Cassie- Tue 30 Oct 2007
Really nice story, but is Sesshomaru Kikyo fiance or it it Inuyasha. And is Sesshomaru the one planning Inuyasha's wedding to Kikyo or is Sesshomaru planning his own wedding. I'm confused!!!!!

xenoel- Mon 15 Oct 2007
hmm sounds alot like that movie
but seeing as i havent read it yet and am just going off of the title im not sure
it sounds like it should be a good story

have a good one

Aimee- Mon 15 Oct 2007
you know you don't have to break up the conversation, when it's one person speaking only use two " not breaking the sentances up like that, it makes it look like you've got more then one person talking in the same sentance

Liitle Girlie- Mon 15 Oct 2007
Wow! that's tiring.Going around all day but w/ a cute Sesshy.I don't mind. I suspect that he's not the groom & he's just doing it for Inu.

~ CelestialTenshi ~- Sun 14 Oct 2007
Love the beginning!! hope you update soon!!!

Little Girlie- Sun 14 Oct 2007
Finally, it's getting interesting.I'll wait for any further updates.

Sunset Love- Thu 11 Oct 2007
I have been wanting to do this story for along time but didnt know away to start or make it really good so i am looking foward to a great strory from you.

Good Luck

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