Fluffy- Tue 19 Jun 2007
hey the fic was really good. nice work on having rin tell the story. rin really is like sesshomaru's daughter. anyway nice fic keep up the good work!

Ireth Arnatuile- Tue 22 May 2007
Wonderful job! I loved it. Short and sweet. I think it captured Rin's character beautifully. Sometimes it's nice to read one of these kinds of fics, that remind us that not all forms of love leads to a happily ever after. There are also those unrequited loves that can cut really deep into your heart.

Nice and bittersweet. Keep up the great work =)

Irihi-chan- Tue 22 May 2007
I have to say...

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! Rin ans Sesshoumaru are just not meant for each other. I do not see WHY some people just dont get it.

Rin is like his daughter, for God's sake. And Sesshoumaru is not some child molester either.

ANYWAY... Great job on the FF!!!!!!



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