Reviews for Glitches by dixiepixie

Maria- Sat 24 Nov 2007
I really like the story so far and I liked how you pieced everything together. I hope to be reading chapter 10 real soon.

sasha- Sat 24 Nov 2007
I relly love this story. The whole concept of it intrigues me., and how you've pulled it together is a irritating mystery:not because its a bad story, but for one I can't predict all thats going to happen.
My guess at first was either ithe great dog general(their dad), or totosai,and as of now,(i'm on either chapter 3 or 4?) im thinking either still toutosai,or kaede. I could be way off though.
anyhow, keep up the good work, very interesting.

Alyana- Wed 21 Nov 2007

I know, I'm sorry! It's been SO long!

But I'm back! I meant to send you an email but for some reason, Yahoo! isn't working on my computer.


So...did I beta this chapter or no? (I didn't read it, I just figured this was the best way to get my message to you) to you later, Dixie?


demon13o- Sun 10 Jun 2007
You don't have to delete the note just post over it! ^-^ I learned about it years ago! it's easy to do!

Hurry and get chapter seven up soon I'm waiting for that one!!

Ja Ne!!!

demon13o- Sun 20 May 2007
There were definitely some area's with a little confusion but if you read it with a clear mind you understand it to some degree. I understand how your going with this story line. The plot is definitely good, I can tell it thought out some, but there are parts that you leave out that make you think what exactly happened in that time frame. You jumped from one part to another before you explained the action that took place. I am not flaming you if that is what you are thinking, I'm only saying a little that I found since I spend most of my time writing, reading and correcting my friends errors on their own writings. I really do like how you have the story going but I'd have to say keep the wording at a fifth grade level. Where anyone who reads it can comprehend what is typed and read it with a clear picture of what is going on. This is a tip in writing from me to you.

Has anyone guessed the writer right yet if not can I have a guess? I'd probably guess a lady from a noble family had to have written it, since they have to have knowledge and education. Probably the lady of the east or the lady in waiting. Just a guess but I am only a mere curious reading looking for entertaing writers to see how far they can spread their works.

Well I hope to see that chapter seven up soon, so don't leave me wondering if you fell ill or something, lol. Well I'll be off reading more and waiting for your update. Good luck in what your trying to do!

Ja Ne!! (seeya!!)

karla- Sun 20 May 2007
huh? i didn't think it was confusing!! i think maybe kanna wrote the book? eh? maybe? haha... well i am following it quite well and i hope that you update it soon because i want to know what else is going to happen! and i think kagome's spinning mind might just create a new universe or unlock some kind of hidden powers or something! this reminds me of the book 1984 it has that kind of feel to it. but if you do update, i would like an email or some notification if you will. but i love the fic and its not confusing.

Alyana- Sat 19 May 2007
I dunno...I'm caught between I like this and I totally hate this...Sesshoumaru, well, he's the aristocratic assassin, but even he's not the cruel. I just don't think you've delved into the characters enough. Not to mention, even he has more tact than to kill the heir to the East and scar the Lady. I think you've really--even though this is fanfiction--gone too far from the characters, even if they don't really exist. (Lords and Ladies of the East, North, South).

Well, I bet you're saying: Why the hell are you reading my story if you don't like it?
Here's my answer: I thought you had a pretty good idea. So I gave it a shot. BUT, I'm not so sure I like it anymore. Sorry. I hope I didn't offend you, I just wanted to tell you that even though you had a good idea, (persoanlly) I think that the characters (especially Sesshoumaru) aren't really as they are. Not to mention its giving me a HUGE headache about the glitches.

One last thing, how on EARTH did Sesshoumaru decide that Kagome is linked to Naraku? I can't see the connection.
And while I normally like it when authors take it slow with the relationship, I think this is either too slow or focusing too much on your idea for the plot. Okay, that didn't make sense. So, I'm guessing that you're doing the ending of the battle with Naraku type of thing? I think you're focusing too much on that. As of this chapter.

Before you go tell everyone to send me an angry email and yell at me through email (if you actually do that) just note that I used "I THINK", meaning it's just my opinion on THIS story. I actually do think your writing style is good and flows.

Jazz10122- Sat 19 May 2007
hehehe. i'll stop guessing now. i really have no idea who wrote it. anywayzzzzz. love the story keep updating. Sat 19 May 2007
wow! can'yt wait for more!/ oh and at first i thought it was the never ending story. oh well it' good can't wait for an update

Jazz10122- Fri 18 May 2007
Damn it. ok. I'll try again. either Sesshoumaru wrote it....or Kikyou did. lol. Or how about Jaken? lol. To much sugar at lunch. keep updating!!

shavostorm- Fri 18 May 2007
I love this fic it's different and I love different. My friend and I are betting who is the author, She says Rin and me, maybe Kagura. But only you know the real answer lol. Keep up the good work!

spdsgirl- Fri 18 May 2007
OK, I'm an i-dot and I don't know the movie and or book your getting your ideas from but, I don't care I'm loving this story! Hurry and get the next chapter out my poor little brain is trying to put the puzzle together and I need another chapter to help me out!

luna- Thu 17 May 2007
wow this fic is so creative and thought out, i give you a ten out of ten, the story is just great!

Jazz10122- Thu 17 May 2007
I think I know who wrote the book...Ah-Un!!! No, no, jk. Kagome. I believe Kagome wrote the book. yeah. keep updating. I wanna know what happens to our whittle friend Kagome. hehehehe ^.^

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