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FEBRUARY 21 2006

Why hello, my insignificant minions. For the few of you that have found this page, good for you. And for the few of you who have read my previous fanfics: say goodbye. They are going straight to the recycle bin. They're horrible, really. Anyways..I'll have a new fanfic out...i dunno when...but it will be wayy better. I'm writing it with my cousin, who is an awesome writer, and it will be great. Set in CU, kinda gloomy in the end...some humour, romance, of course. And, we already planned a sequal, set in modern times. As long as the first goes well, the sequal will be kick-ass. We'll try to keep all the characters in character, keep it interesting and realistic. But of course, there will be character development so personalities shall change a little. Anyways...I'm not sure when it will be out, but it won't be too hard to write because it's already been written....and deleted...so it just needs to be re-written! That's all fer now, folks....buh-bye


FEBRUARY 27 2006

Okay, I changed my mind. I was looking through my 'stuff' folder in my email and I remembered how many people were actually reading my story. So I'm only gonna trash one of them. I'm gonna continue Regrets of the Past, but it may take a while. I need to rethink what I was going for in the fic. And don't expect long chapters. I've always done okay in writing....unless I have no clue exacly what to write about. SO i need to figure out where I want this fic to go before I continue. So I'm gonna start now.


APRIL 4 2006

WOOOOW....I didn't expect my fics to get get high ratings....now I wish it didn't. -_-;; If I had gotten bad ratings, I wouldn't have to worry if the quality of my next chapters was good are not......damn. Anywho....I wrote a second chapter for My Only One, and tried to post is but the site wouldn't let me. I think I'm just gonna leave it as a one-shot, 'cause the second chapter sucked.

MAY 27 2006

I am so sad. =( As all of you know, all the fanfics updated as of December-ish are no longer available. Boo. So, I lost the first chapter of the only fanfic I've written that I actually like. It had such good ratings too....if anybody somehow has a copy of 'Pro Totus Infinito' please contact me.

Meanwhile, I am working on a few other fics. They'll be out in a while because I\m trying to write long chapters, which is hard for me. Also, my muse ran away, so I'm just waiting for inspiration to strike. Boo. Damn, I just remembered I also lost the 3rd chapter of 'Regrets of the Past'. ToT I just reposted that fic anwyas....fixed up some grammer mistakes and combined chapter 1 and 2. I promise myself not to update again until the next chapter is a decent lenghth and not too stupid, soney, or unoriginal. (Even though it already is...-.-)

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