Before The Prom... by SarahhhBoo

Before The Prom...

A/N Ok so i wrote the story 'The Prom...' and everyone wanted me to wright more onto it so I decided to wright what came before the prom hence the name 'Before The Prom...' anyways i will tell you the order they go in...Before The Prom....The Prom....After The Prom....10 Years Later Highschool Reunion.....

After the prom and Highschool Reunion will be coming to a computer near you very soon! oh and just a question should i put a lemon in this story??? ok well enjoy the story it prob isn't that great but hey you asked for it!

Before The Prom...

"Inuyasha, can you pass me the blueberry's?" Kagome said while turning on the blender.

"Sure here you go baby." Said Inuyasha handing her the blueberries then putting a hand around her waist, then he leaned into her mouth, to try and steel a kiss.

"No boy not yet, your parents are home!"

"Kagome I don't know why your so worried" Inuyasha sighed. Then he snatched a blueberry from Kagomes hand.

"Hey! Give it back," She yelled jumping on him (front ways, so they are facing each other) "You're a bad boy!" Said Kagome with a bit of amusement.

"Ya, well you love me, that's all that matters. Right?" Said Inuyasha while plopping the blueberry into his mouth.

"Hmmm I'll have to think about that one" Kagome said while leaning in and giving him a kiss. When she pulled away Inuyasha pushed into her mouth then leaned her onto the refrigerator. Kagome didn't hesitate, she pushed hard into him and deepened the kiss. While there tongues where discovering every part of there mouths. Kagome was playing with Inuyasha's hair when they heard someone clearing their throat rather loudly. Kagome pulled away from his mouth to see who it was.

"Sesshy!" She screamed, "Your back!" Kagome screamed and jumped onto him knocking him over.

"Hello to you too Kagome" Said Sesshomaru with a smile but just as quickly as he put it on he took it off. Getting himself together he stood up then reached a hand out to help Kagome up. She gladly accepted it.

'Damn she looks even more beautiful then I remember, if that's possible' Thought Sesshomaru, Inuyasha saw his older brother scanning his molten gold eyes over HIS girlfriends body.

"Sesshomaru, why are you back" Said Inuyasha with a hiss

"Why little brother didn't you know? Are business won so father sent me back."

"Come on guys lets not talk about business! Your back lets have a party or something!" Said Kagome jumping up and down. 'This will be so much fun! Kami I hope Inuyasha doesn't do anything stupid... if he does I will kill him! Hmmm maybe I will do something more torturous.'

Kagome had a wicked smile on her face so that told Inuyasha to snap her out of it before she started thinking out loud.

"Let just go to the movies" he shrugged knowing that Kagome wanted to do something. "YAY!! Lets go! Hurry up Sessho" "who said I wanted to go?" he replied with his smooth (What I like to call) damn-ass-sexy voice. "You don't want to go?" Asked Kagome with a pouty face doing her best imitation of the puppy dog pout. Sesshomaru by no means was a weak man *cough cough, Inu Taiyokai* but even he could not stand up to Kagome's puppy dog pout. He grunted in reply to Kagome's question and followed Kagome which was walking out the door with her purse over her shoulder and keys in her hand.

***At The Movie's...***

"But I want to watch 'Just My Luck'" Wined Kagome "NO we are watching 'Saw 3'" said Inuyasha

"Inuyasha you go and watch 'Saw 3' and Kagome and me will go watch 'Just My Luck,'" said Sesshomaru a bit annoyed and wanting to get some 'ALONE' time with Kagome. Inuyasha would normally accept to this, but he saw the look that Sesshomaru was giving Kagome and decided not to. "Never mind it I'll go watch 'Just My Luck' with Kagome."

"Yay! I'll go get the tickets," squealed Kagome sounding way to happy. As the boys waited for Kagome to come back they where having a glaring contest. Inuyasha new that Sesshomaru and Kagome had bin best friends since kindergarten, and Sesshomaru wanted to be more then just friends with 'HIS' girlfriend.

Sesshomaru new that he couldn't have Kagome that easy that he had to wait for her, but once she found out what Inuyasha was doing to her she would come running to him like all the other times.

'He will get what is coming to him! Kagome is to good for him.' Thought Sesshomaru.

"Ok guys lets go!" Said Kagome while walking into the room where you watch the movie (sorry people I couldn't think of the name of it...forgive me!) Inuyasha followed right behind and Sesshomaru soon followed. As they walked in Inuyasha noticed Kikyo sitting with her friends Yura and Kagura. Sesshomaru also noticed but did not say anything.

As the movie started Kagome found her seat and Sesshomaru sat down beside her. "Hey Kagome I changed my mind I'll go watch 'Saw 3' if that's ok baby?" said Inuyasha with his most innocent voice. "Ya that's ok Hun, just meet us out in the front after."

Inuyasha walked slowly away from the isle and looked to see if Kagome was watching then slid right into where Kikyo was. But what he failed to notice was Sesshomaru watching him. 'Fool' Sesshomaru thought 'How can he keep going back to that slut!'

After The Movie...

"That was such a good movie!!" Said Kagome laughing, "what did you think of it?" she said turning to Sesshomaru.

