9 Months by Layla-san


"Tee hee..."

She giggled as he swiftly pulled her out of his car. They rushed to a classy yet cozy looking premise and disappeared into a grand suite, the door shutting softly behind them. The plush carpet masked the tapping of her heels on the floor. Clothes rustled as they flew to the bedroom door in shushed silence. She recognized the unclear sensations of flying; or was it drunkenness? The dinner and the wine had been so delicious.

"Mmm," she moaned softly into his ear. She felt her feet get swept off the floor as he carried her to a canopy bed. As he laid her down, he nuzzled her neck and she smelled roses.

"Aahhh..." she purred delightfully. The sake in her system made her warm, light-headed and slightly drowsy, but she wasn't so drunk that she wouldn't remember that night in the morning. If it was really good.

She felt soft sheet on her back and for the first time noticed the absence of her dress. She grinned giddily. She had no clue what was going on, but she did not mind.

Warm lips, quick breaths, hot body, rough hands. Drifting, ghosting over her skin and trapping her body. It made her head spin and take off to the hazy clouds. Or was that the cloudy, alcohol-induced fog in her brain? She did not care. It felt wonderful.

She sensed him whisper sweet words into her ear by the shifting of the weight, but she couldn't hear clearly; just feel his breath gently grazing her ear. The ceiling blurred in and out of focus. His warm weight pressed her down and she sighed contently.

"I'm in heaven..."

Her eyes closed. She saw stars behind her lids where the bright lights of the room made her squint. She felt so warm. She turned her head to the side. She was so tired, could feel the hands of sleep cupping her head and pulling her down, but he wouldn't stop and she couldn't open her eyes. She let out a desperate moan. Would he leave her alone and let her sleep next to him? Everything taking place felt so slow, and too heavy and warm for her to comprehend.

She felt something wet and hot trailing over her breasts. She wanted to move, but alcohol and his arms held her immobile. Gasping, she squirmed when he bit her nipple. His hands were pinning her wrists down over her head.

She could feel his knees nudging her thighs apart. A deep grunt escaped her throat when she felt something hard nestle itself at her opening.

He chuckled and kissed her soft, creamy mounds. He flicked his tongue over her swollen nipple. She whimpered, and he did it again.

His swollen manhood slowly pushed into her. She was helpless to do anything but receive him, shouting to the night sky whenever he moved his hips.

Slowly, his low grunts joined her cries. He still had most of his clothes on, with his pants pushed down to his knees and his shirt unbuttoned all the way, hanging wide open for her to freely gaze upon his body, if only things weren't so unclear to her.

A loud scream from her, a rumbling growl from him and he erupted inside her, and he filled her with his seeds. The warm, sticky essence overflowed and trickled down between her cheeks. She couldn't tell if she saw it or felt it, but she knew he smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her lips before lying down on his side, pulling her with him. Together they fell into deep sleep, their bodies still molded perfectly together.


"Uhg..." she groaned sleepily. "Mmmm-nuh..." Something was tickling her nose and it was annoying her, and it woke her up and annoyed her even more that she couldn't get more sleep. She scrunched her face and blew hard. The feathery soft and light piece of fluff went away, then settled back on her nose. "Go away..." She whined in frustration. She gave up the puffing fight and slowly rubbed the sand out of her eyes with a finger. She sighed when she saw that what had bothered her was a long strand of hair. Her nose was buried in the crook of a very manly neck.

She frowned and lifted her head. His eyes open and watched her, a smirk pulling on the corner of his lips. She stared at him, and then looked around the room. She pulled herself free from his arms and sat up stiffly, holding the sheets up around her.

"Where am I?" she murmured groggily.

He smiled. He dragged her closer to him and buried his face in the arch of her bare back. "Shh..."

She squirmed and stood, gently pushing his arms away. "That tickles." She sleepily cocked her head to the side at their shoes, his tie, and her underwear on the floor. "Where are we?"

"At the lake house. Come back to bed, Kagome."

"Oh yeah..." She nodded and pulled on her ruffled hair. "I need a shower."

"You need to lie down next to me. Clothes will not be necessary."

