Just another Lemon by Tiegrsi

Abuse of a cliche

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"You will enjoy it."

Kagome wasn't sure if his words were a promise or an order, but she was fairly certain she wasn;t going to be enjoying anything in her near future.

Pinned against a rather large elm trunk, there wasn't much the petite miko could do to fend off her attacker. With his hands being so much larger than her own, he had easily pinned her wrists together and secured her hands high above her head with only his left hand. His right hand had drifted down from her throat and was now precariously close to her left breast, exerting just enough pressure against her chest to make sure she knew that escape was impossible.

Of course, she would have known that even without the firm hold he had on her. Who could possibly escape a predator as intelligent, fast, and powerful as the Lord of the West?

Kagome bowed her head in resignation, hiding her watering eyes behind the thick fall of her raven black bangs. The demon before her, her red-eyes captor, was obviously hell-bent in keeping her at his mercy. It didn't take Kagome very long to guess why.

Once, a few years back, after Kouga had started making regular appearances to see how 'his woman' was doing, Sango had pulled Kagome aside from the little shard hunting group for some 'girl talk'. The slayer had sternly warned her miko friend against stringing the ookami along, telling the naive girl about demon heats. She said that if Kouga were ever to seek her out during one of his, Kagome's carefully guarded virginity would likely be forfeit.

Sango went on to explain that many types of youkai went through heat cycles, and that among them all there were four types most aggressive about seeking out rutting partners during that time. Rabbit and rat topped the list, but falling just below those two were canines and felines. Since the canine family includes wolves, Sango was sure Kagome should be aware that stringing Kouga along might not be such a wise idea.

"Male canines in heat," the slayer explained, "often lose control of their bestial side. If they have a mate or intended, they will usually seclude themselves and their partner for up to a week. For whatever period of time they seclude themselves, they will rut as many times as possible.

"If the demon is without a mate," she went on, "a youkai male will generally rut with any attractive female he can find who is willing. Usually, though, if he can't find a suitable female within the first three days of his heat cycle...then most males will simply find an attractive partner to rut - her consent given or not."

Three things became very apparent to Kagome while Sesshomaru held her pinned to the tree.

One - Sesshomaru was a dog, and dogs are canine.

Two - Sesshomaru was in heat. It was the only explanation for his lack of control, heavy breathing, and half-dressed (armorless) state.

Three - Obviously, the great lord, for some crazy reason, was not able to find a suitable demoness to rut with for the past three days.

There was simply no other explanation for a formerly human-hating taiyoukai to suddenly want a rut with a ningen miko. One odd thing struck her, though. Sango had said that even in a crazed state, a youkai would seek out an attractive female. So did that mean that Sesshomaru was secretly attracted to her?

One thing was for sure - Sesshomaru had her in a very compromising position, and from what Sango had said, the dog in him wasn't going to care whether she consented or not. That left Kagome with two options....continue fighting the inevitable and likely catch her death in the process, or give in to his obvious desire and hope he didn't maim her too much.

Kagome, being the sensible, life loving woman that she was, opted for the second option with little hesitation. Now the only problem was, how to get him calm enough to not rip her apart in the process.

"Sesshomaru?" she tried with a shaky voice. The taiyoukai's red eyes darted to her face, a hint of recognition flashing through the crimson depths. She hoped he had enough control left to listen to her.

"Listen, I'm guessing you aren't going to let me go, so...maybe you could at least be *gulp* a little...gentle?"

A tiny sneer broke out on his face. She wasn't really expecting an answer, since that sneer seemed to be answer enough. However, his face resumed the icy mask and he gave her guttural sounding voice made her flinch.

"This Sesshomaru *growl* is not *snarl* gentle." At the last word his expression changed to a look of -almost- mirth. "However," he continued as one clawed finger ran along the upper hem of her top, "This Sesshomaru will not damage you...too much."

As slight as the promise was, Kagome felt a wash of relief filter over her.

"I," she began. His index finger drifted from the hem down the front of her shirt between her breasts, it's razor sharp claw easily shredding through her top on its descent. Gooseflesh broke out across her newly exposed skin as she tried to find her voice again.

