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Summary: She is the wedding planner and he ... is the groom? What can you say to that?

Story about Sesshomaru and Kagome

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The Wedding Planner


The weather was so pleasant today it would seem that the sun was shining just for her sake. She was sitting on the sofa in the middle of the main room of the "office", as she liked to call her work place, listening to the ongoing ramble of her "favorite" client. She was happy for some reason and she just couldn't put her finger on it. The girl in front of her was going on and on about how she would picture her wedding day and frankly she just wouldn't shut up!

However Kagome was unfazed by her annoying rattle. In fact she understood her completely!

"The flowers must be an ensemble of red and white roses, and the photographer must be dressed in a red tuxedo ... no a white one with a red vest ... or maybe pink!" At the mention of the red tuxedo Kagome's eyes went wide and a stupid smile could be spotted on her understanding face. She somewhat regained her composure when Kagura mentioned the white tux but she quickly froze when the next word's came out of her client's mouth. "And I want golden (refers to the color) bride maid's dresses"

"But, Kagura!" Kagome quickly responded. "You want a red and white wedding!""Why do you want that color on the dresses?" Kagura eyed her confused. They both sat there silent and just looked at each other. Finally the soon to be bride answered a little unsure.

"My mother said that the worst the bride maid's look the good the bride does!" Kagome was on the verge of plummeting to the floor and laughing her pretty little head off. But as years of doing this she retained her happy little onna composure and simply said.

"Kagura, it matters not what the girls are going to wear!" she smiled sisterly at the other woman. "The bride will be the most beautiful one there ... because ... she will be happy and in the company of friends!" Kagura let her shoulders drop a little. "The bride and groom will be the ones that will be looked upon." Her smile grew more and more. "The wedding is just the place where they can show their love to the world for the first time.""Where the two understand that they belong together." Yes she still believes in the sanctity of marriage. In the love that two people can share. In the ties that bind a soul. Even though she's seen so many thing go wrong with her clients afterwards. But not all of them ended up separating after a certain period of time.

They talked for a while more and then Kagura excused herself and went on her way. Kagome returned to the now messy room and started to clean up. She had gone thru so much material with Kagura Meio and now she was left to pick everything up. But she knew she would not trade her job for anything. She, Kagome Higurashi was a wedding planner and she loved every minute of it. She was a cute brunette with long wavy hair which reached just above her lower back. Light brown eyes that showed her every mood. She also had a proportionate figure, and a tiny slim waist.

Her boss Jakotsu was in fact her friend from high school and a real funny guy. 'Funny gay guy!' she mused in her mind. They were more in the lines of partners in the firm but she liked calling him boss.

Jakotsu has six other brothers. She knew every one of them. She even had a few dates with Bankotsu, the eldest but Jak as she nicknamed him put an end to that. She trusted him and when he pleaded her to stop seeing him she agreed. He had warned her that the "boy" as he called all his brothers was a rotten apple, just sweet looking on the outside.

Today they would get a new client. Mr. Taishou something, she couldn't remember the name of the guy. She wondered how he had heard of them. Usually they are friends of a former client or something or read about the "Very lovely and extravagant wedding of X and Y" as the papers would put it. She was a bit curious as to the reason. Just a little bit.

She loved to take care of every single aspect of the "Glorious Moment" as she would sometimes name it. Smiling she gathered from the table a sample book for materials and the guest list for Miss Maio's reception. She had researched every type of wedding from every culture she could think of. She loved to combine traditional and new, but only so far as to not make it kitsch.

She suddenly became melancholic. She now radiated sadness and pain. She wanted to live a moment like that she wanted to be the happy and giggling bride. She sighted and shrugged it off. No time for sad feelings, although she wandered why she never found a man of her own. She was brought out of her thoughts by her phone. She started to search for it franticly until she found it under a pile of wedding invitation samples. The id was that of Jakotsu.

"Hey Jak how is every little thing?" she chirped on the cute white mobile phone.

