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Hello, all! I AM FINALLY BACK! Sorry to all those of you who have been waiting for EONS for an update to WT - you will have to wait a little longer. I am going to basically re-write UA and WT so that they are more consistant to character, loose some of those little things that have been irking me and are just overall (in my opinion, anyway) better fanfics. UA was my first fic EVER, so I figure that it could use some definate improvement.

Once again, I'm sorry for all those of you who have given up on them and/or have been waiting patiently. I'm glad that you read it in the first place....

Also, it's been a while (a long while) since I've been here, especially as the last time I (tried) to log on, it wouldn't let me. I apologise for this (might as well get them all done quickly). This also means I have more stories, so I will be adding them.

If you want to, you can check, where I am emeralddarkness, where I sometimes end up updating before here - not always, but if you are forlornly waiting for an update, it might pay to check.

Thank you!

luv, bluemoon

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Some are merely tangled, but some are woven into the silver strands of fate....
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Angst/Drama
Updated: 07-16-06 - Chapters: 3 - Reviews 8 - Words 13,333
The (long awaited, I'm sure) sequel to Unexpected Allies. A new character appears, someone is trying to steal the throne from Sesshoumaru, romances develop... [(sesskag)(incomplete)]
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: On Hiatus - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 06-27-05 - Chapters: 7 - Reviews 3 - Words 11,690
Naraku plays one of his tricks and... Inuyasha: 'I heard a faint creaking from behind me. I spun around, not trusting my nose. "Kagome?" ' multiple POV! [(kagsess)(complete)]
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Complete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 11-25-04 - Chapters: 19 - Reviews 2 - Words 27,373

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