K,T,M- Mon 16 Jul 2007
dat was good i hope u update soon

Fluffy's gurl- Fri 25 May 2007
Plz update soon! i wanna know what the baby looks like and i wanna know if inu will go beserk if it looks like sesshomaru ^_^ haha!

luna- Thu 24 May 2007
thanks very much for clearing that up, and by the way plz update soon. love the story by the way.

luna- Thu 24 May 2007
so when they showed how sesshomary was doing did 3 moths pass? cause it said he was feeling restless for 3 months?

judzea- Thu 24 May 2007
Whoopee...you are back online. Great update...missed reading the story. More...more...more and longer stories.


Lady Kiarara- Thu 24 May 2007
please keep writeibg and please keep me updated

Katherine- Wed 23 May 2007
Woooooooooo I like this story!

chicke- Wed 23 May 2007
i can not wait for the next update!! great so far!

Cassie- Wed 23 May 2007
A really nice story so far its was mean of the way Sesshomaru treated her after he made love to her, but I think he has his reasons for what he did, can't wait to read the next chapter.... keep up the good work. ^___^

luna- Wed 23 May 2007
omg that was hot! i cant wait till the next chapter, so will inuyasha find out of what has happened? will he fell betrayed but furthermore will he let kagome stay in the group or even better think of it as rape?

chicke- Wed 23 May 2007
ohhh i can not wait for the reaction inu will have towards Kagome's romp with Sesshomaru!! please update soon!

Noacat- Tue 22 May 2007
Love the story, but the way it's formatted on this site makes it a bit hard to read. Just an FYI -- I'll still read it, even if it makes my eyes go all wonky.

Katherine- Tue 22 May 2007
Oooooh i want more plzzz

Lady Kiarara- Tue 22 May 2007
i have a question for you. do you think you could keep me updated on this story. i really like it

luna- Mon 21 May 2007
nooooooooooo not a cliffy, i was mad into it too.hummp

Nice job and I like fast and slow developing relationships so I'm okay with that bye bye

althea- Mon 21 May 2007
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Nice start but it's past April 7th...still no battery yet? I'm whinning because I want to read more and longer chapters. Don't leave us hanging for too long *mob mentality you know* LOL.

Update soon :-)

Vanessa- Wed 28 Mar 2007
Good start. Please update soon.

ashley_kun- Wed 28 Mar 2007
holly crap that was funny as heck so plz write the next chap but plz plz PLZ make it longer
thank you
always here , ashley_kun

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