sesshous_girl- Wed 06 Jun 2007
love the chapter but what is the title of that song.

Ashentorealm- Wed 06 Jun 2007

Azure- Wed 06 Jun 2007
I really liked your story I thought it was really cute. -^_^- I would like to give a bit of constructive criticism though..... you should really have your work proof read before posting it I would like to say that blueberries doesn't have an apostrophe or a y. and "try to steal a kiss" not steel((the metal)), " see her get hurt again!" not agein or however you spelled it. also "he was soaking wet and in a towel" I'm not picking at your spelling per-say I simply think that rereading something you wrote helps and having others read it too. spell check could help with lots of these minuet errors. I really like your stuff though can't wait for the next and please don't be offended, okay?

Kawaii_Kilala- Mon 04 Jun 2007
this is a great first chapter for a story, although, i think that at the movie place, you shouldn't have made kags so...hyped up...
and what happened to the blueberries she put in that shake-making-machine thingy?
Also, will inu try and get kags back? or...what? and did he know about how kags was planning on doing...'it' (lol!) that night? if he did, he is a huge idiot who thinks with his dick's head rather than the head on his shoulders!
Up-date soon, but i may not reply to the next few if its in the next two days...for RL reasons...

tilayha- Mon 04 Jun 2007
i always love it when sesshomaru says "He Will Pay!" it gives me goose bumps down my spine. more please.

lindsey- Mon 04 Jun 2007
i really like ur story. plz hurry up and write the rest of it. :)

lindsey- Mon 04 Jun 2007
i really like ur story. plz hurry up and write the rest of it. :)

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