His face fell in disappointment when she discovered their luggage standing against the dresser.

She looked back at him and smiled as she pulled some clothes out of her suitcase. "Oh Sesshoumaru, you're so cute when you're looking at me like that."

"Like what?"

She giggled and bent down to kiss him. "You know."


She found his hand before it could grab a hold of her and retreated once again. "I won't be long."

Sesshoumaru sighed and nodded his consent. "As you wish."


"Sesshoumaru, are you sure we're not going to sink?" She clung onto his arm for dear life.

"It is just rain, Kagome. Relax, it will not be a problem. You may head back down inside if you wish."

"I would, but I..." she whimpered miserably. She was soaked to the skin, her shoes were soggy and the life jacket she had on felt like it had been frozen before she put it on. To make things worse, other than the rain, the boat they were on was rocking unsteadily. "I don't feel so good."

Sesshoumaru frowned in concern. She was sticking to his body as if they were on Titanic, and he know that she was scared and she was relying on his strength. It was only a small drizzle; the sky was foggy but not dark and the waters were unsteady but slow and calm.

His heart swelling with smug pride, Sesshoumaru wrapped his powerful arms around her shivering form and began to lead her to the staterooms.

"Oorg..." Kagome suddenly jerked as if retching and clapped her hands over her mouth.

"Are you alright?" He held her upright as she began to sway.



"MMMPH!" She twisted away and ran, and almost slipped overboard. "BLAAAAHG!"

Chunks of what would probably become fish food splashed into the dark waters below.

Sesshoumaru was still trying to keep his face straight as he handed her a cup of hot chocolate, later, when she started feeling better and huddled herself in a blanket in the stateroom.

"Kagome, is this the first time you've been on a boat?"

"No, second. The first time was when we took this same old stupid fishy boat TO the island for our second honeymoon. Which was wonderful, by the way..."

"Get some rest. It will be a while before we dock."

"Thank you, Sesshoumaru sweetie."

Her husband tucked her in warmly and turned off the lights for her.


"Aaahhh..." A soft giggle escaped her lips as she stepped out of the tub and wiggled her toes in the plush floor mat. As one hand held the towel up around her torso, the other held up her wet hair with a pin. Twist, twist, and slide into place. Running water, squeaky faucet, wet feet plitter-plattering on the bathroom floor. Humming. A spritz of Sesshoumaru's cologne in the damp air. Squeaking sound of hand wiping the moisture off the mirror. Bright eyes, a happy smile. The usual bath time routine.

A terrified screech as the door opens with the sound of an explosion, and a frighteningly intimidating husband comes striding in.


Kagome was swept into his arms and he carried her to the bed. He threw her on top, being more jostling than usual, and making her hair fall out of its bun and loosening her towel.

He roared.

Kagome gawked at him. The only other time she had seen him so upset, and angry and uneasy was when his mother told him his father would be marrying again. When she tried to sit up he pushed her back with his hand over her chest.


"Be quiet, Kagome."


"What is wrong with you?"


"Are you hiding something from me, Kagome?" He was so urgent. His nostrils flared. "I have told you, you should trust your husband. You mean more than the world to me and I would do anything-"

"I'm not hiding anything! Let me up, Sesshoumaru."

"No. Why have you visited your physician twice in the last two weeks?"

"...Oh... Did he call?"


"Were you worried about me, Sesshoumaru?"

"Your behavior has been very odd for a long time. If you were not feeling well you should have told me. I would have taken better care of you..."

She smiled and sat up, gently pulling him to her. Her arms went around him and her head lay on his shoulder. "I'm sorry I worried you, Sesshoumaru. There's nothing wrong with me. Please don't worry. And you take really good care of me and I appreciate everything you do. I love you."

Silence. Slowing breaths. Warm hand stroking her hair. Deep breaths to take in her clean smell. A kiss upon her brow.


She peered into his eyes. "I want to talk to you about something."


"I'm not sure how I should say this, but I think I should tell you right now. So..."


She softly cleared her throat. "I love you more than anything. Soooo much! Well, ok, here it goes..."


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