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smachit- Mon 31 Mar 2008
I was searching for a COMPLETED lemon and came across this one. (I get frustrated when I start lemons that are in progress, yes, I have a sad existance,lol) You did not disappoint, o talented hentai authoress! This was quite possibly the best Sess/Kag lemon with a plot I have ever read. You have wonderful command of language and the flow was smooth and easy to read. I appreciate your talent and look forward to more Sess/Kag stories from you in the future

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So the plotline has been done to death? Wasn't that the initial concept for the story Was I missing something? Was the title not a little self-explanatory? Perhaps I am just overly intuitive. We shall cut people some slack for that.

Moving on. Fanfiction was created by fangirls! ROCK ON FANGIRLS! We're all a little bit fangirlish at heart, or we wouldn't be here! So we use some juvenile Japanese words! What of it? No one that I know of is trying to write the next great masterpiece here on Single Spark. There is no attept to pen the next "Ulysses" or "Grapes of Wrath" or "Metamorphosis!" We do not even own these characters! We only write these things for play and the enjoyment of ourselves and, hopefully, others.

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But that's not much fun, is it?

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If it's got an easy, direct translation, ALWAYS use the English. Trust me on this one; I've translated for publication. (Hoshino Tomoyuki's "Suna no Wakusei" (Sand Planet), a novella out of "Fantajisuta.")

Fangirl Japanese just...fails. Often. It's incorrect, out-of-context, the tone is all fucked up, it's jarring, and it's entirely gratuitous. Should I randomly insert German words into fanfic, just because I know a little German?

I don't mean to flame you. WAAAY back in the day, before I knew any actual Japanese, I, too, did the "onna" and "ningen" and "ai shiteru" BS. Granted, I was like 12, but still. I can see how, not knowing anything of the language, you might think it sounds cool or exotic or sophisticated. But it doesn't. At all.

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If you want to write in Japanese, I expect to see kanji. And proper conjugation. And, yes, Sesshoumaru should slip into classical every once in a while. If you can't manage that, stick to the language you know: English. It's a perfectly capable language. All languages are linguistically equal. English is feeling sad and neglected. It needs love.

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