The taiyoukai's Child by Midoriko


"Sit! And don't you dare follow me! I have midterms this week and need you to stay in the feudal era." Kagome screamed at a downed InuYasha.

"Geez Kagome. I heard you loud and clear, you didn't have to sit me," Inuyasha Grumbled, "I won't follow."

Kagome waved to Sango, Miroku, and Shippou, scooped up her pack and ran into the forest towards the bone eaters well.

Spotting the clearing, Kagome slowed her pace and came to a stop a few feet away from the well. On the wind she picked up the faint sound of screaming. Something isn't right... I can sense a shard of the Shikon

jewel. Taking off in the direction of the sound she came upon Rin, Kagura, and Kohaku. The little girl was screaming for Lord Sesshomaru at the top of her lungs. Kagome, not seeing any help on it's way, strung an

arrow on her bow and took a shot at Kagura.

"Well if it isn't the little priestess," Kagura mocked, "now I can kill two birds with one stone!" With that she opened her fan, "Dance of blades!"

Kagome grabbed Rin and ran to get out of the path of the flying blades., but forgot about Sango's brother. Kohaku stood right in their path swinging his chain sye. As he let it fly Kagome crouched down in front of the

little girl to keep her safe. The killing blow she was expecting never fell. Curious, she looked up to see a magenta striped hand holding the chain.

"Lord Sesshomaru!!" Rin cried, "you saved us!"

Sesshomaru barely spared them a glance, "Priestess, take Rin away from here."

Kagome hefted Rin into her arms and got out of the way of the ensuing battle. The battle was short lived though because Kagura was not planning on fighting the powerful lord.

"Maybe another time, Sesshomaru!" Kagura yelled as she threw her feather into the air and escaped with Kohaku.


"Isn't Lord Sesshomaru dashing?" Rin questioned happily., interrupting that same thought going through Kagome's head, this was the second time Sesshomaru had come to her rescue1

"Yes, very." She replied.

"Hn. Priestess what are you doing out here without the little half breed? This Sesshoumaru expected him to be not far behind." Sesshomaru said.

Kagome nervously blurted "Well... Um... I was going home and told him to stay here. I was on my way when I heard Rin screaming and I had to help." ' Great Kagome' her mind commented, 'tell the killing perfection everything! loudmouth!'

"So he is not expecting you back soon? Just what this Sesshomaru needed to know, thank you priestess." With that he cuffed her on the back of the head rendering her unconscious.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin exclaimed, "why did you hurt Kagome?"

"She's going to stay with us for a few days, Rin. Would you enjoy that?"

Sesshomaru hefted Kagome over his shoulder as Rin clapped her hand happily, excited with the idea.


Sesshomaru was irritated. His instincts had to kick in when he saw Kagome in danger and he took her. After telling so many that he had nobody to protect, he kidnapped the priestess because she wasn't being

protected well enough by Inuyasha! He WAS just like his father... a human lover! Sesshomaru grunted at the thought. Now what to do with her?

Kagome nervously paced back and forth in the room she had awoken in.

Great job, Kagome! Stare at him with hero worship and forget that he is Inuyasha's enemy! Got what you deserved didn't you? She sat down and blew her bangs out of her eyes... Now what to do? She stood up

quickly and looked around for a weapon when she heard a key grate in the lock on her door. Finding a letter opener on the desk, she hid it behind her skirt. When she saw it was Sesshomaru she ran at him and

slashed at his chest.

He caught her hand and twisted until she dropped the knife. Looking down at her , he began to get annoyed.

"You will never pierce the armor around this sesshomaru's heart." He growled vehemently, meaning it in many ways.

Picking Kagome up he threw her on the bed, her and tied her hands with his obi. Kagome kicked at him, but that just left her in the awkward position of having her skirt flipped up to her waist and no way of remedying

the problem. She shrieked when she caught him staring and saw the spark of lust in his eyes. Sesshomaru just grunted and turned to walk out of the room, leaving her on the bed panting and confused.

Sesshomaru angrily strided away from the priestess' bedchamber, 'what was it about her, that drew him?' He had felt a current jolt through him at the sight of her lithe legs streching out from under her partially lifted

skirt. "Humans are so disgusting," he mumbled, wondering why it sounded less convincing than usual.


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