Kira Nova- Fri 27 Jul 2007
I love it. Please update soon!

yura- Wed 25 Apr 2007
thats story is so damn awesome keep writing

yura- Wed 25 Apr 2007
thats story is so damn awesome keep writing

yura- Wed 25 Apr 2007
thats story is so damn awesome keep writing

yura- Wed 25 Apr 2007
tht is so great keep writing and i dont care sesshoumaru is a rapist ass.

fifi- Wed 25 Apr 2007
Loooooove this fanfic pls hurry fifi
tends to get annoying when waiting
P.S. people these days, ur raping sesshomaru has no angast and people get mad, Bull crap
Anyway keep it gooing I can't wait

Faby- Wed 25 Apr 2007
Ok!! :D

articuno2525- Wed 25 Apr 2007
I have no problems with your story. I have to agree with Happy Hentai that there are lots of stories with rape in them. Don’t let what people say get you down about your story, there are tons of us that believe that you are doing a great job with this story. I for one can wait for next chapter.

P.S. I like Kagome’s new look. Update soon PLEAAASSSSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarkAngel495- Tue 24 Apr 2007

DoNt WoRy fOr I, Do NOt caRe oF

The 'RaPe' SceNe, Of KiK aNd

sEss, WiTh VioLenCe, bEcaUse, I

aLso Hate KiKyo WiTh a PassIon

So Her, BiEng KilLed BuY fLuFf iS

nOt My PrOblEm, By The WaY, I

Plead YoU tO cOnTinUe aNd

uPdaTe tHe sTorY beCauSe I

acTualY lOve It aNd It HoOked Me



sesshous_girl- Tue 24 Apr 2007
awesome can't wait for the next chapter

serasvictoria666- Mon 23 Apr 2007
well, this is certainly different. But I gotta say, i don't really hate it. In fact, I actually look forward to reading the rest of it. So, I hope you update soon.

I Love Sesshomaru Aka FLUFFY - Sama- Mon 23 Apr 2007
I for one am not disscused by it in fact some of the best stories I've read have had rape in them at one time or another it goes to show you what love can break threw and that its not a useless emotion.
Good story I hope you update soon :)

The Happy Hentai- Mon 23 Apr 2007
Hey, very different. Personally, I have no problems with it. It's interesting because you call a spade a spade with no sugar coating. In the end, it is another of the most popular postings on this site: a story.

There are many great, (I mean really fantastic!), stories out there where he rapes her viciously (claiming be damned), knocks her up (sometimes) and a lot of redeeming qualities are found in him in the end. I mean if you want to get technical, when he kisses her senseless, overwhelms her body with his sexual experience and tags that ass before she knows what she's about, (you can usually tell because she cries in disbelief or shame when she sorts it all out) it is considered non-consensual (non-con) sex. So don't sweat it.

Besides, to me it seems like you are heading into the BDSM realm. He's a rapist and she has obviously has rape fantasies. Yet, the last chapter has given hints to a very important piece of the puzzle, her consent. The best acronym would be RACK (risk aware consensual kink.) As far as rape fantasies are concerned, regardless of how awkward it sounds, there are multitudes of stories, movies and literature on it. I'm saying this to bring to light that this is not foreign territory that's being breached. I'm not saying I condone rape I'm just stating the nature of the beast.

My best suggestion to you, dazd, is to put up a warning in your summary letting folk know that it's a rape fic and that it's graphic. That way if they read it they have no one else to blame but themselves if they were turned off. This should keep keep your meat from getting charred too badly on the grill.

Stay strong.


FaVi- Mon 23 Apr 2007
finelyFFFFFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Took ya long time didn't!!! XO (it's enraged face) SO make a new chapter!! Or more one!!! Please!!!! :D

sesshous_girl- Mon 23 Apr 2007
can't wait for the next chapter

Noacat- Mon 23 Apr 2007
Uh. I completely agree with Elecktra. Rape isn't romantic. And an unrepentant rapist isn't exactly the kind of person anyone should want a relationship with. What really bothers me, is that there are so few people bothered by this. And I can count on one hand the number of rape victims who've fallen in love with their rapists. (Which is none, by the way.)

Everyone has a right to express themselves. Even if the idea behind it is unpleasant. And I'm sorry if my opinion might hurt you, but I think it has to be said. Rape is wrong. Rapists are criminals, not leading man material.

Good luck to you on your story.

DarkAngel495- Mon 23 Apr 2007

oK, i LoVe IT aNd i WaNna FuCkiNg

kNoW WhaT WilL haPpeN NeXt,

SoRrY aBouT tHe fOuL LanGuaGe

I aLwaYs SpeaK wiTh vuLgaR

woRds WheN I fElT iRrItaTeD ^^

DoNt WoRrY iM NiCe!!, HoWeVeR I

LoVe YoUr IdEa Of SeSsHou BiEnG

THiS RaPiSt gUy^^ So PleaSe

UpDaTe SoOn?! ThaNks^^



electrika- Mon 23 Apr 2007
I think your story is different, but I cant say I like it. Any thing that might show a rapist in a good way, is bad. Even if he changes, what about his victims?????????? Nothing changes for them, does it??????????

