect her. Disdain slowly turns to trust and admiration and soon Sesshoumaru begins to ...
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Updated: 06-12-06 - Chapters: 6 - Reviews 9 - Words 12,417
This is my very first song fic. The lyrics to this song are breathtaking...I just hope I did them justice. A/N: Sadness and Character Death, Slightly dark imagery. **She looked up into the once beautiful golden eyes, now tainted in red. "Why..." She breathed silently as she felt herself slipping into oblivion. He said nothing, only continued to stare at her hungrily; tantalized by the smell of her blood. **
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Updated: 05-08-06 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 2 - Words 1,555
What do you get when you have two bathing women, an angry TaiYoukai, a perverted monk, a flustered hanyou and a 'sit' spell gone horribly wrong? Chaos...complete and utter Chaos. **A/N** I was bored...and...I have no real explantion for this story. I apologize to anyone that dares to read it. This is a ONE SHOT fic. I wanna say thanks to STRIKING FALCON. Her fic gave me the original inspiration for this fic though it's grown into something much more...chaotic. Rating is for...
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Updated: 05-07-06 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 16 - Words 4,703
Part Four of the Four Part Series Summary Contains Spoilers from Part Three. Rated NC-17 for violence, disturbing imagery and lemony content. Heeding Priestess Toshi's words, Sesshoumaru and InuYasha rush back to Sesshoumaru's castle to save their friends before the Shinju changes hands and all those with demon blood lose themselves to an animalistic lust for human blood. Along the way, Hitomi forces Sesshoumaru to see the cruel treatment Kagome is enduring. He sets of...
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Updated: 05-04-06 - Chapters: 37 - Reviews 6 - Words 52,125
Part Three of a Four Part Series SUMMARY CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM PART TWO Rated NC-17 for some sexual violence in later chatpers. Nothing exceptionally graphic. Having traded the shinju for Kagome's life, a now human Sesshoumaru and InuYasha must travel with her to the village where Priestess Toshi lives. They hope that she can restore their demon blood and tell them what must be done to purify the shinju. Kagome quickly learns that Hitomi desires to have her po...
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Part Two of a Four Part Series SUMMARY CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM PART ONE! Rated R due to violence and some sexuality. No lemons in this section. Now that Naraku knows that the shinju is in Sesshoumaru, he tries to use Kagome as leverage to obtain it. Though, it would seem to be a useless fate, as Sesshoumaru has no desire to protect her. Realizing her ability to enter dreams, Naraku tries to force her to persuade Sesshoumaru to give up the gem. However, Kagome refuses to d...
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Updated: 05-04-06 - Chapters: 16 - Reviews 14 - Words 22,127
Part One of a Four Part Series: While looking for a shard of the Shikon Jewel, Kagome meets Seiji, a Holy Man that tells her she will need to use her powers to protect an enemy. Days later the group happens upon Sesshoumaru, who is stricken with amnesia. After again returning to Seiji, they quickly find out that Naraku sought out Hitomi, a sadistic demoness that uses people's dreams to drain their memories. He is seeking the fabled shinju that belongs to the demon clan t...
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Updated: 05-04-06 - Chapters: 19 - Reviews 24 - Words 23,885

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