Amadoni- Fri 04 Apr 2008
I'm glad that you're continuing this story. I hope to see an update soon.

K,T,M- Thu 03 Apr 2008
(sighs):( again with da evil cliffies.:D please update soon

K,T,M- Wed 05 Mar 2008
(pouts) did anyone ever tell u the evils of cliffies :( i hope u update soon ;)

Kira- Tue 04 Mar 2008
Mouuuu! What is it???? So mean.T.T Anyway, I love it so far! Please update soon!


SesshomaruCrazy- Thu 21 Feb 2008
Wow... Interesting story so far...
I have enjoyed the first couple of chapters.... Iam guessing the tinkets in the boxes have something to do with Kagome and Sesshomaru maybe the whole gang... I also like the counterpart issue in the story... Its different and interesting... LOL..
Nice quote from the movie " The Mummy".. the first one i believe..
Can't wait to see what happens.. Hurry and update... I do like the story so far...
take Care

Dakomis Sebrof- Tue 19 Feb 2008
Ok let's see here. (In my mind) The fox and flowers represent Shippou adn Rin. The Dragon with the jewel in it's head i have no clue. The spider is Naraku and the tear drop might be Kikiyo. The circular hole might mean a necklace or the Shikon. Then the girl and the dog is Kagome and Sesshomaru.

As for the quote... "No harm ever came from opening a book." Was said first and that woke up a really evil dead mummy. Then your quote was said the second time. Evelin will never learn her leason. It's from the movie The Mummy Returnes.

meg- Tue 19 Feb 2008
I like the story so far you have a great description I think for what time has done to kagomes mother I hope this helps with any thing you wanted for a review please continue writing

amadoni- Thu 14 Feb 2008
A compass? Update soon.

amadoni- Thu 14 Feb 2008
Wow, someone did it and it's actually interesting so far. I like it . Thanks for taking the challenge. Ja ne

Lady Symoné- Sun 10 Feb 2008
So, I read this, and it is a very good beginning! However, I was wondering if you knew that the last half of this chapter was in italics. I didn't know if that was your intention or not. And secondly, I noticed a lot of mistakes involving "there, their, and they're," as well as minor places where commas, periods, or semi-colons were needed. These are very, very small things, but they can distract from the flow of your story. You can change them, or you don't have to (it's your choice, obviously), but I thought I might bring them up. I'm honestly not trying to be snarky, but I am a writer too, and I know I would want these things pointed out to me. Good luck with the story, and I hope you update soon!

K,T,M- Sun 10 Feb 2008
yeah really cant say much now but update and ill get back to u later

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