Kags21- Mon 23 Apr 2007
That was good and I'm glad you're back

articuno2525- Sat 21 Apr 2007
Ok I’m interested in this story, you have got to write more please!!!!!. I got to know what happens next. And It's most definitally different from the usual Sess/Kag fics. I can't wait to see how you play it out from here. One last thing can you make the next chapter a little long PLEAAASSSSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lady fairy goth- Sat 03 Mar 2007
sorry im a pervert and even though i dont want to find that stuff kinkey but i do and most of the time it disgusts me but o well there are alot of people like me. any way a bit off topic i love your story please update soon

Favi- Sun 07 Jan 2007
Make more please!!! :)

Kags21- Wed 29 Nov 2006
Not bad, it doesn't bother me since I'm not a fan of Kikyo's

Airy- Mon 27 Nov 2006
Loved the new chapter. Please update. I am kind of getting tired of Kagome going to Sessh, because of Inuyasha and Kikyo. This really is a great twist.

Tiffany- Sun 26 Nov 2006
i really like it and i was wondering if you could send me a email when you update
please and thank you.

inuprincess- Sun 26 Nov 2006
I really like this story and thought you should know. I know it takes him into an extreme light right now, but artistic creativity is way up on this one.

Cant wait for the next chapter!

magnolia- Sun 26 Nov 2006
Sess is a sadistic bastard. I hope that he changes soon, cause damn...I don't even know what to say.

DeJanea M. Steward- Sun 26 Nov 2006
Sorry if all I'm giving you is bad critisism but the last chapter was a little to cold especially for Sesshomaru's standards. Another thing why hasn't anyone found out that Sesshomaru is the rapist. Also in the end will Sesshomaru become so sweet that he turns himself in? Just a suggestion.

lehcar132- Sun 26 Nov 2006
You've got to be kidding... : ( "True love" does not change a rapist, or make him more likeable. Sheesh... But, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Tanya131- Sun 26 Nov 2006
good job can you wriite more

Favi- Wed 22 Nov 2006
Dude, for the LOVE of GOD!!!!!!
Write more! PLEAAASSSSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luna- Wed 22 Nov 2006
just how old is sess in this fic?

NightStar007- Tue 21 Nov 2006
I like it so far. It's definitally different from the usual Sess/Kag fics especially the starter fic(kag running from inu because he's with Kik.) As for being extreme your just thinking outside the box and thats what separates authors. Looking forward to the next chapter and pretty please try and make it a little longer. much love keep up the good work.

koga654- Tue 21 Nov 2006
its alright dazdnconfuse. i like your story so far, and I know u have your reasons for making sesshomaru a rapist. take your time in changing him, dont rush or the story won't progress.

Kags21- Tue 21 Nov 2006
I love it you're showing a differnt side of him.

Crimson- Tue 21 Nov 2006
Don't apologize for anything. It is your story, if others dislike it they don't have to read it and they certainly don't have to review. The only thing you should do about it is change the summary probably and make a proper disclaimer.

summary ex:

Kagome and Sesshomaru meet, one with innocent motives the other twisted. How will each react to the other, and is it true that one person can change a world?

Warning: slight OOC, Rape
:end ex

I put the OOC because there is a little bit to me, but it's okay I have a feeling that it's necessary for your plot development. And it's not totally overboard so I can stand it.

Disclaimer ex:

I do not own the Inu-Yasha series or its characters, I do however own all original characters and the plot line. WARNING there is rape with a minor in this story.
:end ex

Does that make sense? This way they can't say that you didn't really warn them and you don't have to feel bad when you get critiqued. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and they may express them if they wish to. You, as the author, just have to know which ones to blow off, ones saying you're horrible for such-and-such but not ones offering advice, and which ones to take to heart.

Get some more confidence in yourself, you've got talent, don't be afraid to let it shine.

hoshinofuru- Tue 21 Nov 2006
Hey don't apologize a love your fic, it has me captivated already, i tune in to read your next chap

Lady Care- Tue 21 Nov 2006
Nice work thank you for saying that your sorry but do you really understand that what you are writting is quit desterbing!!! I can not wail to see where the the story goes from here good luck.

Tanya131- Tue 21 Nov 2006
i like the story can you please write more chapters

elsy- Tue 21 Nov 2006
stop putting authors notes as a chapter. God i HATE THAT. but other than that its pretty cool.

Dark- Tue 21 Nov 2006
it doesn't matter if some people don't like it it's your idea... a very intresting one in my opinion... so just keep writting

Veronika- Tue 21 Nov 2006
Wow! totaly support the way u wanna make kagome change sesshomaru keep coming with the new chapters.

Airy- Tue 21 Nov 2006
It was extreme. Great chapter though.

Laikien- Tue 21 Nov 2006
I really like the plot for your story. That one person can make a difference in another! Yay!

jestergirl- Tue 21 Nov 2006
go ahead i like the story so continue.

Tricia- Tue 21 Nov 2006
Don't apologize trust in the fact that you know where the story is going. most of us are reading it becuse you put a twist on things and we want to see what you do with the characters.

SesshomaruCrazy- Tue 21 Nov 2006
Although I am not thrilled with the rapist that Sesshomaru is in this story i understand what you are trying to do with the story..
One person can make another see the wrongs in what they do and kags is it for Sesshomaru.. But I like the story and can't wait to see how you play it out..
Good writting and Hurry with the next chapter PLZ..

DeJanea M. Steward- Mon 20 Nov 2006
Why the hell is Sesshomaru made out to be a rapist. That's just wrong.

mszbrownangel- Mon 20 Nov 2006

Jasmine- Sun 19 Nov 2006
I like it what is next

Kags21- Sun 19 Nov 2006
ooo, different update soon

Soul of a Woman- Sun 19 Nov 2006
Ignore that review that was my sister Kelly. Your story is good so far

Soul of a Woman- Sun 19 Nov 2006
uhm Im not even going to bother to read this its so short

gothic_xXx_moon- Sun 19 Nov 2006
ok im interested please continue if you wish lol i liked the 1st part of it

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