"I won't fight you," she managed breathily as she turned her head in shame of her partial nudity in his presence.

Though she didn't see it, a look of surprise flashed across his handsome features, momentarily changing his crimson orbs back to honeyed pools. The red bled back, however, as the surprise faded, and his face smoothed into a predatory smirk.

It wasn't that Kagome was exactly happy about the situation, but she was a very realistic thinking. She also wasn't blind - Sesshomaru was a very attractive male. She also knew he was not the complete asshole Inuyasha made him out to be.

When, in the past, she had considered giving her virginity to anyone, there had been a very narrow list of candidates for her 'gift'. So narrow, in fact, that it contained only one name - Inuyasha. Honestly looking back, though, the only reason she had ever excluded the hanyou's older, wiser, more attractive, more powerful brother from the little club in her mind was because she had thought there was no way in hell that the taiyoukai would ever even consider such a thing.

Sure, she wasn't in love with Sesshomaru, but any female with half a brain cell would rightly be attracted to him, wouldn't they? His only downfall as far as she could see (excluding the fact that he had tried to kill her and her friends), was his arrogance...and Inuyasha had that same problem. Granted, the hanyou's arrogance was to a slightly lesser degree than his older brother's, but she had still grown to love him. Perhaps if she had spent as much time with Sesshomaru as she had with Inuyasha...

Sesshoamru had paused in his movements to strip the miko when her torn shirt revealed the white, lacy contraption binding her breasts. Unsure of why he had stopped, Kagome turned her face just enough to peer at him out of the corner of her eye. He was staring at her chest, or rather, her bra, his brow furrowed in contemplation.


A clawed finger lightly traced the top edge of the lacy cloth, then moved upward to tug delicately at the strap over her left shoulder. Kagome turned her face fully to look at him, and the movement drew his attention to her slightly awed expression.

"What is this?" he asked huskily. It was certainly not the plain, wide, white cloth he was used to seeing binding females' breasts. It was terribly intricate, yet obviously quite functional. It also revealed much skin and seemed to press her breasts together slightly to create an illusion of extra cleavage.

"It' bra," she answered quietly.

Still looking a bit perplexed, Sesshomaru noticed the little metal clasps fastening the front of the strange garment. "Hn...." he said.

She expected him to reach out and shred the offending cloth like he had done to her top, but instead he surprised her by releasing her wrists from his grip and using both hands to deftly un-hook the metal clasp between her breasts. She was so stunned that she didn't even register the fact that he had let go of her hands until he brought them down so that he could slide the straps off her shoulders. She wanted to hide herself from his eyes, but as her fingers twitched at her sides she remembered her earlier words. 'I will not fight you...'

Uncomfortably squirming under his gaze, fighting the urge to cover herself, Kagome blushed brightly. The youkai's vision shifted from her now exposed, delightfully plump breasts to her downcast eyes as he moved his hands slowly over the top of her chest, only to let them fall, each set of digits cupping a pliant mound.

The contact startled her slightly and she looked up sharply, chagrinned to find that instead of staring at her breasts, he was looking directly into her deep, chocolate orbs, watching her reactions to his touch.

She flinched slightly when his calloused thumbs brushed in unison against her sensitive nipples, causing them to harden into tiny, dark peaks. Though his expression remained placid, it seemed to Kagome that a light had flashed behind his eyes.

Her own orbs widened impossibly as the taiyoukai leaned in close...closer...and then he tilted his head just slightly and nipped playfully at her lower lip. She gasped in surprise at both his action and the flush of heat that washed over her body suddenly, but made no move to pull away. Pleased with her lack of resistance, he closed the gap completely and pressed his lips fully against hers.

Kagome's heart pounded in a quick rhythm as the softness of his lips registered in her mind. The warm breath coming from his nose fanned her cheek lightly as he pressed in a bit harder, and her body shivered delightfully in response.

