Secrets of the Shinju (Part II): Tortured Soul by Kilala81

Naraku's Captive

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As night began to fall, Kagome grew cold. Naraku had not yet returned as he said he would and that was making her nervous.

She had dropped her bag when Naraku grabbed her hair and she had not gotten a chance to retrieve it. Now she was regretting not having her sweat pants.

She curled up in the corner trying to sleep, her body was now shivering and the hard floor was making her ache.

She looked up as the door began to creak. Naraku entered slowly, keeping a watchful eye on her. He held a blanket in his hands, which he made no attempt to hand her.

Finally he spoke "It's a pity that you don't have your cat with you now, to keep you warm." A sick smile crossed his face and he walked towards her.

"Hitomi has told me of your ability to enter dreams. You were quite the bother to her. I also know that the shinju is inside the demon. However, it has been brought to my attention that I cannot kill him and take it. To do so would destroy the gem as well. The priestess that gave the jewel to the demons, also made sure that it would remain in their blood line, unless given to another demon willingly. You will enter the demon's dreams and convince him to bring the shinju to me." He watched her reaction to his order.

"I would rather you kill me, Naraku." He grew serious as he stared down at her.

"I would love to grant that request, woman. But I will do it at a later time. You will do as I have instructed you to do."

She sat there quietly, refusing to agree to his request.

"There are many rooms here, do as I say and you will be allowed to have a warm room with proper furnishings."

Kagome looked up at him and then turned her head and closed her eyes. He became enraged and pulled her from the ground then shoved her back against the wall.

"You will not ignore me, girl." He stared at her and then she felt his claws digging into her shoulders. She blocked out the pain and again refused to speak. He threw her roughly to the ground, hurting her knee.

"You will eventually agree to my request, woman. There are things worse than death, and you will experience many of them if you don't."

He turned and left, taking the blanket with him. She began to wipe the blood from her shoulders and then again curled up and tried to sleep.


Sango and InuYasha hurried behind the monk. It was dark now, and normally they stopped to make camp. However, this night Miroku had insisted they continue on their way.

After several hours he relented and they made camp. He had still not told the others about his fears that Naraku already knew where the shinju was.

He looked to Sango, who was nearly asleep. He would tell her in the morning; however he wasn't sure he should tell InuYasha yet. The half demon was too impulsive and he didn't want him running off alone.

He also realized he would need to tell Sango that he feared for Kagome and Kilala's safety. He hoped that since Sesshoumaru had spent so much time with Kagome, he would at least have enough heart not to kill her.

However, he was not planning on such a thing. If nothing else, the demon would be angry that Kagome had witnessed him being vulnerable. He would wake them at dawn and again they would be on their way.


Sesshoumaru returned to his own castle, and found Rin and Jaken awaiting him.

"Where has Lord Sesshoumaru been?" Rin asked when he approached her. He gazed down at the child, suddenly painfully aware of the resemblance between her and the young child he had saved from the village his father had destroyed when he was young. That act of disobedience had led to him being whipped. However, even now thinking back on it he did not regret it. He quickly wiped the thoughts from his mind and focused on Rin.

"My travels took longer than I anticipated. I trust you behaved yourself while I was away, Rin."

The girl began to giggle and told him of games she and Jaken had played. He listened to what she had to say and then sent her to play with Ah and Un.

His thoughts kept wondering the girl that had traveled with him. He would not rescue her, as it was her own fault she was captured. But the idea that she was now with Naraku was tugging at his mind. Though he knew her powers could protect her and any injuries he might inflict upon her could easily be healed.

He pushed her out of his mind and went about his business. Soon he would need to retrieve his Tokijin.


Kagome was woken by a young female demon that appeared to be a servant. She didn't speak; she merely motioned Kagome to follow her.

She took Kagome to bathe and take care of any other things she needed to do. It was obvious that the young servant was instructed to keep her in line. She kept her eyes on Kagome the whole time she was with her.

When Kagome was done bathing she realized that her clothes were gone. She looked around and was then handed a garment that felt much like burlap. She had no choice but to put it on, and she began itching almost immediately. The garment itself was a shapeless dress that nearly reached her knees.

She was then led back to her room and left there alone. She had no food until mid-day when the girl again returned. She brought her a small tray with food and returned Kagome's undergarments that had been washed.

The girl left Kagome to eat by herself. She smelled each piece of food before eating it. She didn't have InuYasha's sense of smell, but she knew many herbs and plants thanks to Kaede. She thought she would be able to detect most things that could be added as a poison.

She finished her food and felt fine. She again sat in the corner, beginning to feel stir crazy. She sat and counted small holes on the wall, until the door was again opened.

She could tell it was Naraku before he even entered. He was carrying Kilala. She looked as though she had been injured and she was wearing a collar around her neck. He dropped the cat to the ground and looked to Kagome.

"Your pet followed you, but don't worry about her causing problems. That band around her neck will keep her from transforming. Trying to take it off will only bring her harm." He then walked towards Kagome and pulled her to her feet.

"Have you decided to obey my orders, or will you remain in this room wearing those uncomfortable clothes?"

She turned her head from him and he slapped her.

"You will eventually learn to show me respect, girl." Kagome ignored the stinging in her cheek and just stared blankly at him. She would not allow herself to cry in front of him. He then turned to look at Kilala.

"Maybe you don't care if I hurt you, but I think you might care if I hurt your pet." He turned from her and picked up Kilala by her scruff. Facing Kagome he held Kilala up. Kagome stepped towards him, and he then dropped Kilala to the ground and kicked her out of his way.

"I will deal with you later, wench."

He left the room and Kagome rushed to the cat. She put her hands on her and healed her, knowing that she had already sustained an injury and had now been kicked in the ribs. She then pulled Kilala onto her lap and talked to her for hours, thinking she would go crazy if she didn't hear a voice.

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