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Chapter One Of The Book

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Chapter One

First, there was only the mysterious emptiness that was and always had been. There was nothingness. There was neither life nor death. There was neither light nor dark, and there was nothing.

The Nothing, however, was not infertile. Because the Nothing was in fact something that had a cause. A million sheets of Nothing lay side by side, overlapping and colliding with one another, over and over again. The Nothing was like a child, whose parents were its previous actions, when it had been Something.

And like the chicken and the egg, the Nothing could reproduce the Something. And so, in the breeding quietness that hid the true nature of The Nothing, something happened.

A spinning. A turning of the tide, a change in the emptiness. Where there was Nothing, a sudden spread began. At first, it was slow. It was small, and for a mere portion of its first seconds, it seemed as though it was doomed. Surrounded by the opposite of its nature, this small spinning began to grow.

Faster and faster it turned, bigger and bigger it grew. It grew heavy and painfully bright. The light consumed the Nothing, and left no traces. And suddenly, there was shape. It had no definition, but it was.

It resembled the things that would later first live in this new Something. It broadened randomly, spreading out condensed pieces of matter. The light spread in this matter, and illuminated the dust floating inside the new Something. This would become the Universe.

The chicken was growing. Soon it could lay eggs. The Something was expanding and preparing for it's singular purpose. Or perhaps, the only thing it could do that we could say for certain was a possibility. Life was not created yet, but there were glitches.

Things that should not have been, were. Things that were unavoidable. Of course, having the knowledge of what began the something should have prepared us for these glitches. Spinning.

In some places, where the glitches had grown large and thick with dust, the dust was spinning. In some places, it was filled with far spaced things- little and inconspicuous, but in large numbers, these things began to spin. Though little and light, they dragged in a few more things, different than themselves, and something else happened. Light began to form outside and around and within the things. The clouds of dust and things began to take new shape- they organized. Bright and hot and spinning, our fist stars were born from the clouds of cold and light dimming dust.

Outside the stars, the heavier things that could not be dragged in by what was now gas continued to spin around. They too began to pull together, towards some points that appeared no different than others. The smaller glitches became the first balls of ice and rock and poisonous gas.

On these useless balls of nothing but solid, unliving things, the air was so toxic it would choke anything that tried to grow. The skies were dark and dank and filled with stink from the burning mountains. Volcanoes-which were constantly erupting and spewing more poisons from the cores of these glitch formed rocks.

And yet, like all else that had happened, unexpected things began to happen. Like the spinning, and the organization, a new glitch began. There were many storms on the toxic balls of rock and sludge. But, a glitch on one of them started something new.

As lightning struck, once again, the bright light was painful and then, out of what existed, came something new, just as from the Nothing had come the Something.

A tiny creature, different than anything else that had ever been in the Universe before. It moved, and in a mere instant, where there had been one, there were two. They were alike; they were the same kind. And then, another instant later, there were four.

Their number grew and suddenly, the single start had given birth to enough of these tiny creatures that there were millions, all over the single ball of rock and poison and fumes. Later, it would be called Earth, by the great and latest descendants of these primitive and multiplying beasties, swimming about in the thick and sulfurous oceans. They would spread to land and to sky, and they would change too. The glitches would show in them, and differentiation would take place.

Just as the rock had gone from rock to planet, they would go from beastie, or bacterium, to cyanobacteria. And again, a glitch would take some of those to another level- algae. Algae would become plants.

And then, there were still others, who would become predators in the tiny worlds unseen by even a perfect eye. Some would take to the skies with feathers, the only kind who could. Others would begin to breathe underwater- and then on land, there were still those who would begin to eat the plants, and one another.

And suddenly, because of a single glitch, life was. The Nothing was no more, but its child lived. And its child could have children all her own.

The glitches would never stop of course- they gave birth to everything else- and they could not stop what they had not started.

Kagome slammed the book shut after reading to the end of the first chapter. She had found this maggoty old thing in her school library. The librarian had said it didn't belong to them; and then she had asked Kagome to take it.

So Kagome took it, baffled by the fact that an institution that collected books was giving one away. She was baffled by a lot about this particular book though. It had no author, no title, no date and no really interesting features, other than obvious age and strange concepts.

But after realizing the book had to be at least five hundred years old, nearing Inuyasha's time, she was hit with something very scary. If it was indeed that old, how had whoever wrote it come by this knowledge? Had she told them, perhaps?

The writing was done by hand, and therefore, she could tell it was from a feminine hand. She had only ever seen Sango write a few words, never anything so much or so complex or as intelligent as this. She loved the huntress, but there was simply no way that it was written by her. Sango thought of reading and writing as most women of her era did- it was useless, except to higher ups, namely male lords.

Kaede was a priestess- she wrote sutras sometimes. But Kaede was a spiritual woman- she would never write something that went against all the religious concepts she based her life upon.

This left few candidates for Kagome to lay the first concept of evolutionary writing upon. In fact, off the top of her head, Kagome knew no woman in the feudal era who would know this or write it down, much less accept what it meant.

Kagome felt uneasy about the book. The grimy cover was wrinkled with age and smelled of must and probably mold. The lack of a title almost made it seem like it may have been someone's journal or diary. However, the content told her it wasn't.

What the content told her was that she was either stupid, and the book was a well-formed hoax, and truly not older than fifty years, or that there was something she didn't know.

"Well, duh, Kagome." She said to herself.

The book was definitely old- it had to have come from the feudal era. She recognized the writing style to be of that time. So who had written it? They had to be a great mind- and Kagome couldn't help what any scholar couldn't help- the desire for knowledge. If she found whoever had written it, if she could speak to them, what else would they divulge?

She was sorely tempted to run out and jump down the well to show Inuyasha- but she knew if she did so, he'd be as unimpressed as Buyo. In fact, he'd probably throw it away or burn it upon finding out that it had nothing to do with shards and everything to do with learning.

Inuyasha hated Kagome's learning. He hated her 'college' and her 'tests' and her 'degree' that she wanted to badly. He hated how it kept her in her own time, rather than hunting down shards that were so few left and so ready to be put back together.

So, instead of sharing this fascinating find with anyone else, Kagome pushed Buyo off her bed and set the book on the floor beside her bed. Rolling over, she turned off her lamp and tried to quiet her mind- sleep was a must if she was correct in her assumption that her stupid puppy dog hanyou would come for her in the morning.

"Really though- it was a fascinating concept. Which came first? The chicken, or the egg? The Something, or The Nothing?"

And Kagome drifted away, her mind turning over in her dreams the many possible explanations for the book and the thoughts it introduced. And the strange librarian, who had practically forced it on her as she was shoved out of the doors to the library on campus.

Strange indeed. Another glitch, perhaps?


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