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Chapter 1: Savior

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Chapter 1

Orders were shouted, as the raging waters hit the ship at full force. The dark clouds hung overhead, and their tears came splashing down by the loads full. The Thunder roared while the lighting cracked.

Cold golden eyes stared out onto the deck. Men raced from one end of the ship to the other, doing several tasks to keep the ship in line. The cold rain slide down Sesshoumaru's skin as he shouted orders to his men.

He growled. The storm wasn't lighting up. If this continued on for long...he didn't know what would become of them. "Sesshoumaru-Sama!!!" A young mans voice rang out. Sesshoumaru looked over at the boy. He had short brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. His name was Kohaku.

"What is it Kohaku?" He yelled over the noise. Kohaku ran to him. "The storms getting worse, Sir!" Sesshoumaru growled. "Don't you think I know that?!" He snapped. Kohaku cringed. Through all the storms he's faced, nothing compared to when Sesshoumaru was mad.

Sesshoumaru looked around then faced him again. "Come with me." He made a motion with a hand, telling him to follow. They walked across the deck, and to a door. Sesshoumaru opened it, and stepped inside. It was the captains quarters.

Kohaku looked around, as Sesshoumaru walked to his desk and sat down on his chair. He looked down at some maps he had on his desk. They were maps of places he had to go, and other stuff. He sighed and held the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.

When he heard a small crash of glass hitting the floor, he sighed once more. "What are you doing?" He asked, not bothering to look up. Kohaku stiffened. "Nothing." He muttered. "Are you lying to me?" Sesshoumaru asked, looking up. Kohaku gulped. "Y-yes." He squeaked. Sesshoumaru shook his head.

Suddenly the door slammed open. A boy with green eyes and orange hair stood there panting, dripping wet. "S-sir." He gasped out. Sesshoumaru stood up, the flat Palm of his hands on his desk. "What is it Shippo?" He asked. "T-There is a maiden, I-In the water!" He managed out.

Kohaku's eyes widened. Sesshoumaru stepped around his studio and walked toward the door, where shippo stood. "Show me." Shippo nodded, and lead the way. Kohaku followed after them.

The rain came down harder and the waves thrashed around making the ship rock. Kohaku barely managed to stay standing. Shippo pointed over the edge of the boat. "There." Sesshoumaru followed the boys finger and indeed found a body in the water. He couldn't exactly tell if it was a woman, but either way he didn't have a choice.

"I'll go." A different voice interrupted. Sesshoumaru looked over to the owner of the voice. It was Naraku. He stood there, with his raven hair dripping, and sticking to the sides of his face. "No." He continued. "You stay here." Sesshoumaru ordered. Naraku narrowed his eyes.

"But you are Captain. What if you were to-" Sesshoumaru cut Naraku off. "Then so be it. But Inuyasha shall be in charge." With that, he stripped off his shirt, and jumped into the water. "SESSHOUMARU!!!!" Kohaku yelled after him.

When Sesshoumaru hit the water, it felt a dozen cold needles digging into his skin. Sesshoumaru looked around, while at the same time trying to stay above water. He finally spotted the body. It was a woman, just like Shippo had said. He swam toward her, and sped up when he saw her start to sink.

The woman's body was under water by the time he reached her. He took a deep breath, and plunged in the water. He opened his eyes, squinting, trying to find her. When he spotted her, Her hair was up all around her, and her mouth hung open as she sank. Her closed eyes only made a pinch of fear enter him.

He swan as hard as he could, it only taking him a few feet with every stroke. He was running out of air, and the time clicked. She only sunk deeper into the water. He pulled all his force together, and swam with all his might. He swam faster, almost reaching her. His fingertips were only a few inches away from her hand.

He clenched his jaw, as he kept trying to reach. Finally, it seemed the gods took pity on him and he reached her. His hand took a tight grasp around her wrist. He started to feel dizzy with the lack of oxygen. If he didn't get to the surface soon, then they'd both be goners.

He started his way up, it was harder this time with only one arm to paddle with. Yet that didn't stop him. He pulled the girl into his arms and swam to the surface.

Kohaku waited patiently at the ship. He worried for his captain when he didn't see him after a few minutes. Finally, he saw two bodies reach the surface. He squinted, and when he saw the silver hair he was delighted. "Sesshoumaru-Sama!" He yelled, turning back to his shipmates. Kouga, another crew member, looked over the edge. "Lord." He muttered. He turned around and shouted orders to get a rope. He gave one end to Kohaku and told him to throw it over the edge to Sesshoumaru, while he tied the other end somewhere else.

When Kouga ran off with the other end, Kohaku was going to throw the end he had, to Sesshoumaru. That is, until he got shoved into the ground. He looked up, surprised, and saw Menoumaru. Menoumaru stood there, with a determined look on his face. He grabbed the rope and threw it to the side.

"Menoumaru, What are you doing?!?! Sesshoum-" Menoumaru cut him off. "Let the fool die. He jumped in after a stranger. Foolish. Why should we help him?" He asked. Kohaku looked at him, horrified. "B-But we're his crew! We're suppose to help him!" He yelled. Kohaku stood up but only got punched, and sent back sprawling. He sat there, with a hand pressed against his jaw.

He looked back up, blood dripped down his chin. He glared at Menoumaru. Kouga came back in time to see what had happened. He ran up to Menoumaru. "What the hell is your problem?! Get the hell away from here!" He yelled. Menoumaru glared. "Menoumaru." A firm voice called out. They all looked, and saw Sesshoumaru was being held up by two other crew members, with the woman in his arms.

Kohaku's eyes brightened. "Sesshoumaru-Sama!" He winched, and wiped the blood off his chin. Sesshoumaru gave Menoumaru a hard look, then mentioned the other two men who had helped him, to leave. They followed his orders, and left. Sesshoumaru quickly placed down the woman, and checked for her pulse. When he found none, he lifted her chin and separated her mouth.

He took a deep breath and his lips made contact with hers. Everyone stood silent as he worked. He did CPR a few more times until he felt her lips press against his. He pulled away and helped her sit up. She coughed, letting out the water that was inside her and took in deep gasps of much need air.

Everyone cheered. The rain started to clear up, and the water started to calm down. Sesshoumaru swept her in his arms, deciding to ask questions later. He took her to his quarters, laying her down on a spare bed. He sighed and wiped his forehead. He shook his head and walked over to his bed. He sat down, small drops of water rolled down his chest.

He looked over at the maiden as she lay sleeping on the bed across the room. His eyes dropped, only now noticing how tired he was. With half lidded eye lids, he laid down, falling asleep. Not knowing what he was to put up with in the morning.


End of Chapter 1: Savior

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