emoaiko- Sun 21 Oct 2007
lol i soo loved it ^-^ it was very funny XD *hits sess, thats my cookie GRRRRR*

Fluffy- Mon 18 Jun 2007
this fic is really soooo funny

rowdygirl- Tue 12 Jun 2007
huh? I feel that I missed something. readers are like a spouse: you have to TELL them EVERYTHING. and this reader is caught up in: huh?

luna- Wed 30 May 2007
wow that sounded like something out of my daydreams... yes fluffy shall get raped!

tilayha- Wed 30 May 2007
i seriously dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing that i understood this. does that mean my mind is just as twisted for liking it as yours is for writing it??? must have more plz!!!

Betterthankikyo466- Sun 27 May 2007
that was ok

Lady to the Lord- Sat 26 May 2007
was it meant to confuse? cuz i'm a LITTLE confused...........Kagome has some naughty' thoughts doesn't she........lol........please write more, its awsome, but confusing...^_^

Solaira- Sat 26 May 2007
Yes, please do continue, this is a funny story and I have enjoyed it.

koimiko- Thu 24 May 2007
Thats had to be the funniest piece i have read in a long time. please write more

Sango- Wed 23 May 2007
I loved it! lol please do write some more. It was highly entertaining and very well written!

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