Reviews for My Captain by Black Wings

Kagome-Chan- Sun 03 Jun 2007
Woa, This Story Is Awsome!!!! Gr8 Job!! It Kinda Reminds Me of Pirates of the Carabian (Sp?) But It's Also Very Original! Please Update Soon!!!!

With Luv,


darkness- Tue 06 Feb 2007
update now i demand it this fic is so cool go kags memory lose just like me hahaha

Fluffy- Fri 26 Jan 2007
Great Story so far, Please continue! =]

emmyjenny- Wed 24 Jan 2007
wow :) i love this one too :) i hope you update soon k?

mynie mo- Mon 15 Jan 2007

demon13o- Sun 14 Jan 2007
-claps- nice fic lol ^^ hurry and update soon k!!

Artemis- Sat 13 Jan 2007
love it don't leave me hangin

Yokai Priestess Riiko- Fri 12 Jan 2007
i think it was awesome! it needs to be alittle longer though for my tastes, but otherwise its fine. u did a nice job with writning kagomes nightmare too. that was... well, it seemed totally real to me! keep ur writing style and have fun writing! :) sighned, Yokai Priestess Riiko

The Black Crow- Fri 12 Jan 2007
This looks to be a really interesting story! ;D
Can't wait to see what'll happen next.
Hope see yous soon
Ja nE
BTW, Are Sesshoumaru and his crew pirates? o.O

amy- Wed 10 Jan 2007
It sounds really interesting. Please continue.

helikesitheymikey!- Wed 10 Jan 2007
this story definately has potential...
keep up the good work and please update soon!

alaine- Wed 10 Jan 2007
hurry and update and make it 3 times longer

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