Wheel Turning by bluemoon

Prelude: Moon Rising

Wheel Turning

by emeralddarkness

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Spoilers- Same as in Unexpected Allies for the official plot, and, of course, everything that happened in UA. For those you who have not read the first one, I would highly recommend it (if you are at all interested in reading this one. If not, whatever) if you want to know what the hey is going on. THIS WILL NOT BE A LEMON IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! It will be a romance, but not a lemon. More fluffy.

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Prelude: Moon Rising

A small black creature crouched on a branch above the small group.

It was a mixed group with 4 humans, 3 demons and a hanyou.

The creature was a cold black that seemed to swallow the light rather then reflecting it, like someone had cut it's body from the night sky, carefullychoosing a piece devoid of stars. The shade yawned, only it's almost shockingly red mouth and tongue showing that it was not some phantom shadow. The assumption would be easy to make.

It could be a deadly one, though.

Suddenly, as the group began to divide, it shot to its feet, it's two bushy tails waving and it's long ears, like a rabbits, standing up straight with attention. As it watched them, it's narrowed black eyes faded to an amber uninterrupted by any other color--including the black of a pupil.

Quickly, mentally it ticked off a list of who it was supposed to follow. There would be a man with silver hair and a girl. On a hunch it went after the group of two. Its mistress hadn't mentioned the extra girl and two demons.

Silently it flowed after the first group, gliding from branch to branch like oil as it strove to get ahead of them without attracting notice. It was almost positive that it had the right ones but still... no sense in taking risks. Stopping several feet in front of them it paused and looked back. The indigo crescent moon and maroon slashes that it had been told to look for did indeed adorn his face.

It could have purred with satisfaction.

Still as silently, but now with a trace of smugness in its movements, it glided on, looking no more then a shadow or wisp of black smoke.

The girl, who had been skipping and picking flowers when they first set out was blinking sleepily hours later, as the moon rose. She trotted up to the demon prince and pulled on his sleeve, saying something in a tired little voice. He nodded slightly and scooped her up. Sighing slightly, she nuzzled up against him and fell asleep. (A/N: Lucky Rin, ne?)

The shade took it all in, coldly recording events to tell its mistress.

Suddenly the forest, along with its shadows, stopped. The shade hissed with a mixture of surprise and anger, rearing up onto its hind legs and almost seeming to dance as its eyes flashed a loud, jarring orange and deep brown before settling to a bruised purple. It paced the branch, its fox-like tails lashing as it tried to decide what to do, while its eyes roamed from the group to the safety of the shadows.

True, it had been ordered to follow, but it had also been ordered to escape notice, especially from that of the white prince.

At last it made up its mind, its eyes returning to their normal hue of black.

Turning, it leapt back through the trees in a different direction then that of which it had come. As it fled, the tip of one of its tails was caught by themoonlight and the thing briefly shone silver, like liquid moonlight and star shine. It turned dark again as soon as it regained the shadows.

Rin, half-asleep against Sesshoumaru's shoulder saw the brief flash of silver in the forest.

Smiling slightly, she closed her eyes and fell back into sleep, thinking of the pretty thing, which she had forgotten by the morning.

If only she'd remembered.

If only she'd known.


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