She had just remembered to breathe when the taiyoukai lord stole the ability from her by using his talented fingers to pinch lightly at her nipples. She gasped inwardly, and he used her parted lips to his advantage as he grasped her plump, lower appendage between his teeth and ran his tongue along it's edge. Releasing the slightly bruised piece of flesh with a nearly audible 'pop', his hungry mouth again pressed against hers. This time, he pressed his tongue firmly against the seam of her lips, forcing them apart. His curious, slightly raspy muscle licked along her front teeth and gumline, searching for further entrance.

Amazed at the sensations coursing through her body, Kagome's rational side seemed to fade into the background of her mind as a more instinctual, emotional side took command. She opened her mouth wider in invitation to his exploration, and pushed her chest outward against his hands. Her fingers, previously flinching in want to cover herself, were now tangled amongst silken lengths of silvery, almost white hair.

Something deep inside her was whispering 'This is wrong!', but in the wash of heat and excitement, the rushing blood pounding in her ears, that voice of her conscience was all but inaudible.

Heat was pooling. She could feel it building in the pit of her stomach and swirling down into her nether regions. It was scorching and intense, and she pressed her thighs together to try to alleviate some of the sensation.

Suddenly the youkai lord pulled back from the depths of her heated mouth, releasing her breasts at the same time, only to wrap his strong arms about her tiny waist and pull her body sharply against his own. His lengthened arousal was obvious to her as it pressed against her stomach. Her arousal, only slight before, increased tenfold as he made her aware of his desire with the physical evidence.

She found herself parting her legs to press her own heated core against his thickly muscled thigh. He snarled at the sudden heat pressed against his leg, and, before she could blink, he had torn her skirt and panties unceremoniously from her heated flesh. The relief of the cool breeze flowing over her skin felt wonderful, but it was short lived. In mere moments, the Western Lord had peeled his own clothes from his form and pressed his scorching flesh back against her.

The feel of his now naked body against hers made her swoon, her mind fogging over as a wave of lust swept through her senses. Sesshomaru moved her relaxed and compliant body from its position against the tree's trunk to the lush green carpet of the forest floor.

Over sensitized skin jumped at the prickly sensation of hundreds of blades of grass folding and compressing under her weight. The sensation startled a sound of protest from her throat, but the youkai hovering above her took no head of the soft whine.

Eyes still bleeding red, Sesshomaru settled on top of her, spreading her lanky legs with his own, well muscled limbs. Kagome was flushed and breathing heavily already, and he had barely touched her. A barely-there grin crossed his features, allowing one sharply pointed fang to hang down over his lower lip as he took in her naked form. Leaning down, he claimed her mouth once more as he settled almost completely between her parted thighs, allowing his heavy, stiff cock to lay innocently over the mound at the juncture of her legs.

Somewhere in Kagome's mind, it registered that Sesshomaru's length was pressed hot against her, and the heat burned from her nether regions all the way up to her belly button. The realisation made her gasp and pull back from the fanged mouth that was trying to devour her.

"Sesshomaru?" she panted out.

As if he could read her mind, a wicked smirk appeared on his face, his fangs flashing slightly. "I assure you," he rasped out, "it will fit."

Hoping to prove himself right (because honestly he wasn't sure he was), his muscular frame lifted slightly, allowing his turgid length to pull across her skin and fall between her thighs. He reached down with one hand, squeezing the darkened head slightly as he rubbed it against her swollen lips and clit. Her wetness easily made the motion fluid, and as he glided against her pearl, she threw her head back and moaned loudly. The sound of her pleasure seemed to wrap about him, making his already heavy erection pulse with need. It was exquisitely painful, his need to fill her.

Loath to wait any longer, he carefully dipped the tip of his need between her slick folds and pressed a few times against her opening. Her heat was calling to him, and he could not wait any more.

"It will also hurt," he ground out in a hiss between clenched teeth. "At first."

Before she could protest or move away, he thrust forward, snarling in pleasure as her virginal, burning hot sheath protested his intrusion. The pain of her too-small sheath, her inner walls clamping down, trying to force his half-way buried length back out was the most pleasurable thing he had ever experienced. Nothing he had been privy to indulge in before had ever felt so incredible. He had been loath to hold still inside her for her comfort alone, but he knew that if he were to move again so soon after his initial penetration, he would have lost himself. Releasing so early was definitely not a situation he would wish to endure.