"Hey beautiful!" Kagome's face lit up at her friend's compliment.

"Now Jak what is the matter?""You only start a conversation like that unless you need something!"

she tried sounding grave but found it quite difficult.

"Now Kagsey what did lilol me do?" she suddenly grinned.

"Out with it boss!" a snort could be heard from the other side.

"Well the new client is on her way there! And ..." Kagome dropped on the couch with a 'thud'.

"When will she be here?" she was not happy nor was she angry. You could say she was not caring.

"In about 5 minutes thanks I owe you one, bye!" he talked so fast she barely registered what he said before she heard the line go dead. "Damn you Jak!" she mumbled under her breath.

She only had a few minutes before the woman would arrive so she made the most of time and finished ordering the material that was still throughout the room. She was just putting the rest of the stuff in its place when the interphone started to ring. She lowly made her way to the hall and pressed the button for the intercom. "Hello. Shinin Wedding Planners! ... "

"Yes!" the lady interrupted "You are expecting me!""I'm here for the Taishou's appointment!" 'Rude much' thought Kagome.

"Yes Miss come right up!""The third floor on your right!" she tried sounding unfazed but she was a bit angry. 'What kind of witch will she be?' she asked herself! She sometimes had these kinds of clients that she just wanted to strangle. Oh yes these were the king of weddings that she had to have Jakotsu along for the ride or else she would be in for murder. She felt a tad weary of these kind of "Ladies" 'My but' she mentally screamed!

"Indeed!" came the answer from down stairs. Kagome's eyes took the aspect of a small tea plate. 'I know that voice!?' she just remained frozen in place. 'Do I know that voice!?' came the second question/statement in her mind.

As seconds flew by a knock was heard on the door. She moved from her previous spot and grabbed the door handle. She was a bit shaken when she pulled it open and shocked when she saw the person in front of her.

"Kikyo!?" the woman grinned evilly.

---Narita Airport---

"Mr. Taishou!""Mr. Taishou sir!" a tall and well built man stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder at the Airport security guard. His hair was down to his elbows finely set in a low ponytail at the base of his neck. His eyes were honey brown and he was very commanding person. He waited about 10 seconds and when nothing was said he frowned and gave the seemingly scared man a cold glare. The security guard swallowed hard and motioned for him to go to the information desk.

Sesshomaru just turned his head and went to the nearest clerk and stared at him expectantly.

"Ah yes sir!" the man choked out. "There is a message for you from England!" he quickly handed him a small piece of paper and went back to work. The silver hair man regarded the note and simply gave a quite audible 'Hn' before going on his way.

He was back in Japan after 12 years and he wanted to take the place by storm. He grinned slyly and pick up the pace. He was going to plan a wedding and he was going to hate every minute of it.

While he made his way out to his car he could hear and see people gawking at him. He was used to it he was rich and famous and he didn't care what they thought of him.

Suddenly his cell phone rand and he was very pleased to answer it just so he could totally ignore the staring people. He saw the id and frowned. 'What does that idiot want?' he mentally cursed.

"What?" he kept from shouting into the device.

"Well hello to you to!" came the angered voice from the caller.

"I'm not asking twice!""Say what you want or hang up!"

"So how are the wedding arrangements going?" the voice sounded mockingly and Sesshomaru wanted to kill the man this instant.

"How can they be going you buffoon!?""I dare say it Inuyasha that you are most idiotic!" a loud growl was the only response. "I just arrived and I didn't even check in to a hotel!" he paused for a moment and became terribly annoyed. "You said you want nothing to do with it and you were final.""Just make sure you of all people don't miss it" he somewhat spat the words with a cocky tone and without letting Inuyasha make a comeback hung up on the 'fool' as he so lovingly says it.

The car was just pulling in when he made it out. He gave a quick look at the watch and silently cursed. 8:25 p.m. if it were up to him he would have set a meeting with the wedding consultant and limited his time with the whole business. But even he knew that it would be rather rude and just drove silently away.


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