Reviews for 9 Months by Layla-san

Black_Rose- Wed 09 May 2007
I love this story and can't wait to read more. Infact, I was just wondering when you would have another chapter up just the other day! Please keep up the good work!

inukamisashi- Fri 30 Mar 2007
nice story! ^^ i would really hope that this wouldn't be a sad fic like your first one-shot story...pls do make them happy until the end! haha! keep it up! ^^

Black_Rose- Fri 30 Mar 2007
Awww. Sesshoumaru is soooo sweet!

gina- Thu 29 Mar 2007
great!!! i liked it.. =) can't wait for more!!!!!!

Black_Rose- Fri 09 Mar 2007
Yay! Please continue this!!!

bluemoon_175- Thu 22 Feb 2007
Nooo you got to update soon. *Hey do you hear me in there... Hello... Is any one in there* :( *grumbles* Well any way, you have got to update asap please... I think I'll fant if you don't update . ;)

luna- Thu 22 Feb 2007
leave it to women to drag out that they are pregnant or something like that. thats basicly i got to say and also that by the first chapter alone and what you wrote as the preview the story sounds interesting. hope you write the next chapter soon.

Sicilia- Wed 21 Feb 2007
Haha "I love you so much Well here it goes", hahaha that was funny

Trice- Wed 21 Feb 2007
All I can say is that was sooooooooooo cold how you ended that chapter. ") I hope you update soon because you just left us hanging.

Sesshoumaru's Fiend- Tue 20 Feb 2007
Now THIS looks interesting. This is a very creative idea. I agree with what you said, most stories to jump to 'Nine Months Later'. I can't wait to see what you do for this story! Please update again when you can!

-[Ashley x3]

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