His first thrust into her had been so painful that she could only open her mouth in a silent scream as the air was forced from her lungs. Blinding red and white lights danced across her vision as she struggled to ignore the pain, and keep her spiritual powers from flaring out to purify the source of it. Apparently Sesshomaru's beast hadn't considered the possibility that he might get purified in the process of taking her. Truthfully, until she knew how painful it was, it wasn't a possibility she had considered, either.

Slowly, the pain receded, and she whimpered in reply to his pleasured growl. When she finally relaxed, thinking that the worst was over, he thrust forward again - hard. As he broke through her maidenhead and sunk fully into her, the tremendous roar he let out drowned her own scream of pain. This time, her powers did flare. She hadn't been expecting a second wave of pain, didn't realise that he hadn't fully entered her with the first thrust.

He snarled as her power snapped against his skin, and his youki flared in response. Though she had trained and honed her powers over the years, she was still no match for his immense aura, and he easily overpowered hers and forced her reiki submit to his will. Unlike her flare, his was more controlled and did not burn against her skin. As silent tears streamed from her eyes, she thanked any kami listening that he had been honest when he promised not to maim her.

He relaxed when her power levels fell, not that it ever posed much of a threat to him. Looking down, he saw the damp tracks and smelled the slight salt of her tears. Not liking the pained look on her face, he leaned down once more, this time to lick at the salty tracks and clean them from her face.

Her body relaxed as her subconscious took his actions to be an apology of sorts, though Kagome consciously wasn't aware of the fact. More quickly than after the first intrusion, the pain ebbed. Realising she was no longer in pain, she tested the situation by purposely squeezing her muscles around the hard, fiery hot intrusion in her body.

Sesshomaru grunted at the action and pulled back to watch the little onna pinned beneath him.

She was happy to find that having him inside her wasn't painful anymore, though it still felt rather uncomfortable to be stretched in the new way. Wanting to get over the awkward feeling, she rocked her hips slightly upward, and moaned as the subtle friction sent waves of electric pleasure through her system.

Since the miko was obviously now accustomed to his size, and he no longer felt the overwhelming urge to explode, Sesshomaru wasted no farther time on trying to remain still. He backed out slowly from her channel, causing them both to hiss, then pushed forward again, rolling his hips and growling deeply as he moved.

Kagome threw her head back once more as he rocked into her body, and the throaty moan she let out had Sesshomaru smirking wickedly.

He receded and surged forth slowly, time and time again while the miko moaned and mewled and pushed against him. Her responses drove him to keep the pace slow at first so he could watch her respond to his thrusts. Soon, however, he was taken over by a strong need to push her farther, to see how she would respond if he took her faster, harder.

Giving into the desire, he quickened his pace slightly. Her moans and soft noises escalated as he moved faster, and soon she was growling in pleasure. At the sound of her little ningen growls, he lost his ability to hold back any longer.

Kagome nearly screamed in pleasure when Sesshomaru began slamming into her body. She lost her ability to keep up with his thrusts, and hooked her ankles together tightly behind his back to keep the penitration deep. With every entry, he was filling her almost beyond her capacity. It was amazing, painful and somehow sinfully wonderful at the same time. At times she wished he would just slam into her and stay there, but then other moments she would wish he would slow back down. She could feel the pressure building inside her, building up to the orgasm that she knew of but had never experienced for herself.

Slowing slightly, Sesshomaru slid his hands under and behind her shoulders, entangling his fingers in her onyx locks and using the position to push her head up towards his hungry mouth. After kissing her thoroughly he slid down her jawline to her neck, all they way nipping and kissing her sweat, slightly salty skin. One hand snaked down and around her arched back, pulling her body closer against his own as he continued his relentless fucking. The new position allowed his upper groin to slap forcefully against her little, pink clit each time he pressed in, and he found himself purposefully lengthening his strokes just so he could slam against her little bud with more force.

Kagome grunted and cried out each time his skin came in contact with her clit. The added sensation sent her nerves into overload, and it wasn't long before she was experiencing her first ever orgasm.

