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Kagome Higurashi- Mon 24 Sep 2007
OMG!!!! I love a good fanfic, and this is one of them! Congrats on all the hard work. really paid off.;)
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marquishawright- Wed 12 Sep 2007
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marquishawright- Sun 09 Sep 2007
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marquishawright- Sun 09 Sep 2007
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Sommerstars8o8- Thu 06 Sep 2007
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InuAshley- Thu 06 Sep 2007
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TONI- Thu 06 Sep 2007

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Tanya131- Mon 03 Sep 2007
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BeautifulDeception09- Mon 03 Sep 2007
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In any event, Sesshoumaru seems to prefer Kagome to his own mate. I wonder what that's all about? I'm sure we'll know in due time! *does a little cheer for updates*

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I would really like you to continue... i think that is a great build up for the story and a great lead in to set up the rest of the story. Hopefully we will get to know what happens... (*smiles*)

TONI- Sun 02 Sep 2007

kotainuchan- Sun 02 Sep 2007
humm interesting so far.

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