History Isn't Very Original, It Likes To Repeat Itself…A lot

A/N: This fiction is answer to amadoni's challenge. I have yet to see the movie but have read some the his dark material books, the only part of the golden compass I'll be using is the concept of Demons being a humans soul, which as amadoni state is a very interesting concept.

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Chapter One: History Isn't Very Original, It Likes To Repeat Itself...A lot

Shining brightly through the yellow curtained widow the sun's rays warmed Kagome's slumped back as she listened, sleepily with her chin in her hands, to the cracked, worn, and slightly hoarse but oddly soothing voice of Mr. Sakishima, the short, pudgy, gray haired history teacher whose yellowed skin and scratchy voice was a tell tale sign of a chain smoker.

Kagome was making one of her increasingly rare visits to school on this warm and sunny day. "...holy people, approximately 300 years before the Warring Era of feudal Japan were thought to have believed that youkai were a part of the human soul, that each human has a youkai counterpart, an animal spirit in a sense, who was the yin to their yang or vise-versa, a perfect soul mate, which is highly unusual since most of the holy people of the Warring State Era spent their time supposedly "purifying" youkai and hanyou's or what they believed were hanyou's, were looked down upon in human society..., lifting her head from its resting place in her hand Kagome raised said hand and asked her question without waiting to be called on.

"So your saying that these monks and miko, believed that youkai are part of the human soul?" the curiosity was basically dripping from Kagome's questioning tone. " Yes Miss Higurashi, there is a book that deals with this topic that you may find interesting since you deem this topic worthy enough to break class room rules over it. See me after class and we will discuss this further." was the reply the curious young woman received for her question.

A scarlet blush rose on Kagome's sun kissed skin, however it was not a blush of embarrassment as most of her snickering peers though but of anger, that this man would humiliate her without necessity in front of the entire class. "Sit" was the unconscious angry response Kagome whispered without even thinking about it she awaited the thud and swearing that always followed her command, but it never came.

'You baka it never came because it wasn't Inuyasha who made you angry this time, that's a first.. 300 years ago... that was around the time of Midoriko-sama wasn't it, I think it was unless my memory is as crappy as my math skills, that was the time the Shikon no Tama was made. Could this help us know something about the jewel Naraku doesn't, maybe Miroku or Kaede-baa-chan will know something about it.'


The class rose as one, with the exception of Kagome who had to scramble to her feet after being torn from her musing of youkai and humans.

" We thank you for the lesson, have a prosperous day honorable Sensei Sakishima." was the chorus the class sang, this being done the students began to leave the class room to go home as this was the last period of the day. Well it was the last period of the day unless you had to have a "discussion" with a teacher after school.

After packing her notebooks pencils and history book into her yellow backpack, which was unbelievably light seeing as she had emptied it out to go to school, this also would give her time to refresh her supplies for her trip back in time.

' I really need a bigger pack...uhhg, bigger pack more weight, more means weight more Inuyasha complaining and...'

" Miss Higurashi please approach my desk." came the raspy voice of Sensei Sakishima. With her eyes downcast Kagome made her way to the overly large wooden desk that Sensei Sakishima resided behind. It was easily the largest of any teacher in the building.

' Bet he's compensating for were the... that's it no more listening to Miroku when he talks...ever... hentai must be contagious.'

" Look Sensei I'm really sorry about my interruption, its jus that I find the subject of youkai very fascination, and I know that's not an excuse for breaking a rule please, please forgive me..." having said this Kagome waited for a response...and she waited...and waited...and finally she lifted her head to see her teacher's reaction to her apology.

"Are you quite done or would you like to grovel some more Miss Higurashi, I was serious you do seem very interested in this subject, and I do have a book on this subject. Follow me if you please." rising to his feet Sensei Sakishima made his way out of the room with a very curious miko following him.

Stopping in front of the teachers room Sensei Sakishima asked Kagome to wait for him there. 'Okay were was I...oh yeah bigger back pack, well I do have that new camping gear that mama bought for me that would come in handy when camping out doors in the forest.'

The sliding door alerted Kagome of her Sensei's return. " Now Miss Higurashi please do take care of this book. I have no need for it anymore though it was a gift from my own history teacher, and now I'm passing on the torch I suppose." in his hands laid a text book size maybe 16 inches tall and about 6 inches thick .

" Sensei thank you but if it means so much to you I couldn't take it..." Kagome began to declne the book but Sensei Sakishima interrupted her saying " Miss Higurashi stop rambling the book is your do with it what you will. You are dismissed."

" Thank you for the lesson and book, have a prosperous day Sensei Sakishima." was the automatic reply Kagome gave her sensei as he walked away from her after handing her the heavy book "Kami what is this thing made of lead?"

Placing the book with her other belonging in her old yellow backpack Kagome walked home her last pit stop before going back through the Bone Eater's well once again. She how ever could stop thinking about what seemed to be her minds topic of the day.

'Yep definitely more weight' walking though the streets of Tokyo Kagome couldn't help but compare how different her to homes were. Her musing however were cut short when she heard a chorus of "Kagome-chan" turning around Kagome saw Eri, and Yuka making their way to her.

" Kagome I haven't seen you in forever well okay a while how is your throat feeling?" asked Eri who was the fist to reach Kagome and was standing at her left. " You were really spacey in school today, you weren't thinking about that two timing boyfriend were you, you know what I think you should date his best friend or better yet his brother if he has one?"

"Uhmm...Kagome are you okay is your spine cracked again?" came the concerned voice of Yuka who stood to the right of the doubled over miko who was shaking. Lifting her head Kagome let our a howls of laughter, these howls shook her body with mirth as she leaned on a tree for support. Tears streamed down her eyes as she continued her laughing rampage that seemed to have no end in sight. Chocking for breath as she laughed Kagome began to turn cherry red.

" Kagome-chan did I say something funny?" asked Eri who was flabbergasted at Kagome's laughter.

" Inuyasha, laugh, me, giggle, dating, snort and laugh, Sesshoumaru, break down" at the name of the Western Lord Kagome broke down once more laughing, she collapsed at the base of the tree holding her stomach.

Kagome could see it know, she and Sesshoumaru walking down the streets of Tokyo hand in hand, making goo-goo eyes at each other. That is his brother comes and makes an ass of himself and confesses his undying love for Kagome, but no she would stay with her Fluffy-wuffy for eternity.

'Kami if I get run over by a truck now I'll still die with a smile on my face, hehehe Fluffy-wuffy, haha Sesshoumaru holding a lowly human woman's hand, giggle.'

"Eri that was the best laugh I've had in a while, giggle, thank you, I'll see you guys later." Kagome said after composing herself and turning around waving as she made her way to the shrine once again while giggling every once in a while as a new mental picture formed in her mind.

" Your welcome" said a very confused Eri and she and Yuka watched Kagome walk away from them. Shaking their heads the two girls began their journey home as well all the while thinking about their crazy friend Kagome.

A/N: Okay I'm ending it here, I'm just getting a feel for this fic before I dive head first into the plot, yes dear readers there is a plot, my first chapters are usually just setting the seen for the conflict so please stick with this fic until at least chapter 3 before you say there's no plot. Now lets see amadoni did have some requirements and they were as follows:

1. Have Sesshoumaru be Kagome's soul youkai, this is what I'm going to call it

2. Have Inu no Taisho and Izayoi backround story have it do with the connection

3. Same with Kikyo and Inuyasha as with Inu no Taisho .

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