"Hmmm" was his reply. Just then he saw Inuyasha and Kikyo walking out of the ladies restroom! Inuyasha's hair was all messy and Kikyo's lipstick was smeared all over her face. Kagome was about to turn towards the ladies restroom, but Sesshomaru couldn't see her get hurt AGIEN! So the only thing he could think to do was well umm..hehehehe...

*****Viewpoint change*****

'Oh God I really have to pee!' thought Kagome. So of course she was going to go to the ladies restroom she was in the middle of turning around when. 'OH MY FUCKING GOD! SESSHOMARU IS NACKED!!!' well except the fact that he had his boxers on. Kagome was doing a little perverted song in her head thinking of all the possible things...wait....I HAVE A BOYFRIENED!

Kagome didn't realize that she was staring right at Sesshomaru's *cough cough* manhood well she would be if she could see it! 'Damn boxers have to cover everything up' wait a minute 'OH MY GOD! He is watching me.. Along with everyone else in this theater' Kagome began lifting her face till it met his eyes and felt heat starting to rise to her cheeks.


It took all Sesshomaru had not to let out a chuckle. But the look on Kagome's Face was priceless! "Sesshomaru what the hell do you think you are doing!" said Inuyasha in out rage. "Oh. Why little brother I was only trying to be like you hence the fact you had all your clothes off a little while ago" Sesshomaru said with a smirk. "What the hell are you talking" Inuyasha trailed off "Come on Kagome we are leaving!" Inuyasha said grabbing Kagome's hand but she did not budge. "KAGOME LETS GO!" he screamed.

'God look at his body! ITS AMAZING!' that's the only thing she was thinking well at least until Inuyasha screamed in her ear and she saw Sesshomaru but his clothes back on. "Huh? Oh ok lets, are you guys ready to go?" Kagome asked like as if nothing happened. Inuyasha just stood there gaping at her, "Umm ok lets go" said Kagome going out side to her car.

****IN THE CAR****

"Hey 'Gome are you still coming over tonight??" asked Inuyasha "Ya if that is ok with you guys. I don't want to be a bother"

"No your fine I'll see you tonight" said Inuyasha while getting out of the car "Goodbye Kagome" said Sesshomaru as well. "Bye Sessho I might see you tonight!"


"I'M NOT HERE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH ME TONIGHT JUST STOP AND TAKE A SECOND I WAS FINE BEFORE YOU WALKED INTO MY LIFE." Sung Kagome at the top of her lungs...But right before the song got to the good part her cell phone rung. Kagome turned down the radio and looked at the flashing blue screen the read 'Inuyasha'

"Hey baby" she said smiling "Hey Hun I was just wondering when you would be coming over tonight?" Inuyasha said.

"Well lets see in about a hour I need to make a stop real fast" "ok well then see you tonight"

"Inuyasha is ev-" Kagome never got to finish her sentence because the other line went dead "Man I hate it when he does that!" said Kagome thinking out loud.

Kagome pulled right in front of her house...this was her little stop she had to make. She knew Kikyo her twin sister would have a skimpy outfit and that's exactly what Kagome wanted! Tonight would be the night Kagome and Inuyasha would...well...Ok you get the point!

Kagome unlocked the door and walked in it was surprising that she heard her sister in her bedroom, because Kikyo was never ever home! Kagome walked up the stair and into her sister's room they never knocked in there house. But Kagome wasn't expecting to see her sister and some dude she couldn't see all over each other in the middle of having...what I like to call...having some fun...But Kagome was used to it (A/N ok so ya I know Kikyo is Kagome's twin oh and you know had Kagome was used to it well Kikyo is a slut so she usually always had someone in her bed) She walked past the bed and got into her sisters closet and pulled out the sexy outfit she was getting ready to leave when she saw a piece of silver hair and she only knew to people with silver hair. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru...Kikyo and her little play toy still didn't notice her when she called out a name barely above a whisper.


All of a sudden the covers stopped moving around and Kagome walked over and pulled the covers away to see a naked Inuyasha and a naked Kikyo. "Kagome I can explain" said Inuyasha jumping off the bed. Kagome was in tears she didn't know what to do so when Inuyasha touched her she did the only one thing she could think of.

"FUCKING SHIT! THAT HURT!" screamed Inuyasha but Kagome was all ready in her car and sped off. But left at the house was Kikyo wrapped up in blankets to hide her naked body and Inuyasha with a broken nose.

Kagome was bawling her eyes out she didn't know where to go so she just kept driving when she finally stopped the car she was at Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's house before she knew it Kagome was inside and running up there steps towards Sesshomaru's room. She banged threw the door and looked around she saw Sesshomaru standing there with a bit of shock on his face! Kagome didn't fail to notice that he was socking wet and in a tall but even though she saw that she just ran towards him and wrapped her arms around his waist and began to cry.

Sesshomaru didn't need her to tell him what happened but he bent down and whispered three words into Kagome's ear

"He will pay."

A/N *dramatic Music* Ohhh Tahst Not good Sesshomaru is pissed off now! hehehe lol well R &R plz it would make me feel loved and help me wright the next part to the story!

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