"Oh kami!" she growled out as her sensitive little clit continued to take his brutal pounding. "Oh gods, Sesshomaru!"

Smiling like a madman, knowing her tightly closed eyes wouldn't see the expression, the taiyoukai refused to give her any reprieve from his cock, even as she came down from her high practically unable to move. "Good bitch," he praised with a growl. "You will cum for me again!"

As if his words alone held such power, Kagome felt another crescendo building within her. Her youkai lord pounded mercilessly into her welcoming, tight heat. As he felt her walls start to quiver once more, he slammed as hard as he could into her and ground his hips against her pelvis. Immediately she growled out her pleasure, but as her walls contracted around him, he found himself counting backwards mentally to stave off his own release. He did not wish to be done with her, yet.

Coming down from the forced high, Kagome found herself straddling Sesshomaru's narrow hips. Somehow while she was lost in her own personal nirvana, he had rolled to his back and pulled her with him to sit above.

Still rattled from her last orgasm, Kagome's brain was addled and she wasn't sure what to do in this new situation. Sesshomaru wrapped his fingers around her fleshy hips, his claws biting slightly into her as he pushed he up, then pulled her back down hard while bucking his hips to meet her. It only took two repetitions for the young miko to understand.

Unsure, but wanting to please him in return for what he had given her, Kagome began to slide in a vertical, circular motion above him. Already somewhat worn out from his nearly furious pace just a few minutes before, she only managed a few rotations before she practically collapsed on top of him.

When her weight settled, however, she realised that resting against his pelvis instead of using her own legs for support meant that she could grind against him, and with the pressure of her weight, his length pressed firmly against the very back of her walls. Each time she would roll her hips, his tip would hit some spot inside that would make her still and hiss.

This time it was Sesshomaru who threw back his head and moaned deeply. Kagome gasped at the sultry sound and pressed herself as hard as she could against him. He growled and snarled quietly as she settled herself into the position of deepest penetration possible before rolling her hips. His fingers, still firmly attached to her hips, suddenly tightened. His claws dug into her skin, and he lifted her up just slightly, the yanked her back down onto his cock. She squealed in pain, but surprised him by rolling her hips against him once more.

Lifting his head to look up at her, he flashed his fangs. In subconscious response, she flipped the length of her tresses back over her shoulder, exposing her neck. No, he didn't want to mark her, but her response was perfect. Kagome rose up once more, but as she moved to come back down, Sesshomaru thrust with incredible speed and force up into her. Unable to control her response, her tiny fingers dug into his sides, attempting to keep him from moving as she came from the pain of the deepest penetration yet. The spot he was pressed firmly against hurt like hell, but kami did she want him to stay right there! Tears leaked from her eyes as her walls contracted like vices around his swollen cock. Without pause after her orgasm yet another was torn from her body as her taiyoukai made a short thrust beneath her raised up to bite down fiercely on her right nipple.

Suddenly Sesshomaru ripped back away from her chest and let out a deafening noise that was half roar, half scream. The hands on her hips were holding her tight to him, his nails piercing even deeper into her flesh, and half-way through his torturous outburst, she felt Sesshomaru's essence surge into her. Her own orgasm still ripping through her system, she hadn't expected to actually feel him cum inside her. As his seed coated her walls though, she felt more complete than she ever could remember in her life.

Sweaty, panting and exhausted, Kagome fell forwards against Sesshomaru's chest. Her breathing was erratic and heavy, but evened out a bit more with each passing moment.

Sesshomaru couldn't believe what had happened. He hadn't wanted to finish that soon, and had been grappling with his self control to hold out when her last orgasm literally forced his release. The pleasure of being forced to cum, however, had been absolutely incredible. No one had ever done such a thing, and in fact, he had never before allowed any female to lay on top of him. He still wasn't sure why he had put himself in that position, but for now he was content to know the outcome had been exquisite.

The Western Lord smiled a sharp toothed, feral grin as he watched the little miko drift off to sleep, his shaft still imbedded happily within her.

'Next time,' he thought, 'I will teach her the proper position for the bitch of this Sesshomaru. It is quite fortunate that my heat began yesterday...'

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